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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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agility.lha1.1.1381kb02 Oct 064.03¤ Agility - AGT/AGX game interpreter
amicraftnova.lha1.0.33Mb06 Oct 164.13¤ AmiCraftNova - Minecraft style game for Warp3D Nova
amicygnix-games-src.lha1.03Mb02 Aug 094.02¤ Amicygnix-games-src - Sources of the games package for AmiCygnix
amicygnix-games.lha1.048Mb02 Aug 094.02¤ Amicygnix-games - A games collection for AmiCygnix
asciiportal.lha1.2a11Mb25 Nov 094.03¤ Asciiportal - a Portal clone, original, funny, nice music.
askmeup_demo.lha3.4.021Mb25 Jun 184.1¤ Askmeup_Demo - A video game about general knowledge (free demo)
awaker.lha1.08Mb21 Mar 094.02¤ Awaker - A Tiny game
bageln.lha1.22Mb13 Nov 144.02¤ Bageln - a small numbers game
bjldump.lha0.3.030kb21 Jan 064.04¤ Bjldump - Dump Bombjack levels (arcade ROM dumps)
bowlingexample.lha1.088kb27 Oct 104.13¤ Bowlingexample - Simple bowling example for Blender GE
codewar.lha1.65251kb11 Sep 174.04¤ CodeWar - CRobots-style programming game
convey.lha1.3569kb05 Nov 064.02¤ Convey - Collect all blue blobs and cross the finish line!
conways.lha9kb13 Jun 094.04¤ Conways - Conway's way of life - with gui + etc
crapgamesvol1.lha1.05Mb04 Nov 064.02¤ Crapgamesvol1 - Crap Games Vol.1 (UFO, Paratim, Tux Learn notes)
crapgamesvol10.lha2Mb10 Jan 094.03¤ Crapgamesvol10 - Crap Games Vol.10(I. Castle, T. Tetris, Tuxblox)
crapgamesvol11.lha579kb10 Jan 094.03¤ Crapgamesvol11 - Crap Games Vol.11 (Flash Flood, NGHJ, SSG)
crapgamesvol13.lha1.07Mb10 May 094.02¤ Crapgamesvol13 - Crap Games Vol.13 (Enemy Lines 1, 2 and 4)
crapgamesvol14.lha1.010Mb10 May 094.02¤ Crapgamesvol14 - Crap Games Vol.14 (Enemy Lines 5, 6 and 7)
crapgamesvol15.lha1.0672kb13 Jun 094.03¤ Crapgamesvol15 - Crap Games Vol.15 (Auto, Ind. Day, Batafaje)
crapgamesvol16.lha1.0792kb13 Jun 094.02¤ Crapgamesvol16 - Crap Games Vol.16 (Sopwith, Pickin Sticks, Barney)
crapgamesvol17.lha1.01Mb13 Jun 094.02¤ Crapgamesvol17 - Crap Games Vol.17 (S.Cobra, Megamania , UFO Watch)
crapgamesvol18.lha1.0698kb16 Jun 094.03¤ Crapgamesvol18 - Crap Games Vol.18 (L.balls, P.Fighter, Spaceships)
crapgamesvol19.lha1.01019kb16 Jun 094.02¤ Crapgamesvol19 - Crap Games Vol.19 (Quack, Octi, Razor - GTF)
crapgamesvol2.lha1.02Mb04 Nov 064.02¤ Crapgamesvol2 - Crap Games Vol.2 (Minas, Space Rider, 2 Minutes..)
crapgamesvol20.lha5Mb15 Jul 104.02¤ Crapgamesvol20 - Crap Games Vol.20 (Quadnut, RestaZero,Too Many..)
crapgamesvol21.lha2Mb02 Aug 104.03¤ Crapgamesvol21 - Crap Games Vol.21(Crazee Spod, Inbedia, Tombstone)
crapgamesvol3.lha1.05Mb09 Apr 074.02¤ Crapgamesvol3 - Crap Games Vol.3 (Chanta, MicroRacers, RPong)
crapgamesvol4.lha1.03Mb11 Sep 074.03¤ Crapgamesvol4 - Crap Games Vol.4 (Black Star, PentagoSDL, Tennix)
crapgamesvol5.lha1.01Mb16 Oct 074.02¤ Crapgamesvol5 - Crap Games Vol.5 (Bombman, Sh. Pong, Tileminator)
crapgamesvol6.lha1.02Mb02 Jun 084.02¤ Crapgamesvol6 - Crap Games Vol.6 (Batrachians, FreeCell, Ships)
crapgamesvol7.lha1.02Mb09 Jul 084.02¤ Crapgamesvol7 - Crap Games Vol.7 (Double Dash, Snake, Snoopy)
crapgamesvol8.lha1.06Mb17 Aug 084.02¤ Crapgamesvol8 - Crap Games Vol.8 (PCMaziacs, Sets, Slime Volley)
crapgamesvol9.lha1.03Mb19 Aug 084.02¤ Crapgamesvol9 - Crap Games Vol.9 (Combinations, T2RS, Tetricrisis)
curlian.lha133kb11 Jan 094.05¤ Curlian - a game of stars and orbits
deadlycobra.lha0.7.06Mb10 Aug 064.02¤ Deadlycobra - Snake with a twist.
digger.lhaJP201402132Mb20 Mar 144.13¤ Digger Remastered - Classic arcade game
diskwar.lha1.0205kb06 Dec 054.05¤ Diskwar - Strange tennis type of a game.
dumbbell.lha1.4146kb15 Dec 054.03¤ Dumbbell - some type of a snake game
dzip.lha2.9216kb19 Feb 074.03¤ Dzip - (de)compresses NetQuake demo (.dem) files
ejourney.zip9kb14 Apr 064.06¤ Ejourney - Einstein's Journey - Freespace I Mission
eversion.lha0.1.0694kb05 Nov 064.02¤ Eversion - A 2D tile-based cross-platform RPG engine.
fop.lha0.5alpha717kb20 May 094.02¤ Fop - Fight or perish
fourbuttons.lha1.06Mb20 Sep 184.0¤ Four buttons - Simple game in OpenGL
fred.lha0.1.1917kb18 Nov 054.03¤ Fred - Remake of the old game Parachute.
frotz.lha2.41529kb06 Nov 064.02¤ Frotz - Infocom game interpreter
gluxle.lha0.3.0563kb10 Nov 064.04¤ Gluxle - An interpreter for text adventure games
inutilis-inga.lha1.122Mb23 Mar 154.02¤ Inutilis - Inga - Editor for Point'n'Click Adventures
late.lha1.02Mb20 Nov 054.06¤ Late - An Qix/Styx/Barrack clone
linuxlunarlander.lha1.5R1773kb24 Nov 054.05¤ Linuxlunarlander - Land Your Lunar
linuxshuttlelander.lha1.2R11Mb24 Nov 054.05¤ Linuxshuttlelander - Land Your Space Shuttle!
lookingforxmas.lha1.04Mb26 Nov 114.02¤ Lookingforxmas - A Christmas finding game :)
madbomber.lha0.2.53Mb28 May 054.02¤ Madbomber - A clone of a classic Atari 2600 game 'Kaboom!'
magx.lha0.65865kb29 Sep 064.02¤ Magx - A text adventure compiler
marinerescue.lha6Mb18 Aug 104.12¤ Marinerescue - rescue the divers, shoot the sharks!
melite.lha543kb25 Aug 134.12¤ mELITE - A remake of the classic Amiga game Elite
memory_test.lhaV1.01Mb09 May 104.02¤ Memory_test - Can you remember sequences ?
metapacman.lha1.04Mb21 May 094.02¤ Metapacman - Another Pacman game
missdriller.lha0.51Mb03 Dec 054.07¤ Missdriller - A remake of the classic Namco game MrDriller
missdrillerxtrem.lha1.28Mb28 Sep 094.02¤ Missdrillerxtrem - A New Mr Driller clone in SDL
monkey.lha0.1280kb26 Nov 064.03¤ Monkey - A cute little Marble Madness / Monkey Ballish game
munchman.lha1.1214kb27 Oct 054.05¤ Munchman - PacMan Clone
neverball-bin.lha1.5.447Mb04 Oct 124.12¤ Neverball-bin - Neverball / Neverputt (Ball games)
neverball-src.lha1.5.427Mb04 Oct 124.02¤ Neverball-src - Source for Neverball / Neverputt (Ball games)
opengf.lhaRC21.28Mb09 Apr 094.02¤ Opengf - Music learning game
pacman05.lha1.0.6904kb27 Feb 064.04¤ Pacman05 - PacMan 05
pajatso.lha1.073kb02 Sep 084.07¤ Pajatso - Payazzo (slot machine game)
passage.lha3752kb21 Mar 084.02¤ Passage - A beautiful game about life
pengswim.lha0.3.01Mb29 Nov 054.04¤ Pengswim - Small game where u swim and eat fish (sport?)
pubtrivia.zip2.02Mb10 Jul 114.03¤ Pubtrivia - Answer thousands of trivia questions
qlife.lha1.1221kb28 Jul 134.13¤ QLife - Qt game of life
qwdtools.lha0.02107kb19 Feb 074.03¤ Qwdtools - Convert QuakeWorld .qwd demo files to .mvd
refrax.lha2Mb05 Nov 064.02¤ Refrax - A beautiful, different and funny multiplayer game!
robotescape.lha1.01992kb20 Oct 054.03¤ Robotescape - Strange and orginal maze think and shoot game
sdlzombies.lha3Mb22 Sep 054.03¤ Sdlzombies - Lure the baddies into holes
seeker.lha1.02Mb10 Sep 114.02¤ Seeker - A "Beat the Seeker" Game
sheep.lha559kb26 Jun 094.12¤ Sheep - A strange multiplayer game.
snakee.lha0.271kb05 Feb 094.03¤ Snakee - A MUI-based worm game including source
spout.lha1.3189kb22 Nov 054.05¤ Spout - an abstract caveflier , obscure as it can get.
starsmap.lha1.06Mb05 May 174.12¤ Stars Map - Wordguess: Hungarian and Latin names of stars sign
stransball2.lha1.51Mb04 Oct 054.02¤ Stransball2 - Super Transball 2 - gravity flier similar Thrust
tactictowers.lha3.0131kb05 Jan 054.03¤ Tactictowers - Sort the tower before the other player does.
textelite.lha1.129kb05 Nov 064.05¤ Textelite - Text version of space trading game Elite
tiltnrolldemo-src.lhaDemo1Mb04 Sep 084.12¤ Tiltnrolldemo-src - Tilt 'n' Roll a (Source archive)
tiltnrolldemo.lhaDemo3Mb04 Sep 084.12¤ Tiltnrolldemo - Tilt 'n' Roll a game similiar to Rock'n'Roll
towertoppler.lha1.1.62Mb29 Oct 144.02¤ Tower Toppler - Remake of the old classic Nebulous (Hewson)
trailblazer.lha0.9171kb22 Sep 054.04¤ Trailblazer - Traliblazer OS4
tree.lha0.603Mb23 Dec 064.02¤ Tree - Spot wishes you a merry x-mas w/ 'Christmas Tree'
tsim.lha459kb06 Sep 084.14¤ Tsim - a helicopter simulator.
uqm-src.lha0.7.0r22Mb14 Mar 134.12¤ Uqm-src - Source for Ur-Quan Masters port
uqm.lha0.7.02Mb13 Mar 134.12¤ Uqm - Port of Ur-Quan Masters
wadext.lha2.0.1.048kb29 Sep 064.03¤ Wadext - dump the lumps of a wad to files
walls.lha1Mb10 Feb 094.02¤ Walls - a remarkably simple and addictive game
wbrps.lha1.0934kb07 Jan 104.03¤ Wbrps - wbRPS (Workbench Rock, Paper, Scissors)
whobecomesamigaguru.lha1.223Mb14 Feb 154.12¤ WhoBecomesAmigaGuru - Game about a fictitious tv show
wormux.lha0.7.432Mb05 Nov 064.03¤ Wormux - A Worms Clone
xbill.lha2.1187kb07 Jan 054.06¤ Xbill - Port of XBill v2.1 for AmigaOS4
yasfcave.lha1.0378kb04 Dec 054.010¤ Yasfcave - obscure CaveFlyer
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