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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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alt2koi.lha23kb21 Aug 064.07¤ Alt2koi - Convert a file in ALT coding to KOI-8.
amiga_a2ps.lha0.3997kb11 Feb 054.05¤ Amiga_a2ps - Amiga A2PS
antiword.lha0.36732kb15 Jan 054.05¤ Antiword - OS4 port of antiword 0.36
ascii2jascii.lha1.1l28kb15 Aug 064.06¤ Ascii2jascii - ASCII to Japanese ASCII
clit.lha1.8235kb15 May 074.07¤ Clit - ConvertLIT - decrypt/read ebooks in LIT format
conv_ara_html.lha32kb15 Aug 064.05¤ Conv_ara_html - HTML arabic character entities converter
doc2guide.lha1.06kb18 Aug 104.05¤ Doc2guide - Converts AutoDoc to AmigaGuide
egg2mirc.lha0.0625kb14 Feb 094.05¤ Egg2mirc - Converts an Eggdrop logfile to a mIRC logfile.
guideml.lha3.15193kb10 Mar 194.05¤ Guideml - AmigaGuide -> HTML converter with GUI
irssi2mirc.lha1.016kb14 Feb 094.07¤ Irssi2mirc - Commandline tool to convert IRC logs - irssi logs
log2mirc.lha0.0125kb14 Feb 094.05¤ Log2mirc - Converts an Eggdrop or Irssi logfile to a mIRC log
makedoc.lha0.7b149kb08 Jul 054.06¤ Makedoc - PPC_makedoc
multicv.lha1.0150kb09 Aug 064.04¤ Multicv - Convert ASCII from/to Amiga, DOS & MAC
pdf_maker.lha1.428kb31 Jan 194.12¤ PDF_Maker - Convert postscript to PDF with s imple GUI
pdftohtml.lha0.40a553kb14 May 104.04¤ Pdftohtml - Converts PDF to HTML
petcat.lha1.962kb16 Oct 054.05¤ Petcat - PetCat - conv and disp C64 PETSCII or BASIC files
petcom.lha1.05kb21 Aug 064.07¤ Petcom - an ASCII <-> PETSCII converter
rman.lha3.2221kb14 Nov 084.07¤ Rman - Converts UNIX MAN pages to AGuide/Text/Html/XML..
rtf-riddle.lha3.52228kb23 Feb 154.05¤ RTF-Riddle - Rich Text Format to HTML5 converter
source-highlight.lha2.5964kb30 Nov 064.04¤ Source-highlight - Makes syntax-highlighted html from source code
thaiconv.lha1.650kb26 Jan 164.06¤ ThaiConv - converts UTF-8 <-> TIS-620 for Thai character codi
unrtf.lha0.20.5594kb23 Aug 084.03¤ Unrtf - Converts RTF documents to other formats
wordwrap.lha2.335kb03 Sep 104.05¤ Wordwrap - Reformat ASCII texts to new width
xchat2mirc.lha1.016kb14 Feb 094.06¤ Xchat2mirc - convert xchat logs to mIRC looklike
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