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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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32bitpointers.lha5kb27 Dec 064.08¤ 32bitpointers - 32 bit PNG Pointers for OS4 Final
a1x1000_wp.lha3Mb10 Dec 104.05¤ A1x1000_wp - Wallpapers for A1X1000
acidwarp.lha4.10711kb19 Feb 214.11¤ Acidwarp - Eye candy program which displays various patterns
agg2demos.lha2.48Mb22 May 064.04¤ Agg2demos - Anti-Grain Geometry Demos with SVG viewer
ahiw-animator.lha1.002Mb06 Mar 154.07¤ AHIW Animator - A gif and apng animation program
aifxjpegload.lha1.366kb09 Oct 054.018¤ Aifxjpegload - 0S4 Native Jpeg Loader For ImageFX
ale.lha0.9.0.39Mb31 Aug 104.05¤ Ale - Image processor accepting multiple inputs
alfonted.lha1.19b732kb13 Jun 094.08¤ Alfonted - A nice bitmap font editor
amigo1_bp.lha0,5329kb07 Mar 074.08¤ Amigo1_bp - Comic style busy pointers
amiscratch.lha2.0640kb28 May 124.06¤ Amiscratch - scratch picture to see what hides under!
amishots.lha0.1.4a91kb18 Dec 044.09¤ Amishots - AMIShots for Amiga. An Amiga clone of Webshots
animwebconverter.lha6.003Mb14 Nov 234.0¤ AnimWebConverter - A tool to play and convert animation files
anotheribtoolbar.lha137kb11 May 054.07¤ Anotheribtoolbar - A combination of "ibtoolbar.lha" and "ibtheme.lha"
asciimandelbrot.lha2.4204kb15 May 204.01¤ AsciiMandelbrot - Bench a Mandelbrot set in a console w/o Altivec
astro2.lha1.0754kb01 Jan 144.07¤ Astro_Wallpaper - Astrowallpaper in 16:9 Resolutions
bdancer.lhar2345kb19 Oct 054.09¤ Bdancer - Make dancing images
bi.lha55kb28 May 124.111¤ Bi - Alternative boot picture for Sam440ep
big_os4pointer.zip1.0315b16 Jun 044.010¤ Big_os4pointer - Big OS 4.x Pointer
blueline.lha90kb27 Jan 074.09¤ Blueline - PNG Pointer & IB-Navigation Set
busybee.lha35kb20 Jan 074.012¤ Busybee - PNG Pointer
cgxbenchmark.lha1.326kb13 Dec 074.06¤ Cgxbenchmark - Simple CyberGrphX/Picasso96 benchmark
colorpicker.lha1.0185kb08 Sep 144.06¤ ColorPicker - Qt : Color wheel widget and dialog
colortool.lha1.0372kb24 Jul 134.18¤ colortool - Converting colors between different color models
computerfun-pps.lha8Mb03 Apr 074.05¤ Computerfun-pps - Presentation with sound from Machinae Suprema
computerfun2.lha27Mb05 Apr 074.06¤ Computerfun2 - Computer-Fun Part two
crapgamesvol12.lha2Mb11 Jan 094.05¤ Crapgamesvol12 - Crap Games Vol.12 (AGSD, Moonlander, R. Machine)
crono.lha2.24Mb25 May 224.11¤ Crono - Generator of printable calendars
crystalcursors.lha245kb28 Dec 064.07¤ Crystalcursors - Crystal Cursors for OS4 Final
cyberos4.lha94kb26 Sep 044.010¤ Cyberos4 - Mandelbrot generator
djnick-hd_wallpapers_01.zip1.120Mb14 Apr 134.06¤ Djnick-hd_wallpapers_01 - HD WallPapers pack 01 by djnick deetronic
djnick-hd_wallpapers_02.zip1.06Mb10 Jun 134.07¤ Djnick-hd_wallpapers_02 - 2 HD Alien Wallpapers in 6 resolutions each by Nyk
exrtools.lha1.1603kb27 Jul 164.07¤ EXRTools - Tools to convert OpenEXR to SketchBlock
flashmandelng.lha4.935Mb22 Nov 234.1¤ FlashMandelNG - Mandelbrot & Julia fractals for OS4 Amiga
fp_skin.lha1.2100kb06 Jan 074.011¤ Fp_skin - Frying Pan Skin
fracplanet.lha0.4.0874kb31 Jul 134.16¤ FracPlanet - Random planet generator (beta port)
fractal.lha0.11235kb02 May 074.08¤ Fractal - A fractal explorer.
fractalnova.lha1.0102kb09 May 214.1¤ Fractal Nova - Calculates the Mandelbrot set using GPU
fractalvoyager.lha1.12Mb03 Oct 204.0¤ Fractal Voyager - Fractal generator for educational purposes
frankdrops.lha1.07Mb23 Apr 124.15¤ Frankdrops - AmigaOS 4.1 System Backdrops
funintgra.lha1Mb10 Jan 094.06¤ Funintgra - A cool graphics toy that renders nice images
getpixel.lha1.102Mb09 May 164.15¤ GetPixel - Get hexadecimal colour of a pixel on the screen
grab.lha1.431kb14 Apr 234.0¤ Grab - Simple to use screen grabber
ibtoolbar.lha13kb19 Oct 044.010¤ Ibtoolbar - New IBrowse toolbar based on PNG icons
ibtoolbar_mc1.lha22kb26 Jan 074.09¤ Ibtoolbar_mc1 - mc1 PNG-Navigation Toolbar for IBrowse
ibtoolbar_nf.lha13kb03 Jan 074.09¤ Ibtoolbar_nf - ibtoolbar.lha without the frame.
ifx45install.lha1.0223kb10 May 114.010¤ Ifx45install - ImageFX 4.5 CDROM Installer for OS4.x
image2raw.lha283kb21 Aug 064.06¤ Image2raw - Converts jpg, png and bmp to RAW64 format.
jhead.lha2.90156kb19 Sep 104.011¤ Jhead - Exif Jpeg header manipulation tool
jpeginfo.lha1.6.0127kb04 Jan 074.06¤ Jpeginfo - prints information and tests JPEG/JFIF files
jpegxinfo.lha1.111kb02 Jan 064.09¤ Jpegxinfo - Drag'n'drop JPEG Exif viewer (jhead GUI)
kipfractal.lhabeta142kb13 Jun 094.08¤ Kipfractal - a fractal explorer
lsystem.lha157kb03 Sep 084.08¤ Lsystem - A L-System fractal generator
netbrush.lha0.1.01Mb30 Oct 064.06¤ Netbrush - Paint images together with friends over internet!
optipng.lha0.5.5162kb14 Mar 074.07¤ Optipng - Advanced PNG optimizer
os1.3pointers.lha1.184kb03 Apr 054.09¤ Os1 - more os1.3 style mouse pointers for OS4
patchcompositetags.lha1.35114kb10 Mar 194.03¤ PatchCompositeTags - Patch and emulate CompositeTags
pencil.lha0.4b732kb03 Jul 134.18¤ Pencil - Simple animation editor for Qt
petlp.lha1.1103kb22 Aug 114.08¤ Petlp - Commodore Matrix Printer Emulator
pintorweb.lha4.0015Mb01 Dec 234.0¤ Pintor Web - An easy program to handling pictures
pm_wallpaper_01.lha1389kb21 Dec 074.06¤ Pm_wallpaper_01 - Christmas and new year backdrop
pm_wallpaper_02.lha1245kb23 Dec 084.05¤ Pm_wallpaper_02 - Christmas backdrop
pointerone.lha0.12kb19 Jan 074.010¤ Pointerone - png-Pointer
qstrange.lha54kb11 Aug 134.18¤ QStrange - Qt Strange Attractor Function visualizer.
rcube.lha2.116kb11 Feb 184.19¤ rCube - Showing a moving GLCube
reddypointer.lha0.254kb23 Jan 074.08¤ Reddypointer - 32-bit pointer based on the default pointer
rnoslides.lha1.05Mb14 Sep 234.1¤ RNOSlides - Slideshow video creator and player
sgrab.lha1.29322kb24 Dec 064.011¤ Sgrab - Screen grabber with GUI
sgrab_fra.lha2.514kb28 Aug 104.010¤ Sgrab_fr - SGrab : new french catalog
silkraw.lha2.02Mb01 Jul 234.1¤ SilkRAW - GUI for Dave Coffin's program dcRAW
snapit_ell.lha1.32kb31 Jan 144.18¤ SnapIT_ell - Greek catalog file for SnapIT
snapshoter.lha1.89Mb24 Mar 154.05¤ Snapshoter - Clipboard manager, collage maker and more
snowflakes.lha1.014kb09 Dec 084.012¤ Snowflakes - Snowflakes falling on your WB!
starboxdemo.lha1.0665kb07 Feb 174.17¤ starboxdemo - Space demo/benchmark thing for Warp3D Nova.
starmap.lha126kb24 Oct 064.028¤ Starmap - A strange but cool fractal program
terrain.lha24kb28 Nov 094.07¤ Terrain - a small landscape generator/toy
tipografia.lha1.23Mb30 Dec 224.0¤ Tipografia - Generator of printable signs using TrueType symbol
topaz-a500.lha1.12kb20 Oct 084.09¤ Topaz-a500 - The A500 version of Topaz for Hi-Res screens.
traypointer.lha7kb24 Jan 074.011¤ Traypointer - Highcolor raytraced Mousepointer
tronwp.zip13Mb14 Nov 114.06¤ Tronwp - Amiga Tron Style Wallpapers
winpointers.lha1.148kb30 Oct 164.16¤ Win Pointers - Set of 32-bit PNG pointers based on Windows XP
zeespace.lha0.1328kb24 Sep 064.09¤ Zeespace - Play around with some heightfields, bumpmapping.
zoomit.lha1.3152kb07 Sep 134.08¤ ZoomIT - A simple MUI-based magnify/zoom-application
zoomit_ita.lha1.34kb07 Sep 134.08¤ ZoomIT italian - Italian catalog file for ZoomIT
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