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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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abbayedesmorts.lha2.2558kb04 May 154.010¤ Abbaye des Morts - An old school game like Ghost'n Goblins
abuse.lha0.7.1-R27Mb11 Jul 094.020¤ Abuse - A very good run 'n' gun game! A Classic!
abusesrc.lha0.7.1964kb09 Jul 094.012¤ Abusesrc - Abuse - Source archive
afternoonst.lha619kb20 Nov 074.033¤ Afternoonst - Afternoon Stalker a clone of Midnight Stalker
airseabattle.lha0.41Mb17 Nov 054.011¤ Airseabattle - Shoot down the airplanes with your brand new tanx!
airstrike.lhapre6a3Mb10 Feb 134.19¤ Airstrike - 2D biplane dogfight game
alien_breed_wii.lharev15Mb04 Nov 104.18¤ Alien_breed_wii - Alien Breed open-source realisation on python/sdl
alienpool.lha0.2.06Mb05 Dec 054.015¤ Alienpool - Strange asteroids clone with lots of new ideas
aliens.lha1.0.2808kb06 May 054.014¤ Aliens - A silly little invading aliens type game.
ambassadorop.lha173kb29 Oct 074.011¤ Ambassadorop - An NCurses based game called 'Ambassador of Pain'
anotherworld.lhagit329kb03 Jul 144.19¤ Fabother World - Game engine for Another World
athrust.lha0.83c494kb10 May 054.014¤ Athrust - Classical gravity game
atomicbomberman_compositing.lha2.82Mb21 May 204.11¤ Atomic Bomberman - Atomic Bomberman Fan Rewrite
atomicbomberman_warp3d.lha2.82Mb21 May 204.12¤ Atomic Bomberman - Atomic Bomberman Fan Rewrite
barrage.lha904kb22 Oct 044.013¤ Barrage - another free sdl based 2D-shooter
battlepong.lhaBeta31Mb21 Mar 054.011¤ Battlepong - A classic pong-game for OS4, with sources
beatsofrage.lha1.0029288kb19 Jul 054.015¤ Beatsofrage - Beats of Rage port (updated)
bef.lha1.129Mb02 Mar 104.09¤ Bef - BE Fighters 2010 Edition (v1.1 for 256 MB systems)
bermudasyndrome.lha0.1.73Mb14 Apr 244.1¤ Bermuda Syndrome - Bermuda Syndrome
billyfrontier.lha1.1.082Mb02 Oct 224.1¤ Billy Frontier - an arcade style action game
bloboats.lha1.0.1-28Mb11 Dec 074.013¤ Bloboats - 'Bloboats' an SDL/GL action game similiar to Xmoto
bloboatssrc.lha1.0.1-2324kb20 Jul 084.011¤ Bloboatssrc - Bloboats sources (no datafiles).
blobwarsattrition.lha1.2.2r22Mb19 Sep 224.11¤ BlobWars Attrition - A 2D mission and and objective-based platform game
bofh.lha1.611Mb08 Jul 074.018¤ Bofh - An action/shooting game.
bomberins.lha0.8.72Mb04 Nov 074.09¤ Bomberins - 'Bomber Instinct' a good Bomberman clone!
bomns.lha0.99.11Mb08 Dec 054.015¤ Bomns - 2 player bomb your friend game.
bor-src.lha1.0029127kb19 Jul 054.016¤ Bor-src - Beats of Rage source code
bor_pngicons.lha335kb19 Jul 054.011¤ Bor_pngicons - Beats Of Rage Icon Pack (For All MODS)
breakers.lha15Mb24 Sep 144.09¤ Breakers - An Arkanoid clone (A500 style)
btanks.lhalatestsvn35Mb11 Oct 114.17¤ Btanks - 2d based BattleTanks kind game, opengl
btripper.lha190kb23 Apr 074.011¤ Btripper - Baloon Tripper - A Baloon Fight Clone
bubbelschedemo.lha1.0327Mb21 Feb 104.16¤ Bubbelschedemo - Navigate bubble through maze
bugsquish.lha0.0.61Mb22 Sep 054.010¤ Bugsquish - SDL action game
bumprace.lha1.5.31Mb21 Feb 084.011¤ Bumprace - Fly to the exit type of game with multiplayer sup.
burgerspace.lha583kb20 Nov 074.08¤ Burgerspace - A Burger Time clone.
circuslinux.lha1.0.32Mb22 Sep 054.07¤ Circuslinux - SDL action game
cosmosmash.lha504kb20 Nov 074.09¤ Cosmosmash - A clone of Astrosmash
crabber.lha404kb13 Jun 094.015¤ Crabber - a boulderdash clone. you are a crab. eat.
d1x-rebirth.lha0.57.32Mb07 Jan 204.03¤ D1X-Rebirth - Port of the Descent and Descent 2 Engines
d2x.lha0.2.0888kb27 May 084.016¤ D2x - Descent II port
descent.lha1.04Mb21 Mar 114.011¤ Descent - Descent 1 reborn for AOS 4
diamond_girl.tar.bz20.29959kb15 Apr 054.07¤ Diamond_girl - Boulder Dash like game
diamondsanddust.lha0.11Mb01 Mar 144.19¤ Diamonds and Dust - An action/puzzle game similar to Boulder Dash
dodgetheseballs.lha1.03594kb08 Aug 104.18¤ Dodgetheseballs - Dodge These Balls
donceferinohazana.lha0.976Mb30 Jan 064.07¤ Donceferinohazana - Super Pang Clone , with very cool music and gfx!.
entombed.lha2005.01.171001kb28 Sep 054.028¤ Entombed - SDL action game
fallingtime.lha1.0.24Mb13 Feb 214.12¤ Falling Time - Fun and addictive endless faller/roller
freedroid.lha1.0.25Mb28 Dec 084.010¤ Freedroid - A clone of that C64 classic, Paradroid.
freenukum.lha0.2.103Mb15 Jul 104.110¤ Freenukum - A free duke nukem engine remake
freespace2.lha5Mb07 Jan 204.03¤ Freespace 2 - Space combat simulation game
freespacedemo.lha1.1029Mb21 May 174.17¤ Descent: Freespace - Demo of the amazing space-combat simulator
frogsofwar.lha919kb10 Jul 084.010¤ Frogsofwar - The Frogs of War - a weird platform shooter
furbykill.lha1.02Mb16 Dec 054.011¤ Furbykill - its time to kill the furbies!
heroes.lha0.214Mb03 Mar 084.08¤ Heroes - 'Heroes' a VERY nice and polished nibbles clone
hhhorse.lha0.2d4Mb09 Feb 074.010¤ Hhhorse - Help Hannah's Horse - A cute one for the young
hhills.lha316kb10 Jan 094.012¤ Hhills - a bob racing game.
highmoon.lha1.2.42Mb28 May 084.012¤ Highmoon - The First Worms Clone on OS4 , and it's in Space.
humphrey.lha3Mb02 Jan 104.112¤ Humphrey - An action game. Step on all the tiles!
hurrican.lha1.0.0.946Mb19 Aug 144.18¤ Hurrican - Great OpenGL remake of Turrican
jupiterlander.lha1.02Mb25 Jul 094.010¤ Jupiterlander - Jupiter Lander
komi.lha1.01Mb21 May 054.014¤ Komi - Komi the spacefrog (SDL)
koules.lha1.4240kb14 Mar 214.05¤ Koules - Port of Linux+OS/2 arcade game
kulic.lha2Mb03 Jan 104.110¤ Kulic - think counterstrike, in 2d, seen from above.
lbreakout2.lha2.2beta53Mb21 Oct 044.09¤ Lbreakout2 - Free SDL-based Breakout clone
lbreakout2_net.lha2.5.25Mb17 Jun 054.08¤ Lbreakout2_net - A breakout-style arcade game for AmigaOS4
leibomber.lha1Mb04 Nov 064.010¤ Leibomber - A Bomberman clone with graphics from Doom
longwaydown.lha388kb13 Jun 094.08¤ Longwaydown - A Cave Flyer clone with a small twist. Addictive.
lugaru-bin.lha38Mb10 Jun 104.09¤ Lugaru-bin - 3D action adventure fighting game
lugaru-src.lha35Mb10 Jun 104.07¤ Lugaru-src - (Source) 3D adventure fighting game
lunavader.lhaEarly2Mb22 Nov 064.012¤ Lunavader - Toho Shien-So 'Lunavader' a Japanese shooter
luola.lha1.3.04Mb29 Nov 054.014¤ Luola - A clone of Gravity force 2 / RocketZ (Vflyer)
lupengo.lha1.0.1904kb30 Aug 054.014¤ Lupengo - Pengo Clone with wolves.
miffonoid.lha400kb13 Jun 094.010¤ Miffonoid - two bat 'n' ball games in one.
moon-lander.lha1.0pre1b2Mb27 Sep 064.012¤ Moon-lander - Moon-Lander game.
munchdude_hero.lha2.010Mb17 Mar 124.09¤ Munchdude_hero - OpenGL packman remake with original sounds
myman.lha0.62Mb06 Nov 074.011¤ Myman - An EXCELLENT NCurses based Pac-Man clone!
nanosaur.lha1.4.4.28314Mb13 Jun 234.1¤ Nanosaur - A science fiction third-person shooter
ncfighter.lha0.1244kb02 Jul 084.010¤ Ncfighter - An NCURSES based vertical shoot em up
njam.lha1.212Mb09 Nov 054.013¤ Njam - SDL action game
nogravity.lha2/06/05822kb02 Jun 054.011¤ Nogravity - 3D space shooter
nogravity_iconpack.lha41kb28 May 054.012¤ Nogravity_iconpack - Icon Pack for NoGravity OS4
nostromo.lha1.08Mb05 May 174.19¤ Nostromo - 9 games in 1
notln.lha103kb22 Jun 094.116¤ Notln - Night of the living nerd - a Speedhack 2007 entry
oes.lha1.05Mb07 Jan 054.08¤ Oes - Port of Orbital Eunuchs Sniper 1.29 for AmigaOS4.0
oilwar.lha1.2.1Final1Mb27 Oct 054.013¤ Oilwar - Protect your oil , Shoot em up ala TakeEmOut
openbor.lha3.0.36252Mb16 Aug 144.113¤ Openbor - OpenBOR, new Beats of Rage Engine
openfodder.lha1.86Mb11 Apr 244.11¤ OpenFodder - An open source reimplementation of Cannon Fodder
openmortal.lha0.721Mb15 Oct 054.09¤ Openmortal - Mortál Szombat - Mortal Kombat parody
orbithopper.lha1.16b3Mb23 Jan 104.08¤ Orbithopper - Skyroads clone featuring OpenGL 3D graphics
osgg.lha3Mb04 Apr 094.010¤ Osgg - A thrust clone.
pangos4.lha2Mb11 Jun 084.010¤ Pangos4 - The alltime classic Pang - now on modern amigas!
paybackupdate.lha1.0877kb24 Dec 224.11¤ Payback native - Native version of Payback for AmigaOS4
penguincommand.lha2Mb22 Sep 054.09¤ Penguincommand - Penguin Command OS4
petsciirobots.lhar12Mb19 Mar 234.11¤ PETSCII Robots SDL - PETSCII Robots ported to SDL
pong.lha0.9.133kb30 Apr 064.018¤ Pong - Pong the desktop game for AmigaOS40
retropong.lha1000kb20 Sep 104.09¤ Retropong - Simple pong remake
rockdodger.lha0.61Mb24 Oct 054.013¤ Rockdodger - Horizontal Scrolling shooter with a particleEngine
ryleh.zipna2Mb29 Apr 064.019¤ Ryleh - Freespace - Ryleh Campaign
sdl-ball.lha1.04Mb20 Dec 094.07¤ Sdl-ball - OpenGL+SDL brick-breaking game clone
sdlkurve.lha406kb16 Oct 074.010¤ Sdlkurve - a cross platform remake of "Achtung, die kurve"
snake.lha0.834kb23 Sep 044.015¤ Snake - Snake the desktop game for AmigaOS40,
snakeme.lha1.02Mb13 Aug 074.014¤ Snakeme - A Snake game for many players with lots of options
solarwolf.lha2Mb19 Aug 104.110¤ Solarwolf - A very nice action puzzle game set in space.
sonicrb2-gui-en.lha191kb13 Mar 104.110¤ Sonicrb2-gui-en - SonicRB2 GUI (en) : starter for SRB2 WADs/MODs
sonicrb2-gui-fr.lha190kb13 Mar 104.18¤ Sonicrb2-gui-fr - SonicRB2 GUI (fr) : Launceur pour SRB2 WADs/MODs
spacecadetpinball.lha1.34Mb01 Sep 224.12¤ SpaceCadetPinball - SpaceCadetPinball ported to AmigaOS4
spaceinf.lha168kb30 Oct 074.012¤ Spaceinf - An NCurses based game called 'Space Inflators'
spidercave.lha1.05Mb13 Nov 144.08¤ SpiderCave - a small action game
srb2.lha1.09r465Mb09 Mar 104.17¤ Srb2 - Sonic Robot Blast 2, a 3D Sonic fangame
starvoyager.lha0.4.4710kb23 Nov 054.09¤ Starvoyager - Startrek themed network game
stp.lha0.011Mb04 Mar 074.016¤ Stp - Save The Penguins - A shooter
tankcommand.lha0.443Mb23 Nov 054.010¤ Tankcommand - Fast paced 2D arcade tank game
tankgame.lha1.0e769kb05 Jan 104.111¤ Tankgame - a multiplayer tank war game
tcgs_cave.lha1.08Mb19 Feb 184.17¤ TCGS CAVE - Tunnel Escape Game 2D/3D using OpenGL
tcgsblock.lhaEarly6Mb23 Nov 064.09¤ Tcgsblock - A mix between modern Jap shooters and Arkanoid
tecnoballz.lha0.912Mb19 Dec 054.08¤ Tecnoballz - Ball'nBat game , lots of new features etc!.
teeworlds.lha0.5.25Mb15 Apr 104.18¤ Teeworlds - A retro multiplayer shooter (like quake3, but 2d)
thew.lha155kb30 Oct 074.014¤ Thew - An NCurses based snake game called 'Thew'
thezoninrun.lha2Mb13 Mar 124.17¤ Thezoninrun - A polished Qix clone!
tomatoes-src.lha114kb04 Apr 094.011¤ Tomatoes-src - 'I Have no Tomatoes' sourcecode.
tomatoes.lha10Mb14 Jun 104.110¤ Tomatoes - I Have no Tomatoes' a Pacman/Bomberman mix.
tt.lha1018732kb04 Dec 054.017¤ Tt - Simple shooting game
turbokaca.lha146kb28 Oct 074.016¤ Turbokaca - An Ncurses based snake game
twigsinspace.lha1.04Mb29 May 054.08¤ Twigsinspace - Twig's in space - 80's style arcade game (SDL)
viruskiller.lha1.05Mb26 Oct 054.011¤ Viruskiller - Kill All the Virus on your machine.
vodovod.lha1.101Mb07 May 104.012¤ Vodovod - Pipe connecting game
vor.lha0.5.3782kb03 Jun 074.014¤ Vor - A great Rock Dodger variant.
voxelbird.lha124Mb01 Feb 164.08¤ VoxelBird - Amazing Voxel Bird Saga
voxelnoid.lha87Mb01 Feb 164.09¤ VoxelNoid - VoxelNoid 3D - Duel Edition
wingsbf_rhdc.lha7.116Mb02 Feb 164.08¤ Wings Battlefield - Head-to-head 3D air combat game, radeon hd comp
wingsbf_w3dr12.lha7.116Mb02 Feb 164.07¤ Wings Battlefield - Head-to-head 3D air combat game, warp3d r100-200
wingsbf_w3dr7.lha7.116Mb02 Feb 164.07¤ Wings Battlefield - Head-to-head 3D air combat game, warp3d r7xxx
wok.lha1.01Mb26 Nov 054.014¤ Wok - Oddly attractive ball tossing game
wordmeupxxl_demo.lha1.6124Mb20 May 154.16¤ Wordmeupxxl_demo - Word puzzle game
worlds.lha1.05Mb19 Apr 214.11¤ Worlds - Worlds - is an action / adventure / stealth game
wormwars.lha9.341Mb11 Dec 234.01¤ Worm Wars - Advanced snake/Tron game
wurmhole-src.lha247kb04 Sep 084.110¤ Wurmhole-src - Wurmhole an SF Cave clone (Source archive).
wurmhole.lha716kb04 Sep 084.110¤ Wurmhole - Wurmhole an SF Cave clone, quite good too.
xpired.lha1.221Mb14 Oct 054.016¤ Xpired - Alien Breed type of game plus editor.
yapong.lha1.02Mb22 Jan 184.012¤ YAPong - Yet Another Pong
zatacka.lha0.1.8805kb21 Feb 084.012¤ Zatacka - A snake game with a slight twist
zombiepox.lha1.1335kb13 Jun 094.112¤ Zombiepox - Zombiepox
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