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amigavars.lha1.147kb28 Jun 144.19¤ AmigaVars - Python module for read / write access to env vars
app.lha1.11Mb21 Dec 204.01¤ APP library - C++ classes for basic Amiga programming needs
ixemul_bin.tar.bz2425kb23 Jan 164.03¤ ixemul - ixemul library
ixemul_src.tar.bz2689kb23 Jan 164.03¤ ixemul - ixemul library, source archive
kittymusicraft.library.lha1.167kb08 Aug 224.11¤ kittyMusiCraft.libra - Reimplementation of the MusiCraft extension
libpcre.lha8.45r1276kb02 Aug 224.11¤ libpcre - PCRE (Perl-compatible regular expression library)
libpcre2.lha10.40r1263kb02 Aug 224.01¤ libpcre2 - PCRE2 (Perl-compatible regular expression library)
libxslt.lha1.1.343Mb27 Aug 224.12¤ libxslt - XSLT support for libxml2
oo.lha2.62Mb04 Oct 234.11¤ OO library - Bring easier programming to C and AmigaOS
reactivec_lib.lhav1.35Mb10 Feb 224.11¤ raclib - Reactive C Library
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