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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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amitex.lha5.00249kb13 Jan 054.05¤ Amitex - Text editor
ann-update.lha3.0.22Mb26 Aug 164.03¤ Annotate Update - Minor update to Annotate to improve highligting
annotate.lha3.0.11Mb03 Dec 124.05¤ Annotate - Text Editor with advanced features
annotate_src.lha3.0.1388kb03 Dec 124.05¤ Annotate_src - Text Editor with advanced features (source)
anotice_pol.lha1.06kb24 Nov 054.08¤ Anotice_pl - ANotice 2 - polish locale
anotice_spa.lha11kb28 Nov 054.09¤ Anotice_sp - Update for the Spanish locale of ANotice v2
anotice_textures.lha11Mb14 Nov 054.03¤ Anotice_textures - Textures for ANotice v2
assistant.lhav1.0a23kb09 Feb 114.05¤ Assistant - Preview of new text editor for AmigaOS (+sources)
beav.lha1.0131kb04 Dec 054.06¤ Beav - BEAV - emacs style file editor
dme.lha1.55295kb03 Jul 114.07¤ Dme - DME - text editor.
janoed.lha1.01d511kb18 Mar 054.03¤ Janoed - Simple and efficient text editor v1.01
juffed.lha0.106Mb17 Jan 174.14¤ Juffed - Advanced text editor for Qt4
litexl.lha2.0.3r21Mb19 Jun 224.1¤ LiteXL - A lightweight text editor written in Lua and SDL
nagaina.lha0.1.2483kb03 Aug 134.04¤ Nagaina - Qt notes-taking application
nowined.lha0.835Mb14 Aug 124.04¤ Nowined - TextEditor multipage (MDI)
nowined_ell.lha0.839kb21 Nov 124.06¤ Nowined_greek - Greek catalog file for NoWinEd
nowinedsrc.lha0.831Mb18 May 204.0¤ NoWinED Source - TextEditor multipage (MDI) (sources)
quicky.lha0.41Mb21 Aug 134.14¤ Quicky - Wiki style editor.
tabren.lha1.25kb11 Sep 194.02¤ TabRen - renders tabs to spaces & vice versa
vim-bin.lha7.16Mb30 Jul 074.05¤ Vim-bin - The editor
vim-src.lha7.0r3146kb18 Nov 204.12¤ Vim-src - Sources of Vim 7.0 r3 for AmiCygnix
vim.lha7.0r311Mb18 Nov 204.1¤ Vim - A text editor for AmiCygnix
vim_mui.lha8.2.442414Mb22 Feb 224.1¤ VIM - The ubiquitous text editor
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