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File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
7zdec.lhauti/arc4.48b38kb09 Feb 084.03¤ 7zdec - Extracts 7-zip archives
aarni.lhauti/arc0.2.0.2270kb11 Aug 134.0¤ Aarni - Qt small and easy-to-use file encryptor
afsex.lhauti/arc0.16kb20 Mar 094.01¤ Afsex - AFS files extractor
amiarc.lhauti/arc1.1451kb30 Sep 134.0¤ AmiARC - Program for packing/unpacking archives
amiarc_ell.lhauti/arc1.11kb07 Oct 134.0¤ AmiArc_GR - Greek catalog file for AmiArc
amiarc_ita.lhauti/arc1.13kb17 Oct 104.01¤ Amiarc_ita - Italian catalog for AmiArc 1.1
amicrypt_lite.lhauti/arc1.01Mb03 Jul 104.0¤ Amicrypt_lite - AmiCrypt Lite
amicryptpro.lhauti/arc1.16Mb11 Aug 104.0¤ Amicryptpro - Encrypt & Hide Files
backitallup.lhauti/arc53.1025kb21 Aug 144.0¤ Backitallup - HD to HD Mirror Backup Program
borpak.lhauti/arc0.18kb17 Mar 094.03¤ Borpak - BOR PAK extractor/builder
bzip2.lhauti/arc1.0.5823kb14 Feb 094.01¤ Bzip2 - Bzip2 file compressor/de-compressor
bzip2_jb.lhauti/arc1.0.3436kb28 Oct 054.0¤ Bzip2_jb - libbz2.a for clib2/newlib + tools
compress.lhauti/arc4.071kb29 Dec 044.04¤ Compress - Packer for .Z (UNIX) files
cranu.lhauti/arc1.1123kb19 Sep 104.1¤ Cranu - Easy to use ReAction GUI for archivers
cranu_deu.lhauti/arc1.112kb17 Sep 104.0¤ Cranu_german - Cranu - german catalog
cranu_ell.lhauti/arc1.16kb17 Sep 104.01¤ Cranu_greek - Greek catalog file for Cranu
extract-xiso.lhauti/arc2.557kb01 Apr 094.01¤ Extract-xiso - Create/extract XBox game ISOs (xISO)
hunpack.lhauti/arc0.138kb15 Aug 064.03¤ Hunpack - .HPA files unarchiver
kgb_arch.lhauti/arc1.0138kb04 Mar 074.05¤ Kgb_arch - KGB Archiver console version
lha.lhauti/arc2.15102kb03 Jan 114.0¤ Lha - lha 2.15 AOS4-native
lha.tar.gzuti/arc1.14i192kb15 Aug 044.01¤ Lha - Lha 1.14i from rpmfind.net
lhx.lhauti/arc0.83.0a129kb21 Feb 184.1¤ Lhx - Pack & unpack using XZ/LZMA with filebits intact
lzip.lhauti/arc1.51Mb27 May 164.0¤ Lzip - Data (de)compressor like gzip or bzip2
muiunarc.lhauti/arc1.0123kb27 May 124.1¤ Muiunarc - Clone of unarc done on MUI
nomarch.lhauti/arc1.381kb15 Oct 054.01¤ Nomarch - Nomarch, extract arc files
nspark.lhauti/arc1.7.7140kb27 May 124.0¤ Nspark - Decompress Spark/ArcFS archives
ppunpack.lhauti/arc1.0147kb09 Nov 044.06¤ Ppunpack - PowerPacker decruncher
qdirgzip.lhauti/arc0.130kb11 Mar 054.0¤ Qdirgzip - Gzips files as separate entities in given folder
rarcrack.lhauti/arc0.2528kb16 May 084.01¤ Rarcrack - Crack encrypted rar/zip/7z archives
readdisk.lhauti/arc0.123kb01 Jan 074.018¤ Readdisk - Read files from Amiga disk files
tcr.lhauti/arc1.05b16kb16 Feb 094.0¤ Tcr - TCR compressor (lossless)
testdms.lhauti/arc13kb02 Oct 064.01¤ Testdms - Test DMS archives
tnef.lhauti/arc1.4.338kb30 Jul 074.01¤ Tnef - Program to extract data from MS tnef files.
uboot_mkimage.lhauti/arc1.1.567kb11 Aug 084.0¤ Uboot_mkimage - mkimage for uboot (bugfixed)
uncps.lhauti/arc5kb12 Mar 074.01¤ Uncps - Unpacks .CPS files from many games.
uncpt.lhauti/arc4kb12 Mar 074.02¤ Uncpt - Unpacks Sinclair QL .CPT files.
unlzx.tar.gzuti/arc2.1646kb18 Jul 044.01¤ Unlzx - UnLZX for OS4
unrar-bin.lhauti/arc3.9.7188kb10 Jan 104.01¤ Unrar-bin - Unpacks RAR files
unrar-src.lhauti/arc3.9.7170kb10 Jan 104.0¤ Unrar-src - Unpacks RAR files, source archive
unshar.lhauti/arc1.38kb11 May 094.0¤ Unshar - Unpack shar archives
unshield.lhauti/arc0.645kb19 Feb 114.01¤ Unshield - Tool to extract InstallShield Cabinet Files (.cab)
untarmeup.lhauti/arc1.2167kb08 May 054.01¤ Untarmeup - Untar Me Up
unxwb.lhauti/arc0.3.245kb20 Mar 094.03¤ Unxwb - Unpack XWB/ZWB files
unzip-bin.lhauti/arc5.52148kb24 Jan 064.02¤ Unzip-bin - Binary archive
unzip-src.lhauti/arc5.521Mb24 Jan 064.0¤ Unzip-src - Source archive
viftool.ziputi/arc1.33kb07 Jun 104.0¤ Viftool - Split and join custom voices for TomTom
xad_7z.lhauti/arc2.7240kb16 May 164.0¤ Xad_7z - XAD (UnArc) client for 7-zip archives
xad_ecm.lhauti/arc1.143kb10 Apr 124.07¤ Xad_ecm - XAD (UnArc) client for ECM files
xad_rar.lhauti/arc2.5315kb27 May 124.0¤ Xad_rar - XAD (UnArc) client for RAR3 archives
xad_xz.lhauti/arc1.228kb27 May 124.0¤ Xad_xz - XZ client for xadmaster/UnArc
xdms.lhauti/arc1.380kb30 Jan 054.01¤ Xdms - OS4 port of xDMS with source
xpk_user.lhauti/arc5.2127kb01 Feb 064.022¤ Xpk_user - V5.2 Compression package, user edition
xpkdenc.lhauti/arc1.03kb14 Sep 144.0¤ XpkDENC - Simple encoding library (beta)
xpkgzip.lhauti/arc56kb30 Nov 044.03¤ Xpkgzip - OS4 PPC xpkGZIP - Sublibrary for the XPK package
xpkl2xz.lhauti/arc1.129kb29 Sep 144.0¤ XpkL2XZ - XZ/LZMA2-based xpk packer
xpklz40.lhauti/arc1.126kb14 Oct 144.0¤ XpkLZ40 - XPK sublib with very fast (de)compression
xpklzma.lhauti/arc52.289kb09 Apr 074.03¤ Xpklzma - XPK sublibrary based on LZMA SDK 4.43
xpksqsh.lhauti/arc2.147kb14 Sep 144.0¤ XpkSQSH library - OS4 native xpkSQSH sub-lib (unpack only)
zhxpk.lhauti/arc1.127kb25 Jan 064.02¤ Zhxpk - (un)packer using xpk
zip-bin.lhauti/arc2.31118kb14 Sep 164.0¤ Zip-bin - Binary archive
zip-src.lhauti/arc2.311Mb14 Sep 164.0¤ Zip-src - Zip source archive
zunzip.lhauti/arc1.2283kb03 Apr 144.1¤ zunzip - Simple UnZip tool with Zune GUI
boingcube.lhauti/ben1.453Mb25 Apr 164.01¤ BoingCube - A bouncing rotating boing cube.
c-ray.lhauti/ben1.1226kb27 May 114.01¤ C-ray - Simple raytracing tests
cow3d.lhauti/ben5.0974kb29 Nov 154.0¤ Cow3D - Draw a textured 3D cow with Warp3D
cubebm.lhauti/ben1.028kb16 May 084.0¤ Cubebm - MiniGL Cube with benchmarks
diskspeed.lhauti/ben4.499kb12 Dec 154.0¤ Diskspeed - Old speed testing programs ported to OS4
flops.lhauti/ben2.1100kb06 Nov 134.11¤ Flops - Measures computer performance
gfxbench2d.lhauti/ben2.82Mb19 Jun 124.02¤ Gfxbench2d - A 2D graphics benchmark tool
gpmark.lhauti/ben0.042Mb19 Dec 154.0¤ GPMark - Graphics benchmark
lmbench.lhauti/ben2.81Mb29 Dec 074.01¤ Lmbench - Mostly complete port of the lmbench test suite
ragemem.lhauti/ben0.3712kb08 Nov 104.010¤ Ragemem - Memory/Video benchmark
ramspeed.lhauti/ben2.352kb30 Dec 044.03¤ Ramspeed - measures bandwidth of cache & memory subsystems
scsispeed4.ziputi/ben4.236kb29 Dec 044.0¤ Scsispeed4 - Scsispeed for OS4
sdlbench.lhauti/ben1.0124kb28 Feb 084.03¤ Sdlbench - An SDL Benchmark test
stream.lhauti/ben5.715kb10 Mar 074.03¤ Stream - STREAM is a Memory Bandwith Tester
stream_memspeed.lhauti/ben0.679kb10 Mar 084.01¤ Stream_memspeed - A memory speed benchmark program
amisocial.lhauti/com0.21Mb21 Apr 174.1¤ Amisocial - A simple gnusocial client to update the status
jabberwocky.lhauti/com1.9492kb29 Sep 164.0¤ Jabberwocky - Jabber client
serialbridge.lhauti/com0.67kb06 Feb 064.04¤ Serialbridge - Bridges between serial devices (with source)
termie.lhauti/com0.391kb09 Oct 114.0¤ Termie - Small serial terminal
vacuum.lhauti/com1.2.011Mb30 Dec 164.1¤ VacuumIM - Jabber chat client for Qt4
cclock_docky.lhauti/doc1.18kb05 Jul 044.017¤ Cclock_docky - CPU meter and clock for OS4 AmiDock
cpuinfo_docky.lhauti/doc1.05kb06 Mar 074.015¤ Cpuinfo_docky - CPU usage meter for OS4 AmiDock
cputemp.lhauti/doc52.1531kb21 Aug 124.018¤ Cputemp - A small tool which can display the CPU temperature
datetime_docky.lhauti/doc52.11422kb19 Jul 154.1¤ Datetime_docky - Displays the current time/date/week day and number
diskleddocky.lhauti/doc53.119kb21 Aug 124.015¤ Diskleddocky - Docky which displays the usage of up to 12 drives
keymapswitcher_docky.lhauti/doc52.3503kb22 Jul 154.13¤ KeymapSwitcher Docky - Docky to "fast change" between 2 keymaps
lha2ram.lhauti/doc53.030kb21 Apr 144.11¤ LhA2RAM - An unarchiver for AmiDock
macdock.lhauti/doc52.4505kb29 Dec 074.014¤ Macdock - MacOSX Toolbar Clone
mmvolume.lhauti/doc1.08kb01 Dec 054.015¤ Mmvolume - Control the Mixer's Master Volume from the dock
photoframe-docky.lhauti/doc51.581kb18 Jul 094.05¤ Photoframe-docky - Display slideshows in Amidock
push4dock.lhauti/doc2.3242kb03 Feb 074.05¤ Push4dock - A Start Menu like Environment based on AmiDock
rnetmon.lhauti/doc53.229kb16 Nov 084.113¤ Rnetmon - Network stack monitor
smartbutton-docky.lhauti/doc50.8650kb06 Jun 104.04¤ Smartbutton-docky - Enhanced button docky
smartbutton-docky_deu.lhauti/doc50.63kb30 May 104.06¤ Smartbutton-docky_de - German locale for smartbutton-docky
smartdock.lhauti/doc53.2638kb13 Feb 144.12¤ SMARTDock - Docky to monitor health of SMART drives
winbar-docky.lhauti/doc50.1488kb08 Mar 114.07¤ Winbar-docky - Windows bar docky
winbar_docky_src.ziputi/doc50.14127kb04 Sep 134.02¤ Winbar.docky src - Sources of winbar docky
x1ktemp.lhauti/doc53.10b179kb31 May 154.11¤ X1ktempdocky - CPU Temp Monitor docky for the X1000
adepack.lhauti/fil0.0323kb26 Feb 084.02¤ Adepack - Depacks packed Amiga files.
algo.lhauti/fil0.45108kb08 Aug 134.1¤ Algo - Organises files to perfectly fill up a CD/DVD
amidisk.lhauti/fil2.063Mb06 May 104.01¤ Amidisk - File manager for OS4
amidisk_bubble.ziputi/fil0.9455kb31 Jan 074.02¤ Amidisk_bubble - Icon Theme for Amidisk 1.05 +
amishredder.lhauti/fil0.13kb22 Oct 074.02¤ Amishredder - Basic file shredder utility
amysplit.lhauti/fil0.179kb10 Nov 094.1¤ Amysplit - Split file with gui! (Italian only)
applyppf.lhauti/fil3.038kb13 Oct 054.01¤ Applyppf - Apply PPF patches to your ISO files
b5i2iso.lhauti/fil0.237kb11 Oct 054.03¤ B5i2iso - BlindWrite - CD image converter
bcrypt.lhauti/fil1.1149kb19 Nov 084.04¤ Bcrypt - A cross platform file encryption utility
bde64.lhauti/fil0.2.28kb12 Mar 134.01¤ Bde64 - Decode/encode base64
bfunpack.lhauti/fil3kb29 Sep 084.02¤ 
bin2iso.lhauti/fil31kb11 Oct 054.02¤ Bin2iso - Bin - CD image converter
cabextract.lhauti/fil1.638kb27 Mar 154.01¤ Cabextract - Extract Microsoft Cabinet (.CAB) archives
cbmconvert.lhauti/fil2.1.2277kb13 Oct 054.02¤ Cbmconvert - CBMConvert - A C64 archive converter
ccd2cue.lhauti/fil0.121kb30 Nov 114.0¤ Ccd2cue - Converts CloneCD CCD to CUE format
ccd2iso.lhauti/fil0.3119kb31 Jan 074.01¤ Ccd2iso - CloneCD - CD image converter
cddb_editor.lhauti/fil2.220kb01 Mar 134.010¤ Cddb_editor - A CDDB editor
cdi2iso.lhauti/fil0.138kb11 Oct 054.01¤ Cdi2iso - DiscJuggler - CD image converter
checksum-qt4.lhauti/fil1.2580kb27 Oct 134.1¤ Checksum - A tool for hashing files and validating checksums.
clipdown.lhauti/filv3.4149kb15 Jan 134.0¤ Clipdown - Utility to download/play URL's from the clipboard.
cmdpack.lhauti/fil1.03218kb10 Apr 124.015¤ Cmdpack - Neill Corlett's Command-Line Pack
comparedirs.lhauti/fil1.9354kb30 May 154.1¤ Comparedirs - Compare two dirs for different files, with GUI
crcsprinter.lhauti/fil1.032kb02 Jan 124.1¤ Crcsprinter - A fast CRC checksum generator/verifier
cso2iso.lhauti/fil1.0154kb04 Feb 084.09¤ Cso2iso - Convert CSO images to ISO
d64tozipcode.lhauti/fil1.035kb25 Jan 064.0¤ D64tozipcode - Converts D64 image files to Zipcode format
daa2iso.lhauti/fil0.1.7e52kb12 Mar 134.0¤ Daa2iso - Convert DAA images to ISO
dact.lhauti/fil0.8.41365kb01 Sep 084.01¤ Dact - a file compression tool similiar to gzip
dax2iso.lhauti/fil0.358kb25 Feb 084.02¤ Dax2iso - Convert DAX images to ISO
decrunchmania.lhauti/fil9kb24 Nov 094.01¤ Decrunchmania - Decrunchmania - decrunch 68k Crunchmania files
dirmeup_demo.lhauti/fil3.0.216Mb27 Aug 164.1¤ DirMeUp - Amiga Files Explorer
diskdaisy.lhauti/fil1.350kb18 Mar 134.0¤ Diskdaisy - Tool for checking data distribution on a disk
diskdatabaseppc.lhauti/fil1.1101kb09 Jul 054.03¤ Diskdatabaseppc - CDROM disk database program
diskmaster2.lhauti/fil2.7beta11282kb04 Mar 074.01¤ Diskmaster2 - DiskMaster2 for OS4
dmg2img.lhauti/fil1.6.1326kb03 Mar 104.0¤ Dmg2img - Convert DMG archives to standard disk images
dmg2iso.lhauti/fil0.2c134kb16 Jan 084.01¤ Dmg2iso - Convert DMG images to ISO
dopus4.lhauti/fil4.18.442Mb03 Aug 154.0¤ Dopus4 - Directory Opus 4 : legendary file manager
dopus5.lhauti/fil5.913Mb31 Aug 154.0¤ Dopus5 - Legendary file manager and more
drawerexplorer.lhauti/fil0.9120kb30 May 164.1¤ DrawerExplorer - File manager.
dtconvert.lhauti/fil1.143kb14 Jan 154.1¤ DTConvert - File format conversion using datatypes
dupfinder.lhauti/fil2.510kb16 Nov 084.04¤ Dupfinder - Finds even more duplicate files on your HD
ecm.lhauti/fil1.069kb20 Sep 064.01¤ Ecm - Reduces size of CD images
encryptor.lhauti/fil1.0.3147kb01 Feb 054.01¤ Encryptor - Encrypt and decrypt files
exec-list.lhauti/fil1.855kb05 Sep 044.02¤ Exec-list - List exec files in Ansi colors, displays filesize
extrainfo.lhauti/fil1.21Mb17 Jul 074.01¤ Extrainfo - Provides Additional Information about Files
fcrackzip.lhauti/fil212kb31 Aug 084.02¤ Fcrackzip - Cracks password protected Zip files
filer.lhauti/fil53.323Mb01 Jun 134.02¤ Filer - File manager
filer_deu.lhauti/fil53.3019kb08 Feb 104.03¤ Filer_german - German locale for Filer
filer_ell.lhauti/fil53.3021kb10 Feb 104.02¤ Filer_greek - Filer greek catalogs
filer_fra.lhauti/fil53.307kb08 Feb 104.04¤ Filer_fr - French locale for Filer
filer_ita.lhauti/fil53.3244kb27 Apr 144.03¤ Filer_italian - Filer italian catalogs
filer_spa.lhauti/fil53.3018kb07 Feb 104.05¤ Filer_spanish - Spanish locale for Filer
filer_swe.lhauti/fil53.3018kb07 Feb 104.04¤ Filer_swedish - Filer swedish catalogs
filesplit.lhauti/fil1.0c197kb05 May 114.01¤ Filesplit - split files by number of parts, part size, etc.
fimp.lhauti/fil25kb07 Jul 084.0¤ Fimp - fimp (imploder) portable C version
findmore.lhauti/fil2.7135kb11 Feb 174.01¤ FindMore - File searching tool (GUI)
findmore_german.lhauti/fil2.02kb18 Jul 144.0¤ FindMore_German - German catalog for FindMore
freeme2.lhauti/fil0.4394kb16 Feb 094.0¤ Freeme2 - Removes drm from wmv/asf/wma files
freespace.lhauti/fil1.174kb24 Jun 074.01¤ Freespace - Show free space on mounted drives.
gpatch.lhauti/fil3.166kb06 Dec 114.0¤ Gpatch - Patch system for software updates
grep.lhauti/fil2.6.3593kb11 Jul 154.0¤ Grep - GNU grep, egrep and fgrep
grepppc.lhauti/fil3.0294kb26 Mar 054.0¤ Grepppc - grepPPC a port of grep (Gen' Reg' Expr' Parser)
grunch.lhauti/fil2.182Mb02 Nov 154.0¤ Grunch - Application management system
gzrt.lhauti/fil0.530kb15 Nov 074.01¤ Gzrt - Recover files from broken gzip archives
hfinder.lhauti/fil1.1586kb16 Dec 084.0¤ Hfinder - Tool to search files in your hard disks
id3edit-os4.lhauti/fil0.1452kb24 Nov 044.01¤ Id3edit-os4 - port of simple shell based ID3 tag editor
installer.lhauti/fil1.39544kb03 Nov 154.0¤ Installer - Installer Replacement
ips-o-matic.lhauti/fil1.221kb06 Jul 084.0¤ Ips-o-matic - Apply IPS patches to your ROM files
ips-o-matic_ell.lhauti/fil1.2906b21 Nov 124.02¤ Ips-o-matic_greek - Greek catalog file for IPS-o-Matic
ips-o-matic_ita.lhauti/fil1.017kb09 Feb 134.02¤ Ips-o-matic_ita - Italian catalog for IPS-O-Matic 1.2
iso-o-matic.lhauti/fil1.1165kb25 Apr 084.03¤ Iso-o-matic - All to ISO disk image converter
iso-o-matic_ell.lhauti/fil1.11916b21 Nov 124.02¤ Iso-o-matic_greek - Greek catalog file for ISO-o-Matic
iso-o_matic_ita.lhauti/fil1.417kb09 Feb 134.02¤ Iso-o_matic_ita - Italian catalog for ISO-O-Matic 1.11
ixadump.lhauti/fil6kb12 Mar 074.01¤ Ixadump - Extracts the files in an iXalance (TBL) demo.
lpatch.lhauti/fil0.4.4b66kb12 Mar 134.0¤ Lpatch - Binary file patcher
lxsplit.lhauti/fil0.2.418kb05 Jan 104.02¤ Lxsplit - File splitter, compatible with HJSplit
lzop.lhauti/fil1.02rc1577kb01 Sep 084.0¤ Lzop - a fast file compression tool
makelinkgui.lhauti/fil1.077kb06 Oct 084.0¤ Makelinkgui - GUI for Makelink
makeppf.lhauti/fil3.042kb13 Oct 054.09¤ Makeppf - Create PPF patches.
mdf2iso.lhauti/fil0.3241kb11 Oct 054.04¤ Mdf2iso - Alcohol 120% - CD image converter
mkfile.lhauti/fil1.15kb02 Nov 094.01¤ Mkfile - Create an empty file of desired size
nrg2cue.lhauti/fil0.1.112kb12 Mar 134.01¤ Nrg2cue - Generate CUE file from NRG
nrg2iso.lhauti/fil0.441kb19 Sep 044.01¤ Nrg2iso - Converts .nrg images to .iso images
nrg4iso.lhauti/fil1.0.122kb07 Mar 104.0¤ Nrg4iso - Convert Nero image files to ISO format
opensfv.lhauti/fil1.0b440kb10 Apr 084.0¤ Opensfv - Checksum generator/validator
os4depotgui.lhauti/fil1.247kb20 Aug 134.0¤ OS4Depot GUI - Easy access to the OS4Depot files
os4touch.lhauti/fil1.016kb30 Dec 044.02¤ Os4touch - Touch file dates with pattern matching
patch.lhauti/fil2.6.1_01473kb10 Aug 114.0¤ Patch - Apply a diff file to an original
pdbmake.lhauti/fil39kb05 Jul 064.0¤ Pdbmake - Create PalmOS PDBs from any binary file
pdi2iso.lhauti/fil0.141kb11 Oct 054.02¤ Pdi2iso - Instant copy bin - CD image converter
ppf-o-matic.lhauti/fil1.225kb06 Jul 084.03¤ Ppf-o-matic - Apply PPF patches to your ISO files
ppf-o-matic_ell.lhauti/fil1.21kb21 Nov 124.05¤ Ppf-o-matic_greek - Greek catalog file for PPF-o-Matic
ppf-o-matic_ita.lhauti/fil1.017kb09 Feb 134.03¤ Ppf-o-matic_ita - Italian catalog for PPF-O-Matic 1.2
ppmd.lhauti/filJ58kb31 Aug 104.0¤ Ppmd - Prediction by Partial Matching filepacker
qrename.lhauti/fil1.1102kb08 Aug 134.1¤ QRename - A file rename tool
raw2iso.lhauti/fil1.03kb16 Jan 084.02¤ Raw2iso - Convert RAW images to ISO
residual-tools-src.ziputi/fil0.07git186kb19 May 114.12¤ Residual-tools-src - Residual Tools Source
residual-tools.lhauti/fil0.07git636kb19 May 114.11¤ Residual-tools - Residual Tools
rhash.lhauti/fil1.3.3447kb30 Dec 144.0¤ Rhash - Recursive Hash Calculator
scummvm-tools-src.ziputi/fil1.9.01Mb11 Oct 164.1¤ Scummvm-tools-src - ScummVM Tools Source
scummvm-tools.lhauti/fil1.9.03Mb20 Oct 164.1¤ Scummvm-tools - ScummVM Tools
sfsdefrag.lhauti/fil1.424kb29 Dec 064.03¤ Sfsdefrag - SFSDefragment cli tool
shed.lhauti/fil1.13466kb28 Oct 074.0¤ Shed - An NCurses based HEX Editor
smart.lhauti/fil1.086kb18 Mar 094.0¤ Smart - File indexing and search tool
snoopy.lhauti/fil53.3490kb16 Jan 154.12¤ Snoopy - SnoopDos like utility for OS4
soesplit.lhauti/fil6kb02 Oct 064.02¤ Soesplit - Split big files.
sploiner.lhauti/fil1.0137kb30 Dec 044.01¤ Sploiner - Tool for splitting large files
supermanppc.lhauti/fil2.0157kb09 Dec 044.0¤ Supermanppc - Show the user a directory of documents
text2pdf.lhauti/fil538kb11 Mar 124.01¤ Text2pdf - Convert plain text files into PDF files.
thefryingpan.lhauti/fil1.3.2814kb08 Sep 164.0¤ FryingPan - CD/DVD burning software
timetraveler.lhauti/fil1.198kb07 Oct 084.02¤ Timetraveler - Trashcan + recycled browser
touch.lhauti/fil1.015kb21 Dec 044.03¤ Touch - Touch will set the filedate on the specified files
uif2iso.lhauti/fil0.1.7c105kb14 Mar 134.1¤ Uif2iso - Convert UIF images to ISO
uips.lhauti/fil35kb17 Oct 054.02¤ Uips - Universal IPS patcher - patches ROM files
usfv.lhauti/fil1.418kb27 Nov 064.01¤ Usfv - Verify or Create SFV files
vditool.lhauti/fil1.227kb25 May 114.0¤ Vditool - Tool for creating/handling .vdi files
virtualdrawer.lhauti/fil1.288kb05 May 084.0¤ Virtualdrawer - Create virtual drawers
vobps2fix.lhauti/fil0.19kb30 Oct 064.02¤ Vobps2fix - Fix for Playstation2 VOBs
workbenchexplorer.lhauti/fil1.72Mb09 Feb 184.1¤ Workbench Explorer - Modern file browser loaded with features
workbenchexplorer_ita.lhauti/fil1.248kb22 Jun 174.01¤ Wex_upd_ita - italian catalog for WorkbenchExplorer
xad_xfd.lhauti/fil1.223kb28 Aug 144.01¤ Xad_xfd - xfdmaster client for xadmaster ;)
xdelta3.lhauti/fil3.0t83kb27 Dec 074.01¤ Xdelta3 - binary diff, differential compression tool
xfd_lzma.lhauti/fil1.2a29kb28 Aug 144.0¤ Xfd_lzma - LZMA slave for xfdmaster.library
xzdec.lhauti/fil4.999.9b1475kb27 Aug 104.01¤ Xzdec - Small .xz and .lzma decompressors
yydecode.lhauti/fil0.2.1034kb09 Nov 064.02¤ Yydecode - yydecode - decode yEnc encoded files
aecm.ziputi/har1.01Mb12 Nov 114.0¤ Aecm - Amiga Easyflash Cart Maker
amigainputanyware.lhauti/har2.399kb09 Aug 114.13¤ Amigainputanyware - Control mouse and keyboard with your gamepad
apod.tar.bz2uti/har1.52Mb11 Nov 114.0¤ Apod - Perl based ipod application for OS4.0
bootmemtester.lhauti/har4.3.0106kb22 Jun 134.07¤ Bootmemtester - AmigaOne BootCD adaption of MemTester
fmgpuccrbrr.lhauti/har1.012kb04 Sep 064.07¤ Fmgpuccrbrr - Make your own Retro Replay ROM
lcdtest.lhauti/har1.08178kb11 Sep 074.05¤ Lcdtest - LCD monitor test pattern generator
memtester.lzxuti/har4.0.632kb14 Mar 074.07¤ Memtester - Utility to test for faulty memory subsystem.
mountdos.lhauti/harV1.2.249kb17 Feb 074.05¤ Mountdos - MountDos V1.2.2 make mountlist PC harddrive (MBR)
nemo_led_p31.lhauti/har1.018kb02 Sep 134.01¤ Nemo_LED_P31 - Control the spare LED header on Xorro
nomenukey.lhauti/har1.02kb20 May 104.01¤ Nomenukey - Get keyboards without a R_Command key working
pcitool.lhauti/har1.413kb04 Jul 124.02¤ Pcitool - Read/Write PCI Config/IO/Memory space
pciview.lhauti/har1.02186kb15 Apr 064.07¤ Pciview - PCI-View
poweroff.lhauti/har1.12kb14 Jan 134.11¤ Poweroff - Shell command to turn off the X1000
rombo.lhauti/har1.01Mb25 Jul 134.11¤ rombob - identify and prepares kickstart rom files
sam440ep_latticexp.lhauti/har1.0611kb25 Mar 124.11¤ Sam440ep_latticexp - Sam440ep_LatticeXP
smartmontools.lhauti/har5.33756kb29 Aug 054.03¤ Smartmontools - Harddisk health analysis tool : smartmontools
smarttempmon.lhauti/har1.22kb02 Sep 054.03¤ Smarttempmon - Script that monitors hard drive temperature
vmeter.lhauti/har53.3229kb08 Feb 154.1¤ VMeter - An editor for the VMeter USB touch strip
wolnycd.lhauti/har1.256kb04 Oct 054.03¤ Wolnycd - adjusting read-speed of CD/DVD drives
yaps.lhauti/har1.05173kb06 Jan 064.01¤ Yaps - Yet Another PCI Scan program
aa3-dp5_buttons.lhauti/mis0.418kb21 Jan 134.12¤ Aa3-dp5_buttons - AmigaAMP3 control buttons for Dopus Magellan
ac-bootpic.lhauti/mis1.1333kb23 May 054.03¤ Ac-bootpic - Animated boot pictures
aget.lhauti/mis0.15Mb19 Mar 154.0¤ AGet - HTTP Protocol Tester
alarmclock.lhauti/mis1.53Mb07 Oct 064.03¤ Alarmclock - Full screen Alarm clock
allkeys.lhauti/mis2.4086kb19 Nov 124.03¤ Allkeys - Use all mapped rawkeys which include most MM-keys
alt_tab_switcher.lhauti/mis1.944kb09 May 094.12¤ Alt_tab_switcher - Switch between screens in a graphical way
amemwatcher.lhauti/mis1.046kb13 Oct 134.0¤ aMemWatcher - RAM monitor program
ami-bootguard.lhauti/mis0.50630kb28 Nov 114.11¤ Ami-bootguard - software protection before unauthorized run OS
amidvd.lhauti/mis1.4652kb27 May 084.03¤ Amidvd - CD/DVD burning tool
amigakeyremapper.raruti/mis1.19kb13 Aug 104.02¤ Amigakeyremapper - Simple program that swaps left/right amiga keys
amigaohm.lhauti/misV0.9.1169kb11 Nov 094.01¤ Amigaohm - This program works out colour code in ohm values
amigaohm_fra.lhauti/mis0.9.112kb12 Nov 094.01¤ Amigaohm-fr - French catalog for AmigaOhm
amigaohm_spa.lhauti/mis0.9.118kb15 Nov 094.01¤ Amigaohm-sp - Catalogo en espanol para AmigaOHM
amipad.lhauti/mis3.03Mb28 Nov 124.0¤ Amipad - Website App-Wrapper
amisafedemo.lhauti/mis0.9608kb23 Nov 124.0¤ Amisafedemo - Password keeper program with encryption
amisystemrestore.lhauti/misr1_beta7909kb22 Aug 134.0¤ Amisystemrestore - Monitors & allows undoing changes to SYS:
anno.lhauti/mis0.3.0108kb28 Oct 074.01¤ Anno - An NCurses based Almanack.
arexxconsole.lhauti/mis0839kb22 Apr 134.0¤ Arexxconsole - Utility for sending ARexx messages
asciitable.lhauti/mis1.160kb17 Mar 124.0¤ Asciitable - Print out the ascii-table in diffent
assist.lhauti/mis2.126Mb23 Jun 154.1¤ Assist - A knowledge base for AmigaOS users
asyncio.lhauti/mis50.337kb13 Dec 054.01¤ Asyncio - asyncio.library Compiled for OS4 PPC Native
atimer.lhauti/mis1.047kb13 Oct 134.0¤ aTimer - aTimer checks your system clock
autorun.lhauti/mis53.147kb11 Apr 144.1¤ AutoRun - Executes a script on disk insertion
availmempatch.lhauti/mis1.12kb09 May 074.04¤ Availmempatch - Limits RAM available to 68k apps
base64.lzxuti/mis1.026kb09 Jun 044.05¤ Base64 - Base64
betterclosescreen.lhauti/misr365kb04 Jul 114.04¤ Betterclosescreen - Ensures that public screens always get closed
bmtool.lhauti/mis1.055kb31 Mar 124.01¤ Bmtool - Conversion tool of web browser bookmarks
bofh.ziputi/mis0.276kb25 Dec 094.01¤ Bofh - Random generator of B.O.F.H. excuses
bougesouris.lhauti/mis1.1119kb04 Nov 144.0¤ BougeSouris - CLI program to move cursor/click + sources
brewtarget.lhauti/mis2.1.02Mb10 Feb 154.1¤ Brewtarget - Brewtarget Beer Software
cdfly.lhauti/mis0.3398kb13 Aug 134.0¤ CDFly - Qt : multiplatform CD/DVD files indexer
cdirip.lhauti/mis0.6.356kb05 Mar 134.1¤ Cdirip - Image converter
changetooltype.lhauti/mis1.25kb12 Mar 094.02¤ Changetooltype - Changes icon tool types
cksfv.lhauti/mis1.367kb29 Sep 054.03¤ Cksfv - Cksfv Crc Tool Checker
click_wit.lhauti/mis1.0a564kb20 Nov 144.1¤ Click_Wit! - A fortune cookie program for workbench
clicketyflip.lhauti/mis1.132kb03 Sep 074.04¤ Clicketyflip - Swap screens via middle mousebutton doubleclick
clipman.lzxuti/mis0.1alpha11kb19 Mar 064.01¤ Clipman - Small GUI-based clipboard utility
clipselect.lhauti/mis2.01Mb25 May 104.0¤ Clipselect - A Clipboard Manager with Graphical Previews
clonecollect.lhauti/mis1.7119kb17 Mar 124.04¤ Clonecollect - Collect files with same conditions
cls.lzxuti/misV0.0128kb17 Aug 044.03¤ Cls - Shows an information window if CAPSLOCK is pressed
collagemaker.lhauti/mis3.02Mb02 Mar 114.0¤ Collagemaker - A Program for Making Collages
crc128.lhauti/mis1.061kb17 Mar 124.01¤ Crc128 - Calculates 128bit crc-checksums
cutratecalc.lhauti/mis1.0b163kb06 Oct 134.1¤ CutRateCalc - A reaction based calculator
daysleeper.lhauti/mis0.9r2130kb31 Mar 144.1¤ DaySleeper - Shutdown/reboot at a selected time
deslike.lhauti/mis0.224kb17 Dec 074.01¤ Deslike - DES-like encryption
devinfos.lhauti/mis17.22649kb21 Mar 174.0¤ DevInfos - Shows many infos about a device
diceware.lhauti/mis18kb29 Jun 154.0¤ Diceware - Bitcoin address generator.
dicpng.lhauti/mis1.1167kb17 Mar 124.0¤ Dicpng - Compress data into png-images
disktype.lhauti/mis1.022kb14 Apr 074.04¤ Disktype - Display filesystem/disk types
docket.lhauti/mis3.145kb14 Apr 084.02¤ Docket - Powerful cron-like scheduling commodity
egame.lhauti/misr51Mb05 Feb 134.01¤ Egame - Game launcher with tagging & searching
eggshell.lhauti/mis69kb10 Jan 094.01¤ Eggshell - A particle simulator written using allegro
eggtimer.lhauti/mis1Mb24 Oct 064.0¤ Eggtimer - An Eggtimer
ejecttool.lhauti/mis2.1817kb27 Apr 154.01¤ EjectTool - Load/Eject/Toggle drive tray command
elmeter.lhauti/mis2.0112kb29 Dec 104.11¤ Elmeter - Electricity+water consumption monitor
envtime.lhauti/mis0.039kb15 Jun 064.02¤ Envtime - Sets a time env variable for use in WB titlebar
exorcist.lhauti/mis2.161kb18 Aug 094.02¤ Exorcist - Kill windows and screens of crashed apps
exutil.lhauti/mis1.02Mb17 Mar 174.01¤ Exutil - An exif based batch renamer
fartbuttondeluxe-lite.lhauti/mis1.18Mb29 Dec 104.0¤ Fartbuttondeluxe-lite - Large red fart button
fitr.lhauti/mis1.331kb31 Aug 104.0¤ Fitr - App-specific text file mods for installs
fixdate.lhauti/mis1.258kb17 Mar 124.0¤ Fixdate - Fix files that have a date in future
fontpreviewer.lhauti/mis3.42Mb27 Feb 124.0¤ Fontpreviewer - A Simple Font Preview Program
foreach_igracki.lhauti/mis1.17kb28 Jul 134.0¤ Foreach Igracki - Execute a command for every argument
gource.lhauti/mis0.26b1Mb17 Jul 104.11¤ Gource - 3D visualisation tool for source control reps.
horloge.lhauti/mis410kb06 Jan 094.0¤ Horloge - a fugly clock made using SDL.
html2wiki.lhauti/mis1.0175kb15 Aug 124.0¤ Html2wiki - Translates HTML to wikipedia text
hunkreader.lhauti/mis1.625kb06 Dec 134.01¤ HunkReader - Console reader (like readelf) of old 68k binaries
hyperbench.lhauti/mis0.351Mb18 Dec 124.01¤ Hyperbench - Desktop for public screens
hyperbench_ell.lhauti/mis0.356kb30 Apr 134.08¤ Hyperbench_greek - Greek catalog files for Hyperbench
identify_lib.lhauti/mis37.216kb21 Nov 044.03¤ Identify_lib - identify.library replacement for OS4
ipqalc.lhauti/mis111kb14 Apr 124.1¤ Ipqalc - a small qtbased tool to help you calculate subnets
jsi-tfb.lhauti/mis1.0291kb09 Sep 064.04¤ Jsi-tfb - The Fart Button
kcopy.lhauti/mis0.9832Mb30 Dec 144.1¤ K-Copy - a Gui for Kryoflux
keyremapper.lhauti/mis1.313kb30 Dec 124.02¤ Keyremapper - Program that swaps right-amiga key for other keys
killwin.lhauti/mis79kb26 Sep 044.0¤ Killwin - Close killed windows
kryoflux.lhauti/mis2.616Mb15 Aug 154.11¤ KryoFlux - USB-based floppy controller
lighttasks.lhauti/mis0.2248kb04 Aug 134.0¤ LightTasks - Qt simple and lightweight task timer
lltogr.lhauti/mis1.053kb31 Jul 134.01¤ LLtogr - Latitude/longitude to/from NGR
luhn.lhauti/mis14kb31 Oct 104.0¤ Luhn - Checks validity of credit card numbers
luna.lhauti/mis1.611kb05 Aug 104.11¤ Luna - A shell command that calculates moon phases
macc.lhauti/mis1.158kb09 May 064.04¤ Macc - Mouse accelerator with plenty of settings
magiceyes.lhauti/mis1.01Mb08 Nov 154.0¤ Tony canazza - Eyes Follow mouse
meshview.lhauti/mis46kb18 Sep 084.01¤ Meshview - Simple tool to visualize a mesh.
meteostation.lhauti/mis1.083Mb13 Aug 134.0¤ MeteoStation NM - USB weather station reader (Qt)
microwindows.lhauti/mis0.98Mb26 Dec 074.0¤ Microwindows - modern gfx windowing environments for small device
mkisofs.lhauti/mis2.0432kb16 Sep 054.02¤ Mkisofs - mkisofs
myformat.lhauti/mis1.3267kb18 Oct 044.02¤ Myformat - Format replacement. OS4+ required
noclick.lhauti/mis1.14kb13 Apr 164.0¤ NoClick - Multiplatform NoClick enabler
os4.1-german-update_deu.lhauti/mis2.0101kb12 Feb 094.0¤ Os4 - Unofficial update of the OS 4.1 German translation
passmaker.lhauti/mis1.0227kb10 Mar 084.0¤ Passmaker - Password generator with GUI
patchwarp3d.lhauti/misbeta636kb06 Dec 114.0¤ Patchwarp3d - Patch some Warp3D functions
pdalink.lhauti/mis3.2119kb11 Nov 074.02¤ Pdalink - Connect Amiga with Palm PDA
poet.lhauti/mis1.1+45kb15 Aug 064.01¤ Poet - PoetPlus - Generates random poetry
powericons.lhauti/mis51.4711kb02 Feb 064.04¤ Powericons - 32-bit PNG icons on your Amiga
ppcrack.lhauti/mis1.0107kb23 Nov 104.02¤ Ppcrack - unpack + decrypt all PowerPacker files
psid64.lhauti/mis0.7689kb13 Nov 064.0¤ Psid64 - Make a C64 exe from a PSID file
psptools.lhauti/mis210kb23 Apr 074.01¤ Psptools - Makes your PSX games playable on your PSP!
pwcrack.lhauti/mis1.125kb12 Aug 064.0¤ Pwcrack - Pwcrack; decrypts PassWorm-encrypted passwords.
pyt.lhauti/mis52.2369b04 Aug 164.0¤ PYT Timezone - Unofficial North Korea OS4 timezone
qclock.lhauti/mis1.122kb02 May 074.03¤ Qclock - Ask your miggy about the time
qexchange.lhauti/mis1.0.02Mb15 Aug 134.0¤ QExchange - Qt : Currency exchange calculator with history
qmetro.lhauti/mis0.6.51Mb11 Aug 134.01¤ QMetro - Subway/metro/underground route planner
ranger.lhauti/mis1.59407kb11 Jan 144.0¤ Ranger - System diagnostic tool
relax.lhauti/mis2.1117kb17 Mar 124.04¤ Relax - Control program for 8-bit realy-cards
reportplus.lhauti/mis7.12640kb26 Oct 174.0¤ Report+ - Multipurpose utility
reporttool.lhauti/mis51.126kb23 Dec 064.02¤ Reporttool - A tool to help problem solving in OS4
rhc.lhauti/mis1.059kb17 Mar 124.0¤ Rhc - A polymorphic cipher
rherase.lhauti/mis1.2103kb17 Mar 124.0¤ Rherase - Secure file eraser
ringtonetools.lhauti/mis2.26165kb04 Nov 054.03¤ Ringtonetools - Helps in the creation of ringtones
sab.lhauti/mis2.2159kb17 Mar 124.01¤ Sab - Secure Address Book with AES encryption
samtools.lhauti/mis123kb14 Jan 084.01¤ Samtools - Tools to read/write SAMDOS disk images
scalos.lhauti/mis41.8-rc13Mb21 Aug 124.01¤ Scalos - Desktop environment (kind of Workbench,Hyperbench)
scm2wav.lhauti/mis0.124kb02 Oct 064.01¤ Scm2wav - Rips the sound files from the official ICQ client
scout.lhauti/mis3.61Mb24 Apr 064.05¤ Scout - System monitor (MUI & TCP/IP stack optional)
screengrab.lhauti/mis0.9.90358kb17 Jan 174.11¤ Screengrab - Simple screengrab app for Qt4
set68kcpu.lhauti/mis1.09kb01 May 084.02¤ Set68kcpu - Change the type of the 68k CPU reported under OS4.
sex.lhauti/mis13kb09 Apr 074.01¤ Sex - Generates random sex stories, funny!
sfv-creator.lhauti/mis0.211kb07 May 054.02¤ Sfv-creator - SFV-Creator for AmigaOS 4
shapng.lhauti/mis1.1166kb17 Mar 124.0¤ Shapng - sha256 of file to PNG-image
shoppinglist.lhauti/mis1.1535kb17 Aug 134.0¤ ShoppingList - Qt : program to plan and account shopping
siberia.lhauti/mis1.0923kb31 Jul 134.1¤ Siberia - Contacts and calendar (Spanish only)
simonsays.lhauti/mis3.6.66476kb05 May 174.12¤ SimonSays - Utility for HTML, Info, HAM, MOD
smoother.lhauti/mis1.315kb05 Jan 054.02¤ Smoother - small joke program to "smoothen" your mouse moveme
smv.ziputi/mis0.361kb12 Dec 064.01¤ Smv - A new multiview program
snapit.lhauti/mis1.4487kb27 Jan 174.11¤ SnapIT - Powerful MUI-based Screen Grabber
snoopdos.lhauti/mis3.8243kb13 Dec 044.010¤ Snoopdos - SnoopDos compiled for AmigaOS 4
spaceagent.lhauti/mis50.439kb06 Jun 044.05¤ Spaceagent - A commodity to watch disks getting low on space
splashlauncher.lhauti/mis1.6141kb09 Aug 094.0¤ Splashlauncher - Splash image program launcher
st_characters.lhauti/mis0.2156Mb27 Mar 144.0¤ ST Wiki - Star Trek Database
st_rooms.lhauti/mis0.165Mb26 Jan 164.0¤ Star Trek Rooms - Database of rooms aboard the ships in Star Trek
st_schematics.lhauti/mis0.129Mb29 Jan 164.0¤ Star Trek Schematics - Database of schematics in Star Trek
st_ships.lhauti/mis0.6120Mb10 May 164.0¤ Star Trek Ships - Database of ships in Star Trek
startmeup.lhauti/mis1.3683kb19 Oct 044.0¤ Startmeup - A startup files manager
taskreminder.lhauti/mis1.0290kb12 Aug 134.1¤ Task Reminder - Add tasks and display them on a webpage
tellme.lhauti/mis4.0.221kb23 Jun 054.03¤ Tellme - TellMe script to run say
text2png.lhauti/mis1.02Mb06 Apr 084.0¤ Text2png - A program for converting text to a PNG image.
the_ell.lhauti/mis2.11004b21 Nov 124.1¤ The_greek - Greek catalog file for T.H.E.
timerhack.lhauti/mis1.14kb05 May 074.01¤ Timerhack - makes timer.device to tick at PAL clock
topapp.lhauti/mis1.0145kb12 Dec 114.0¤ Topapp - Add and remove programs using GUI easy
tunenetpatch.lhauti/mis1.113kb25 Mar 124.0¤ Tunenetpatch - TuneNet OS4 QuickFix - Online Radio Playlist Fix
tux_todo.lhauti/mis1.5b292kb24 May 054.0¤ Tux_todo - Tux ToDo List Manager
uniquedate.lhauti/mis1.08kb22 Jun 064.02¤ Uniquedate - Generates unique (hi-res) numeric date/timestamps
uniquename.lhauti/mis1.09kb22 Jun 064.02¤ Uniquename - Generates unique (random) strings
usbrecycle.lhauti/mis1.064kb12 Mar 154.11¤ USBRecycle - 'Solve' SAM4x0 USB stall at boot time
usbsound.lhauti/mis1.068kb21 Oct 154.1¤ UsbSound - Commodity for USB audio notification
vuremote.lhauti/mis1.4732kb04 Aug 164.1¤ VuRemote - Remote control for Vu+ and Dreambox Receivers
wget-bin.lhauti/mis1.12rev21Mb18 May 114.05¤ Wget-bin - Retrieves files from the web
wget-src.tar.gzuti/mis1.9.11Mb18 Aug 044.0¤ Wget-src - Retrieves files from the web (source)
xchm-src.lhauti/mis1.19184kb14 Jul 114.11¤ Xchm-src - Sources of xchm 1.19 and related libs for AmiCygnix
xchm.lhauti/mis1.199Mb14 Jul 114.1¤ Xchm - A viewer for CHM files (AmiCygnix)
yae.lhauti/mis1.019kb02 Apr 084.02¤ Yae - Yet Another Eval
zmakebas.lhauti/mis1,260kb14 Apr 154.01¤ ZMakebas - Make ZX Spectrum .TAP from BASIC text
zoomit_ell.lhauti/mis1.31kb31 Jan 144.0¤ ZoomIT_ell - Greek catalog file for ZoomIT
zoomnote.lhauti/mis1.2133kb13 Jan 144.1¤ ZoomNote - Screen zooming and note drawing utility
dot4spool.lhauti/pri1.195kb15 Mar 134.0¤ Dot4spool - Print spooler with Dot4 support
ftpprint.lhauti/pri2kb20 Oct 164.0¤ FTPPrint - Simple FTP based printing
lpr_dev.lhauti/pri44.641kb13 Mar 064.04¤ Lpr_dev - network printing utility (via Unix LPR protocol)
pcal.lhauti/pri4.9.1374kb15 Mar 064.02¤ Pcal - Print Postscript calendars
posterazor.lhauti/pri1.01Mb11 Oct 054.03¤ Posterazor - A tool for printing big posters on small printers
prtman.lhauti/pri39.38257kb28 Feb 074.02¤ Prtman - PrintManager for OS4 and OS3
psutils.lhauti/pri1.17340kb15 Mar 064.02¤ Psutils - Manipulate PostScript files
r200_ink_level.lhauti/pri1.130kb01 Oct 074.03¤ R200_ink_level - Epson R200 Ink Level Monitor
skeinforge.lhauti/pri2008-02-055Mb12 Apr 174.1¤ Skeinforge - 3D printing on AmigaOS4.x. Stl2Gcode. Python, CLI
3d_stars.lhauti/sci1.025Mb25 Dec 094.0¤ 3d_stars - Stellar Neighbourhood Explorer
3dstars_nld.lhauti/sci129kb07 Sep 104.01¤ 3dstars_nl - Netherlands catalog and Amiguide file for 3D Stars
bewegungsdetektor.lhauti/sci2.02Mb20 Mar 164.0¤ Bewegungs Detektor - Learn and visualize motion detector (EMD)
calcus.lhauti/sci0.1224kb10 Aug 134.1¤ Calcus - A cross-platform scriptable calculator.
celestia.lhauti/sci1.6.044Mb14 Jul 094.0¤ Celestia - Celestia
clustalw.lhauti/sci1.83585kb06 Jan 054.01¤ Clustalw - The famous alignment tool.
du_patch.lhauti/sci17update355kb25 Jan 164.0¤ DU17 Patch - A small patch for Digital Universe v1.7
du_xl_maps.lhauti/sci1.741Mb29 Dec 124.0¤ Du_xl_maps - Additional Feature Maps for Digital Universe
dudemo.lhauti/sci1.6.114Mb07 Mar 094.0¤ Dudemo - Digital Universe 1.6 Demo Version
eliza.lhauti/sci27kb21 Feb 114.01¤ Eliza - Therapist simulation for OS4 with speech
flcalc.lhauti/sci0.99.1184kb06 May 054.0¤ Flcalc - flCalc
freud.lhauti/sci2Mb11 Jan 074.0¤ Freud - A standalone C++ port of the Emacs Psychiatrist
funiter.lhauti/sci2.3.4192kb12 Jan 094.0¤ Funiter - A graph generator
glglobe.lhauti/sci4Mb01 Oct 084.02¤ Glglobe - A nice OpenGL worldglobe
gnubc.lhauti/sci1.06175kb25 Aug 084.0¤ Gnubc - Numeric processing language
gocr.lhauti/sci0.46314kb30 Oct 084.0¤ Gocr - Optical Character Recognition
gpsbabel.lhauti/sci1.3.4834kb26 Mar 154.0¤ GPSBabel - Convert, upload, download data from GPS and Map ..
hp11c.lhauti/sci1.3378kb24 Jul 054.05¤ Hp11c - HP11C calculator including the program mode
lulin.lhauti/sci553b25 Feb 094.01¤ Lulin - Comet Lulin UOF FIle for Digital Universe
mathx.lhauti/sci2.0613kb13 May 104.0¤ Mathx - Math program for AmigaOS
mycalcppc.lhauti/sci2.0159kb19 Sep 054.01¤ Mycalcppc - MyCalcPPC Commodity Calc w/Source Code
qeasycalc.lhauti/sci0.1688kb11 Aug 134.1¤ QEasyCalc - Calculator with Reverse Polish notation.
qmetrics.lhauti/sci0.2.21Mb04 Aug 134.0¤ QMetrics - Qt measurement unit converter application
qonverter.lhauti/sci0.5.9+git1Mb31 Jul 134.1¤ Quonverter - Unit/currency converter and calculator
qtresistors.lhauti/sci0.147kb25 Jul 134.0¤ QTResistors - calculate resistance of resistors
rebulator.taruti/sci0.4.1360kb28 Feb 124.0¤ Rebulator - A non oop Mui Calculator
sdlcalc.lhauti/sci0.0.1462kb17 Oct 064.01¤ Sdlcalc - An advanced calculator
sdlsand.lhauti/sci124kb03 Jun 074.02¤ Sdlsand - A cool falling sand simulator toy.
stellarium.lhauti/sci0.11.445Mb31 Aug 134.1¤ Stellarium - An open source planetarium (Qt)
vizmol.lhauti/sci0.4367kb23 Jul 134.0¤ VizMol - A Simple PDB format molecule viewer using Qt/OGL
wordnet.lhauti/sci3.59Mb08 Jan 134.1¤ Wordnet - Electronic database of the English language
wwsr.lhauti/sci0.5.150kb21 Aug 124.0¤ Wwsr - USB weather station reader + Wet plugin
yacas.lhauti/sci1.2.2821kb26 Jun 104.0¤ Yacas - Yet Another Computer Algebra System
a2u.lhauti/scr1.3a6kb15 Oct 154.0¤ a2u - Converts Amiga paths to Unix paths
autocopyfile.lhauti/scr1.0155kb21 Oct 124.0¤ Autocopyfile - AutoCopyFile copy a file Library, catalog, etc
awa.lhauti/scr1.04Mb24 Apr 144.01¤ AnotherWorldAccess - Access code for amiga boot
capstestppc.lhauti/scr2.09kb10 Dec 124.01¤ Capstestppc - Reports caps lock status, useful for scripts etc.
cdop.lhauti/scr1.226kb31 Aug 104.01¤ Cdop - Close active drawer, open parent (Arexx script)
cleanname.lhauti/scr0.11kb08 Mar 154.0¤ CleanName.py - Python script to clean file and drawer names
cmg.lhauti/scr0.63kb08 Mar 154.1¤ CreateMovieGuide.py - Create an amigaguide file to play videos
cmt.lhauti/scr0.63kb08 Mar 154.0¤ Create TV Guide - Python script for creating a TV series amigaguide
cpp51_unpack_script.lhauti/scr131kb22 Sep 124.0¤ Cpp51_unpack_script - Unpack and prepares installation of envcpp51
drawerrestore.taruti/scr1230kb18 May 084.02¤ Drawerrestore - AREXX Scripts to store and restore open WBdrawers
dupdel.lhauti/scr1.12kb17 May 144.0¤ DupDel - AREXX script to delete duplicate files
duto_oscp.rexxuti/scr0.1401b30 Jan 074.04¤ Duto_oscp - open active(s) icon(s) and close parent drawer
execon.lhauti/scr1.16kb26 Jul 154.0¤ execon - A newshell alternative.
flush.lhauti/scr1.0814b04 Mar 074.02¤ Flush - Flush all memory with OS4 Final
fxstr.lhauti/scr1.110kb16 Oct 164.0¤ fxstr - Converts strings to ReadArgs format
getstack.lhauti/scr1.24kb26 Jul 154.0¤ getstack - gets the current shell stack
iffanimplay.rexxuti/scr1.0551b20 Apr 084.0¤ Iffanimplay - script arexx for play iff anim with "iffanimplay"
ltc.lhauti/scr1.13kb02 Feb 064.03¤ Ltc - Locale telephone code info for Installer scripts
pdfmaker.lhauti/scr1.061kb08 Sep 104.11¤ Pdfmaker - A blender script to make pdfs
processtorrent.lhauti/scr2.096kb19 Mar 114.11¤ Processtorrent - AREXX Script for automated Torrent downloads
reboot-sd.lhauti/scr1.045kb06 Jan 124.1¤ Reboot-sd - Reboot-Spindown-Script
rebootnow.lhauti/scr2.144kb08 Nov 154.0¤ RebootNow - Reboot / shut-down requester script for AOS4
recentdock.lhauti/scr0.50167kb26 Dec 114.0¤ Recentdock - AmiDock dock listing your most recently used docs
redethernet.raruti/scr1.2132kb23 Jun 104.03¤ Redethernet - A Dos script to manage your connections with samba
screentoback.lhauti/scr1.018kb14 Oct 064.02¤ Screentoback - A Shell command to push the frontmost screen back
searchln.lhauti/scr1.18kb27 Oct 164.0¤ searchln - A search command alternative
stringins.lhauti/scr1.17kb27 Aug 094.02¤ Stringins - Insert keypresses into the input stream
wbdelete.lhauti/scr1.112kb10 Dec 094.04¤ Wbdelete - Delete files or drawers with Delete on keyboard
acopy.lhauti/she1.077kb13 Oct 134.01¤ ACopy - Alternative "copy" and "copy as" command
allocmem.lhauti/she1.35kb17 Jun 124.02¤ Allocmem - A Shell command to reduce memory available
ami-copy.lhauti/she52.314kb18 Jul 104.02¤ Ami-copy - A "Copy" like Shell command
ami-list.lhauti/she52.03kb08 Dec 134.13¤ Ami-List - A "List" like Shell command
ami-printscreen.lhauti/she52.214kb27 Nov 104.04¤ Ami-printscreen - A Window$ like screen grabber
arequester.lhauti/she1.035kb13 Oct 134.01¤ ARequester - Creates requesters from a CLI window
aztree.lhauti/she1.128kb12 Jan 074.03¤ Aztree - Prints directory tree with subdirs and files
backupcopy.tar.gzuti/she1.05Mb05 Feb 134.0¤ Backupcopy - Copy, synchronise, mirror and archive filesystems
bck10times.lhauti/she115kb22 Jun 054.08¤ Bck10times - Backup AmigaOS4 10 times
bogo.lzxuti/she1.228kb27 May 064.05¤ Bogo - BogoMIPS - the UNIX CPU speed tester
bootvolume.lhauti/she1.23kb21 Nov 114.02¤ Bootvolume - Boot volume finder
cd-dot-dot.lhauti/she2.223kb10 Jan 114.01¤ Cd-dot-dot - Makes it possible to type CD.. or CD .. in shell
chunker.lhauti/she1.715kb06 Dec 134.02¤ Chunker - One more split/join of files
cliexchange.lhauti/she1.619kb05 Dec 154.0¤ Cliexchange - Shell equivalent to Exchange
cmp.lhauti/she1.0015kb22 Nov 084.04¤ Cmp - Replacement for the Arp command cmp
colors.lhauti/she1.0rc35kb18 Sep 164.1¤ Colors - Prints out a color table with all Console colors
copyhead.lhauti/she1.04kb04 Dec 134.03¤ CopyHead - copy n bytes from source to dest
crash.lhauti/she2.038kb14 Jun 084.0¤ Crash - Triggers Grim Reaper and/or Guru alerts
crc_tools.lzxuti/she1.037kb09 Jun 044.02¤ Crc_tools - CRC tools
d_cmd.lhauti/she2.13kb11 Feb 184.1¤ D - D is a small shell util for listing directories
delay.lhauti/she1.08kb25 Jun 064.02¤ Delay - Wait any number of ticks (1/50th sec.)
devlist.lhauti/she41.24kb28 Aug 054.05¤ Devlist - Device lister with opencnt and versions
die.lhauti/she1.01kb01 Oct 084.01¤ Die - Kill your Amiga!
dsize.lhauti/she1.010kb06 Sep 114.02¤ Dsize - 64-bit capable directory size utility
dt2iff.lhauti/she0.15kb27 Sep 064.06¤ Dt2iff - Datatype -> IFF converter
dtree.lhauti/she1.013kb12 Dec 134.01¤ Dtree - Displays tree struct of a device
echo2debug.lhauti/she1.113kb18 Nov 054.04¤ Echo2debug - Echo a string to the debug output
extraversion.lhauti/she1.2.0b8kb02 Jan 184.1¤ ExtraVersion - Finds the extra version number (and VER string)
flush.lhauti/she1.620kb16 Feb 064.03¤ Flush - Flush unused libraries,devices and fonts from RAM.
foldersync2.lhauti/sher12Mb01 Jun 164.1¤ FolderSync2 - Synchronise folders, r1 (31.05.2016)
fortune.lhauti/she1.0725kb11 Nov 144.1¤ Fortune - write random sentences in the shell like on Unix
fsay.lhauti/she1.011kb20 Oct 074.03¤ Fsay - A "Say" command for flite.device
fsl.lhauti/she2.32kb07 Aug 064.04¤ Fsl - Lists files with sizes in a easily readable format
getkickconf.lhauti/she52.217kb07 Jun 144.0¤ GetKickConf - Puts the kickstart config name in an ENV variable
getversion.lhauti/she1.130kb03 Dec 174.1¤ GetVersion - Shell/CLI cmd to show version string
gnu-sed-ss.lhauti/she4.1.4-1331kb30 Nov 054.02¤ Gnu-sed-ss - The GNU sed stream editor
gnu-sed.lhauti/she4.0.9154kb20 Oct 054.01¤ Gnu-sed - Shell based text stream editor
gsar.lhauti/she1.21109kb31 Mar 174.0¤ gsar - General Search And Replace
headtail.lhauti/she1.345kb23 Nov 054.02¤ Headtail - Show first/last n lines/chars/blocks of a file
icontypechange.lhauti/she4kb22 Jul 124.01¤ Icontypechange - A CLI command to change the type of an icon
id3point.lhauti/she1.020kb22 Mar 114.03¤ Id3point - ID3 Tagger with batch functionality
identify.lhauti/she41.15kb11 Dec 134.02¤ Idenitify - Datatype-based file identifier
itimecalc.lhauti/she1.110kb13 Sep 064.04¤ Itimecalc - Shows current Swatch Beat (Internet time) w/src
kingcon_upd.lhauti/she1.834kb18 Jan 144.03¤ Update to KingCON1.8 - Update with handler to earlier version of KingCON.
l2cache.lhauti/she1.061kb08 Dec 144.12¤ L2cache - A utility to increase performance on Sam460ex
liblist.lhauti/she41.24kb28 Aug 054.03¤ Liblist - Library lister with opencnt and versions
list68k.lhauti/she1.046kb17 Aug 044.04¤ List68k - Scans all 68k programs in the directory tree
listdyndep.lhauti/she53.25kb11 Oct 104.12¤ Listdyndep - Lists dynamic dependencies
loadlib.lhauti/she1.32kb05 Sep 154.02¤ loadlib - Load library into memory
logexec.lzxuti/she1.03kb08 Aug 154.0¤ Logexec - Executes an AmigaDOS script logging the output
loggerwindow.lhauti/she0.148kb01 Apr 084.0¤ Loggerwindow - LoggerWindow is a program to provide a logging win
makemountlist.lhauti/she1.97kb09 Oct 064.06¤ Makemountlist - Creates MountList entry for devices
marvel.lhauti/she1.16kb14 Dec 104.11¤ Marvel - A CLI-command to meddle with multi assigns
mgsplit.lhauti/she1.06kb04 Dec 134.01¤ MGSplit - one more tool to split binary files
mkpasswd.lhauti/she8kb09 Nov 054.03¤ Mkpasswd - Small program for generating 'random' passwords
mpos.lhauti/she1.003kb03 Oct 114.02¤ Mpos - Set the Mouseposition from shell
muteoutput.lhauti/she15kb08 Mar 164.01¤ muteoutput - when you can't use >NIL:
noguru.lhauti/she3.051kb16 Sep 124.1¤ Noguru - NoGuru redirects gurumediations to ringhio
nqueens.lhauti/she1.0196kb08 Feb 154.1¤ NQueens - A N Queens puzzle solver
openguide.lhauti/she1.14kb14 Jun 124.01¤ Openguide - Command to open an Amigaguide at specified node
pciscan.lhauti/she1.4141kb08 Mar 064.04¤ Pciscan - Lists, or tests for attached PCI devices
pegoff.lhauti/she1.02kb12 Sep 094.13¤ Pegoff - CLI command to power down your Pegasos II
poff.lhauti/she1.457kb29 Jun 134.11¤ Poff - Shell/WB command to turn off the SAM460/X1000
poff_deu.lhauti/she1.22kb22 Jun 134.02¤ Poff_german - German catalog files for poff
poff_swe.lhauti/she1.41kb12 Feb 154.1¤ Poff_Swe - Swedish translation of Poff
popurl.lhauti/she1.48kb17 Apr 074.08¤ Popurl - Small OS4 equivalent of OpenURL shell command
processscan.lhauti/she1.143kb19 Aug 144.1¤ ProcessScan - List processes
quickdir.lhauti/she1.110kb04 Dec 134.02¤ QuickDir - Fast dir lister
rand.lhauti/she5kb16 Jan 074.02¤ Rand - execute random commands from a file
rbase64_cmd.lhauti/she2.14kb11 Feb 184.1¤ rBase64 - Base64 encoder/decoder
rbroadcastwol_cmd.lhauti/she2.14kb11 Feb 184.1¤ rBroadcastWOL - Send out a Magic Packet to wake up a computer
rearg.lhauti/she1.04kb14 Dec 044.03¤ Rearg - Adds flexibility to Alias command
requestlist.lhauti/she1.024kb27 Jul 094.0¤ Requestlist - List options in a list from scripts
reslist.lhauti/she41.24kb28 Aug 054.04¤ Reslist - Lists all resources with address information
rhash_cmd.lhauti/she2.117kb11 Feb 184.1¤ rHash - rHash preforms hashing of files
ripconfig_cmd.lhauti/she2.14kb11 Feb 184.1¤ rIPConfig - Display info about Ethernet adapters
rrandom_cmd.lhauti/she2.13kb11 Feb 184.1¤ rRandom - 32bit Random Generator
sam440ep_setup.lhauti/she1.352kb07 Feb 124.1¤ Sam440ep_setup - A utility to optimize your Sam440ep performance
sam460ex_setup.lhauti/she1.059kb13 Jun 124.1¤ Sam460ex_setup - A utility to optimize your Sam460ex performance
sclip.lhauti/she2.08kb08 Dec 134.01¤ Clip - Manipulate the clipboard from shell
scriptmania.raruti/she1361kb22 Apr 054.05¤ Scriptmania - Shell scripts for AmigaOS 3.1 to 4.0
serialecho-src.tar.bz2uti/she50.75kb14 Feb 144.01¤ SerialEcho (Source) - Echo command that dumps output to serial (SRC)
serialecho.lhauti/she50.74kb14 Feb 144.01¤ SerialEcho - Echo command that dumps output to serial
setdefpubscreen.lhauti/she1.029kb17 Apr 084.01¤ Setdefpubscreen - CLI tool to change default public screen
showcomputer.lhauti/she1.186kb02 Dec 144.02¤ ShowComputer - Display informations about your Amiga in CLI mode
showfiles.lhauti/she0.99339kb23 Jan 184.1¤ ShowFiles (sf) - DIR command - shows a sorted & text-formatted list
snoti.lhauti/she1.020kb18 Sep 064.01¤ Snoti - Run command when files/dirs are changed (notify)
softshutdown.lhauti/she1.042kb16 Jun 134.01¤ Softshutdown - Software shutdown
sortbench.lhauti/she1.1B8kb12 Nov 164.0¤ Sortbench - a CPU benchmark that stresses CPU, DCache,Branch
start_stopp_shid.lhauti/she1.05kb06 May 054.03¤ Start_stopp_shid - Start and stopp script for shid
strlen.lhauti/she1.03kb04 May 164.1¤ strlen.lha - Shell command to return the length of a string
tasklist.lhauti/she41.15kb28 Aug 054.06¤ Tasklist - Task lister with pri, stack and versions
timer.lhauti/she1.226kb05 Aug 064.01¤ Timer - Time how long it takes to execute a command
times.lhauti/she0.217kb07 Oct 104.01¤ Times - Check offset between local time and server time
tooltype.lhauti/she1.49kb10 Dec 134.02¤ tooltype - Manages tooltypes of icon files via commandline.
verify.lhauti/she1.1131kb05 Jun 054.02¤ Verify - Scans and tests files in a directory.
waitforkey.lhauti/she1.115kb05 Oct 114.01¤ Waitforkey - wait for a key press by user - vbcc recompile
waitnotify.lhauti/she1.225kb22 Jul 094.01¤ Waitnotify - Wait for a file or directory modification
waitx.lhauti/she2.06kb05 Dec 134.01¤ WaitX - execute a command after a given time
wbclose.lhauti/she1.07kb23 Nov 054.08¤ Wbclose - Close drawers from the shell and scripts
wbopen.lhauti/she1.07kb23 Nov 054.08¤ Wbopen - Open drawers and icons from the shell and scripts
wininfo.lhauti/she1.05kb04 Dec 134.01¤ WinInfo - Get info about a windows location
winpos.lhauti/she1.045kb10 Oct 114.01¤ Winpos - Allows each window to give a different size
2pnotes.lhauti/tex2.0.5396kb28 Jul 134.0¤ 2pnotes - a password protected notebook
ctlg2ct.lhauti/tex1.1239kb19 Nov 164.0¤ CTLG2CT - Decompiles catalogs back into .ct files
fontwalker.lhauti/tex1.12Mb21 Sep 174.1¤ FontWalker - Collect and display TTF fonts
guidesearch.lhauti/tex1.05kb18 Aug 104.01¤ Guidesearch - AmigaGuide search utility
kombine.lhauti/tex2.0.1822kb12 Aug 134.0¤ Kombine - Build up words from entered random letters
largefile.lhauti/tex0.2103kb16 Dec 124.0¤ Largefile - A text viewer for LARGE files (500MB+)
qxmledit.lhauti/tex0.8.1211Mb08 Sep 144.1¤ QXmlEdit - Qt A simple XML/XSD schema editor
addmenu.lhauti/wor53.376kb19 Oct 104.05¤ Addmenu - Adds more menus to the OS4 Workbench
alignwindows.lhauti/wor1.61Mb16 Jan 124.1¤ Alignwindows - Workbench tool to stack windows
amimagicdemo.lhauti/wor0.242kb15 Jan 134.0¤ Amimagicdemo - Adds sounds to system events
amisnap.lhauti/wor1.09kb19 Mar 054.04¤ Amisnap - iconify any window on your wb!
amisnap_fx.lhauti/wor1.448kb25 Nov 084.04¤ Amisnap_fx - Iconify any window on your wb with FX
amiupdate_dan.lhauti/wor2.820kb05 Nov 164.0¤ AmiUpdate danish - Danish catalog files for AmiUpdate
amiupdate_deu.lhauti/wor2.4620kb31 Oct 164.0¤ Amiupdate deutsch - German catalog files for AmiUpdate
amiupdate_ell.lhauti/wor2.417kb26 Nov 164.1¤ Amiupdate_greek - Greek catalog files for AmiUpdate and Prefs
amiupdate_fin.lhauti/wor2.4232kb08 Nov 164.1¤ amiupdate_finnish - Finnish catalogs for AmiUpdate
amiupdate_fra.lhauti/wor2.417kb01 Nov 164.01¤ Amiupdate_french - AmiUpdate French Catalog
amiupdate_ita.lhauti/wor2.4147kb31 Oct 164.0¤ AmiUpdate italian - Italian catalog files for AmiUpdate
amiupdate_rus.lhauti/wor2.337kb14 Nov 164.1¤ amiupdate_rus - AmiUpdate Russian - Russian catalogs for AmiUpdate
amiupdate_swe.lhauti/wor2.4119kb29 Dec 164.1¤ amiupdate_swe.lha - Swedish translation of Amiupdate
amytimer.lhauti/wor1.367kb23 Nov 084.03¤ Amytimer - A countdown timer
animapoint.lhauti/wor1.093kb06 Jan 084.02¤ Animapoint - Animate your mouse pointer.
animicon.lhauti/wor1.3181kb20 Jan 144.0¤ Animicon - A animated little tool launcher
anotherwbfilter.lhauti/wor1.061kb13 Nov 074.02¤ Anotherwbfilter - Select icons with wildcards
anotice_ell.lhauti/wor2.12kb02 Feb 144.01¤ ANotice - Greek catalog file for ANotice
anotice_fra.lhauti/wor1.114kb22 Jun 074.01¤ Anotice_fr - ANotice v2.1 french catalog
anotice_lite.lhauti/wor2.12Mb13 Oct 134.01¤ ANotice Lite - Memo program for your Workbench
appmanager.lhauti/wor51.4420kb07 Dec 104.02¤ Appmanager - Application.library exchange clone
appmanager_fra.lhauti/wor1.03kb16 Dec 074.01¤ Appmanager-fr - AppManager v51.2 french catalog
assignprefs.lhauti/wor1.0557kb12 Nov 064.06¤ Assignprefs - Simplifies assigning.
assignview.lhauti/wor2.38kb02 Apr 094.05¤ Assignview - A simple tool to list all currently active Assigns
autodock.lhauti/wor1.138kb03 Jul 094.03¤ Autodock - Move AmiDock to the default pub screen automaticly
autoupdatewb.lhauti/wor51.120kb25 Jul 054.06¤ Autoupdatewb - Automatic updating of Workbench drawer windows
awin.lhauti/wor1.07kb16 Sep 104.01¤ Awin - Commoditie with emulate few win32 hotkeys/actions
babyname.lhauti/wor0.1176kb28 Jul 134.1¤ Baby Name Choser - A tool that helps you find the right baby name
backdropicons.lhauti/wor52.240kb01 Jun 074.01¤ Backdropicons - Script to make icons for wb-backdrop images
benchboards.lhauti/wor1.18Mb18 Nov 074.02¤ Benchboards - Similar to Dashboard Widgets on OSX
caboom.lhauti/wor1.539kb29 Dec 164.11¤ CaBoom OS 4 - OS 4 Port of CaBoom
cha05e90_wet_theme.lhauti/wor2.1556kb19 Dec 104.0¤ Cha05e90_wet_theme - cha05e90 Wet Theme
chronovox.lhauti/wor2.0a9Mb12 Jun 154.1¤ ChronoVox - A voice clock utility for workbench
clipit.lhauti/wor2.0264kb08 Nov 054.0¤ Clipit - ClipIt V2 GUI for clipboard.device src included
clockcalendar.lhauti/wor0.293kb28 Jul 134.1¤ ClockCalendarWidget - A QT clock/calendar widget that lives in AmiDock
clockskinsboard.lhauti/wor1.0996kb19 May 074.02¤ Clockskinsboard - Skinnable Clock for BenchBoards
cmeditor.lhauti/wor0.4b53kb22 Dec 074.04¤ Cmeditor - Context menus editor
cmeditor_ell.lhauti/wor0.4b1kb21 Nov 124.02¤ Cmeditor_greek - Greek catalog file for CMEditor
cmeditor_swe.lhauti/wor0.4b1kb13 Feb 134.03¤ Cmeditor_se - Swedish translation of CMEditor 0.4b
contextmenus_4.1fe_ita.lhauti/wor1.016kb01 Feb 154.1¤ contextmenus_4.1_ita - Italian catalog for ContextMenus
contextmenus_4.1fe_swe.lhauti/wor1.0117kb28 Jan 154.1¤ Context AOS 4.1FE - Context menus for AmigaOS 4.1FE in Swedish
contextmenus_cymraeg.ziputi/wor12kb05 Jun 104.0¤ Contextmenus_cymraeg - Context Menu file in Cymraeg (Welsh)
contextmenus_dan.lhauti/wor2kb28 Dec 114.1¤ Contextmenus-danish - Danish ContextMenus translation for AmigaOS4.1u2
contextmenus_deu.lhauti/wor1.25kb17 Nov 104.11¤ Contextmenus_ger - German translation AmigaOS4.1Upd1 Contextmenus
contextmenus_fra.ziputi/wor1.637kb18 Nov 114.02¤ Contextmenus_fr - French translation for "ContextMenus.cfg"
contextmenus_ita.lhauti/wor1.02kb17 Jan 104.15¤ Contextmenus_ita - Italian translation for AmigaOS4.1Upd1 Contextmenu
contextmenus_pol.lhauti/wor1.02kb25 Apr 104.14¤ Contextmenuspl - Polish ContextMenus translation for AmigaOS4.1u1
contextmenus_swe.lhauti/wor1.0113kb14 Aug 124.0¤ Contextmenus_se - Context Menus for AmigaOS 4.1 in Swedish
contextmenusscripts.lhauti/wor0.661kb03 Mar 084.02¤ Contextmenusscripts - Scripts and config file for ContextMenus
copyicon.lhauti/wor44.514kb06 May 074.03¤ Copyicon - Copy icon images from one icon to another
cpointer.lhauti/wor2.410kb26 Mar 124.0¤ Cpointer - Centers Mouse Pointer On Screen and more.
cpuwatcher-src.lhauti/wor0.59kb05 Oct 094.0¤ Cpuwatcher-src - Source code for CPU Watcher
cpuwatcher.lhauti/wor0.623kb04 Aug 164.1¤ CPU Watcher - Measures CPU, free memory and network traffic
daily.lhauti/wor0.5.04Mb17 Aug 134.0¤ Daily - Qt : Schedule prog with sound, command, notify
dataplace-source.lhauti/wor1.0235kb04 Sep 164.1¤ Data Place Source - Data Place source files
dataplace.lhauti/wor1.01Mb03 Sep 164.1¤ Data Place - A DBase III file viewer
depthmenu.lhauti/wor2.4391kb30 Jan 064.03¤ Depthmenu - Popup menu for depth gadgets.
digiclock.lhauti/wor1.365kb26 Feb 114.02¤ Digiclock - Clock for the Workbench titlebar
dragon.lhauti/wor0.222kb22 Aug 054.04¤ Dragon - A screen dragging hack
eastern.lhauti/wor1.739kb21 Sep 084.0¤ Eastern - Creates thumbnail icons from images on the fly
eject.lhauti/wor1.116kb09 Jul 054.05¤ Eject - Easy tool to eject/load CD-ROM or ZIP drives
envclock.lhauti/wor1.125kb25 Jul 144.0¤ EnvClock - Date/time env-var for WB titlebar
excalibur.lhauti/wor1.4,24Mb10 Aug 134.11¤ Excalibur - A workbench start menu
finder.lhauti/wor3.153kb04 Dec 134.0¤ Finder - Simple, fast, efficient file finder on MUI
flipclock.lhauti/wor53.22Mb09 Feb 134.12¤ Flipclock - Nice Weather-Flipclock for your desktop
fuelgauge.lhauti/wor2.391kb17 Feb 174.0¤ Fuelgauge - Volume gauges underneath hard drive icons
hexconverter.lhauti/wor1.012kb02 Apr 094.01¤ Hexconverter - A simple tool to convert hex values into numeric
hexview.lhauti/wor1.142kb09 Feb 064.01¤ Hexview - A utility to view a file in a hexadecimal way
hypercontrol.lhauti/wor1.0106kb29 Aug 114.01¤ Hypercontrol - Mouse gestures, wheel and double click control
jack.lhauti/wor5.24Mb17 Mar 164.1¤ Jack - A fantastic AppStore for AmigaOS
jill.lhauti/wor5.018Mb07 Nov 154.1¤ Jill - A multi-purpose utility for Workbench
lastused.lhauti/wor1.1117kb02 Dec 084.05¤ Lastused - List last used apps & docs
limpidclock.lhauti/wor1.17286kb01 Nov 064.06¤ Limpidclock - transparent clock / calendar
limpidclock_ell.lhauti/wor1.16kb24 Sep 124.0¤ Limpidclock_greek - Greek catalog file for LimpidClock
limpidclock_fra.lhauti/wor12kb01 Dec 054.0¤ Limpidclock_fr - French catalog for Limpidclock
linkmanager.lhauti/wor1.017kb15 Dec 104.03¤ Linkmanager - LinkManager
maclikedock.lhauti/wor3.22Mb01 Apr 134.1¤ Maclikedock - A Visually Impressive Program Launcher
mediarequestor.lhauti/wor0.0215kb18 Apr 064.0¤ Mediarequestor - MediaRequestor
midmouse.lhauti/worV.1.231kb15 Feb 134.19¤ Midmouse - Set the mousepointer to a given position
modicon.lhauti/wor52.424kb22 Sep 094.0¤ Modicon - Program to manipulate icons from the shell
multi_users.lhauti/wor0.93Mb26 Dec 104.0¤ Multi_users - Multiuser system for the Amiga
multiclock.lhauti/wor1.065kb05 Dec 074.01¤ Multiclock - Clock, with timer
multiuser.lhauti/wor1.0beta149kb06 Nov 084.03¤ Multiuser - Enables user have there own settings.
newshellcurrentdir.lhauti/wor1.14kb18 Jun 054.07¤ Newshellcurrentdir - New Shell in current dir
nixieclock.lhauti/wor1.42625kb12 May 054.0¤ Nixieclock - Nixie tube clock
notify.lhauti/wor0.12Mb17 Sep 134.11¤ Notify - A notifications handler or 'helper' for AmigaOS
open_parent.rexxuti/wor1408b14 Jan 074.01¤ Open_parent - close drawer, open parent, clean up, resize to fit
os4reboot.lhauti/wor0.7.236kb25 Aug 054.02¤ Os4reboot - Reboot utility for OS4
pingboing.lhauti/wor1.016kb06 Jan 084.0¤ Pingboing - Make your mouse pointer bounce
pixelruler.lhauti/wor1.051kb15 Feb 074.01¤ Pixelruler - A pixel ruler
powerselect.lhauti/wor2.095kb31 Mar 144.11¤ PowerSelect - Select icons by using a search pattern
preferences.lhauti/wor1.602Mb23 Dec 174.1¤ Preferences - Prefs window for starting different OS prefs
prefscenter.lhauti/wor1.8259kb22 Feb 174.0¤ Prefs Center - Launch prefs programs from a GUI
programlauncherppc.lhauti/wor1.0269kb01 Feb 054.01¤ Programlauncherppc - Similar to AmiDock Source inc
publist.lhauti/worv1.18kb04 Sep 154.0¤ publist - lists public screens & titles
qorganizer.lhauti/wor3.13Mb28 Jul 134.0¤ qOrganizer - Qt organizer with calendar, journal and schedule
qrule.lhauti/wor0.5b193kb10 Aug 134.1¤ QRule - A tool for measuring screen items.
quickstarter.lhauti/wor2.1325kb22 Feb 174.0¤ Quickstarter - Quick program start menu
quickstarter_ita.lhauti/wor2.0924b19 Apr 094.0¤ Quickstarter_ita - Italian catalog for QuickStarter
ramover.lhauti/wor0.330kb02 Nov 064.0¤ Ramover - Tool to move RAM disk icon to a preordained place
rememberopendrawers.lhauti/wor1.147kb03 Apr 144.0¤ Rememberopendrawers - Remembers open drawers for next startup
reorg_win.rexxuti/wor1326b06 Jan 074.01¤ Reorg_win - cleanup by column & resize to fit & snapshot win
repetitaiuvant.lhauti/wor1.02Mb02 Jun 174.01¤ Repetita Iuvant - Cycles messages in a window periodically
runicon.lhauti/wor53.125kb22 Sep 094.12¤ Runicon - Utility to run programs on workbench files.
saveramdisk.lhauti/wor1.019kb04 Nov 044.03¤ Saveramdisk - Save the fixed Position of the RamDisk
screenmonitor.lhauti/wor1.379kb14 Jan 084.0¤ Screenmonitor - Public screen monitoring utility
screenrotate.lhauti/wor1.05kb06 Nov 044.02¤ Screenrotate - Rotate Intuition Screens w/A1 & PC Keyboard
screenselect.lhauti/wor1.0748kb03 May 074.01¤ Screenselect - A Screen Switcher Based on Mason's Mock Up
screenswitch.lhauti/wor51.6118kb13 Nov 044.01¤ Screenswitch - A small utility to make switching screens easier
screenthumbs.lhauti/wor1.963kb31 Oct 114.0¤ Screenthumbs - Screen thumbnails
scriptlauncher.lhauti/wor1.256kb17 Jun 094.01¤ Scriptlauncher - A very configurable button-based program launcher
scripts.lhauti/wor1.07Mb07 May 144.1¤ Scripts - Workbench menu for launching scripts
skinnableclock.lhauti/wor2.02Mb17 Jul 104.02¤ Skinnableclock - A Skinnable Clock for Your Workbench
smarthome_chapter_001.lhauti/wor1.02Mb11 May 154.0¤ SmartHome - Amiga Kurs Chapter 001
ssdr.lhauti/wor53.11222kb31 Jan 144.1¤ Ssdr - Screen Switching Done Right
stardockbig.lhauti/wor1.12Mb21 Oct 104.0¤ Stardockbig - Wet StardockBIG Theme
startupmanager.lhauti/wor53.348kb16 Sep 084.0¤ Startupmanager - Allows proper control of startup modules
strbackdrop.lhauti/wor1.0.188kb23 Feb 054.02¤ Strbackdrop - Random Workbench Backdrop Changer
switcher3d.lhauti/wor4.177kb06 Apr 124.08¤ Switcher3d - Window and screen switcher
sysmon_ell.lhauti/wor2.07kb26 Sep 124.1¤ Sysmon_greek - Greek locale catalog for SysMon
tankampel.lhauti/wor1.01Mb08 Mar 124.01¤ Tankampel - tankampel
taskview.lhauti/wor0.419kb13 Mar 124.1¤ Taskview - View currently running tasks
the2.lhauti/wor2.2121kb04 Jan 134.1¤ The2 - Tools Menu and Hotkey Editor (T.H.E. 2)
themesaver.lhauti/wor1.1b891kb09 Aug 064.02¤ Themesaver - Save and recall your Workbench themes easily
titlebarclock.lhauti/wor1.968kb04 Dec 154.0¤ Titlebarclock - Small clock (for WB titlebar)
titleclock.lhauti/wor1.27kb14 Dec 044.05¤ Titleclock - Display the date and time in the WB title
tooltypeseditorppc.lhauti/wor2.179kb01 Feb 054.0¤ Tooltypeseditorppc - Edit Icon ToolTypes
users_and_groups.lhauti/wor1.255kb24 Dec 084.01¤ Users_and_groups - users and groups config tool
viewbox.lhauti/wor1.11Mb27 Apr 144.1¤ ViewBox - Essential WB picture viewer
wally.lhauti/wor2.4.33Mb03 Jul 134.1¤ Wally - The one and only wallpaper changer for Qt4
wbcopynpaste.lhauti/wor1.02kb06 Dec 094.0¤ Wbcopynpaste - Copy files in WB with Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V
wbkillwin.lhauti/wor1.017kb23 Jan 124.0¤ Wbkillwin - An interactive program to kill windows
wbmakelink.lhauti/wor2.640kb11 Dec 114.0¤ Wbmakelink - A tool to make links all over your volumes.
wbpreview.lhauti/wor1.554kb05 Feb 094.02¤ Wbpreview - Preview feature for Workbench
wbtitlebar.lhauti/wor1.018kb02 Dec 054.01¤ Wbtitlebar - Switch the workbench titlebar On/Off
wbtofront.lhauti/wor1.0144kb10 Dec 084.04¤ Wbtofront - Workbench to Front
wet.lhauti/wor6.12Mb23 Dec 104.01¤ Wet - Weather conditions on WB, AppIcon, Docky
wet_update.lhauti/wor6.5398kb04 Aug 164.0¤ Wet_update - Wet weather software v6.5 patch
wex_ita.lhauti/wor1.015kb10 May 174.03¤ WEX_ita - italian catalog for WorkbenchExplorer
wheelrun.lhauti/wor1.02Mb10 Mar 164.1¤ WheelRun - another program launcher written in Hollywood
windowthumbs.lhauti/wor2.3144kb31 Oct 114.0¤ Windowthumbs - Window thumbnails with LALT+TAB
zdr.lhauti/wor53.11223kb31 Jan 144.1¤ Zooming Done Right - Zooming utility
zoclock.lhauti/wor1.2.0145kb01 Aug 134.0¤ ZOClock - Qt binary clock for geeks
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