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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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abe.lha1.03Mb28 Dec 084.01¤ Abe - Abe's Amazing Advanture, a platform game.
abusimpeldx.lha3Mb27 Feb 084.01¤ Abusimpeldx - 'Abu Simbel Profanation Deluxe' - a platformer.
afroggame_demo.lha1.011Mb16 Mar 154.0¤ A Frog Game (Demo) - Catch flies !
alex4.lha1.0805kb29 Dec 084.01¤ Alex4 - Alex the Allegator 4
amphetamine.lha0.8.10b1Mb05 Dec 054.05¤ Amphetamine - Plattform game with puzzles.
asylum.lha2Mb26 Jun 094.01¤ Asylum - A platform game.
barbiesha.lha3Mb19 Aug 104.11¤ Barbiesha - Barbie Seahorse Adventure - a very good platformer
becher_rescue.lha1.08Mb16 Apr 104.1¤ Becher_rescue - Becher Rescue, the openGL clone of Golden Axe
beer.lha1.02Mb25 Jun 144.01¤ BeerInvadurst! - get some beer!
beret.lha1.2.144Mb20 Jan 184.1¤ Beret - puzzle platformer about a scientist
blaster.lha1.04Mb24 May 054.01¤ Blaster - Blaster - Impossible misson type of game (SDL)
blinkensisters-addons.lha0.5.456Mb30 Jul 144.0¤ BlinkenSisters - Addons pack
blinkensisters.lha0.5.442Mb30 Jul 144.0¤ BlinkenSisters - Hunt For The Lost Pixels (Jump 'n' Run)
blobwars.lha2.0068Mb14 Dec 174.1¤ BlobWars - Metal Blob Solid
blobwars_upd.lha0.98.1981kb01 Dec 044.02¤ Blobwars_upd - SDL platform shoot'em up (Update 0.96.2 -> 0.98.1)
bubbman.lha594kb21 Aug 104.11¤ Bubbman - A nice but short oldskool gameboy style platformer
cadog_adventures.lha1.0110Mb11 Apr 104.0¤ Cadog_adventures - Very nice jump-and-run opengl game
edgar.lha1.2797Mb14 Dec 174.1¤ Edgar - The Legend of Edgar
freeprince.lha0.4cvs610kb18 Dec 054.04¤ Freeprince - Prince of Persia Engine
frogatto.lha1.2.21168Mb08 Aug 144.1¤ Frogatto - Frogatto & Friends is an old-school 2D platformer
gg-bonusgame.lha2.0788kb14 Aug 094.0¤ Gg-bonusgame - Bonus game from Global Gladiators
ggr.lha1.15Mb13 Jun 094.11¤ Ggr - Ghouls 'n' Ghosts Remix
gianas-return.lha1.108Mb29 Dec 144.0¤ Giana's Return - The Great Giana Sisters remake
giddy3.lha1.44Mb02 May 094.1¤ Giddy3 - Great platform game
gravitation.lha3765kb21 Mar 084.01¤ Gravitation - A very original and nice game about gravity
help_my_cat.lha6Mb25 May 154.0¤ Help My Cat! - A Platform puzzle adventure
holotzcastle.lha1.3.144Mb17 Jul 104.1¤ Holotzcastle - A nice oldskool opengl platformer
jetpack.lha0.2.52Mb04 Jun 054.0¤ Jetpack - Remake of the classic Spectrum game (SDL)
jumpaction.lha2Mb22 Jun 084.0¤ Jumpaction - A semi-cute japanese mario style platformer.
jumpnbump.lha1.504Mb19 Dec 054.01¤ Jumpnbump - SDL game
lunaroid.lha407kb18 Aug 104.1¤ Lunaroid - A Metroid clone
mazeofgalious.lha0.6331Mb14 Jun 084.0¤ Mazeofgalious - A top ranking remake of Maze of Galious!
meandmyshadow.lha0.419Mb09 Aug 144.1¤ Me and My Shadow - Me and My Shadow is a free libre puzzle/platform g
minislug.lha2.0.0.048Mb19 Dec 154.01¤ MiniSlug - Mini Metal Slug Project
mogsrc.lha0.63154kb20 Jul 084.0¤ Mogsrc - Maze of Galious Source (No data files).
moleinvasion.lha0.377Mb11 Jun 084.0¤ Moleinvasion - A so-so platformer, similiar to Super Tux.
moleinvsrc.lha0.365kb20 Jul 084.01¤ Moleinvsrc - Mole Invasion Source
montymole.lhaCVSBeta2Mb26 Oct 054.01¤ Montymole - Monty Mole The Remake
netrok.lha0.95825kb16 Nov 054.02¤ Netrok - Mario Bros type of game but with new ideas
nickyboum.lha0.2.02Mb06 Jun 164.1¤ Nickyboum - A cross-platform engine for the Nicky Boum games
openjazz.lhar1481Mb27 May 124.11¤ Openjazz - A Jazz Jack Rabbit interpreter
opensonic.lha0.1.14Mb29 Nov 094.1¤ Opensonic - Open-source game based on the legendary Sonic game
pachielmarciano.lha03-29-043Mb28 Oct 054.01¤ Pachielmarciano - Very cool 80's plattform romp ala JetSetWilly1/2
pig.lha1.01Mb06 May 054.0¤ Pig - Retro style platform game.
primateplunge.lha6Mb21 Sep 064.0¤ Primateplunge - A very beautiful and funny platform game!
project-smc.lha1.0.146Mb11 Oct 104.01¤ Project-smc - Secret Maryo Chronicles OS4
retrobattle.lha1.010Mb14 Jun 104.1¤ Retrobattle - Arcade game that mixes various oldschool concepts
santasmonstershootout.lha1.035Mb16 Mar 154.0¤ S. Monster Shootout - A Christmas game
sdljump.lha1.0.08Mb11 Oct 064.0¤ Sdljump - A Platform game, that is a clone of Xjump
smb_sdl2.lhaSep2017818kb12 Sep 174.1¤ Super Methane Bros - SDL2 conversion of SMB
smclone.lha0.93.23Mb26 Oct 044.02¤ Smclone - Super Mario Clone FX (SDL)
sqrxz.lha0.9.9.62Mb25 Oct 154.0¤ Sqrxz - Hard, Harder, Sqrxz - Better play golf!
sqrxz2.lha1.101Mb01 Feb 164.0¤ Sqrxz 2 - Hard, Harder, Sqrxz - Better play golf!
sqrxz3.lha1.052Mb25 Oct 154.0¤ Sqrxz 3 - Hard, Harder, Sqrxz - Better play golf!
sqrxz4.lha1.002Mb25 Oct 154.0¤ Sqrxz 4 - Hard, Harder, Sqrxz - Better play golf!
supermariowar.lha1.818Mb23 Aug 144.0¤ Super Mario War - Super Mario War a VERY good multiplaye game!
supermethanebros-src.lha1.4.72Mb11 Sep 084.0¤ Supermethanebros-src - Super Methane Bros (Source)
supermethanebros.lha1.4.7801kb11 Sep 084.0¤ Supermethanebros - Super Methane Bros
supertux.lha0.1.39Mb13 Oct 104.1¤ Supertux - SDL platform jump 'n run like Giana Sisters/Mario
syobonaction.lharc28Mb18 Sep 104.0¤ Syobonaction - Open Syobon Action
whichwayisup.lha2Mb23 Aug 104.1¤ Whichwayisup - A nice platform game.
winterjumper.lhaEarly194kb19 Nov 064.01¤ Winterjumper - A Giana Sisters remake
xrick.lha2Mb31 Oct 044.02¤ Xrick - A Rick Dangerous clone
zoidsquest.lha0.0.16Mb03 Nov 064.02¤ Zoidsquest - A platform game starring Zoid
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