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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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cr2_dt.lha39.180kb19 May 084.010¤ Cr2_dt - Canon CR2 RAW DataType
dds_dt.lha52.227kb19 Jun 084.05¤ Dds_dt - Direct Draw Surface (DDS) DataType
deepdt.lha44.241kb27 Jan 054.07¤ Deepdt - Loads IFF DEEP and TVPP files (TVPaint projects)
drawing_dt.lha53.7379kb09 Apr 214.01¤ Drawing Datatype - Vector superclass + DR2D/SVG DataTypes
gemimagedt.lha1.340kb20 Sep 204.01¤ GEMImageDT - DataType for GEM image files
jng_dt.lha1.3373kb11 Apr 114.07¤ Jng_dt - JNG/MNG/PNG picture datatype
jpeg2000_dtc.lha53.2476kb22 Dec 174.14¤ jpeg2000.datatype - JPEG 2000 (.j2k, .jp2) datatype
koala_dt.lha39.4251kb16 Jul 074.05¤ Koala_dt - C64 KoalaPainter DataType
nsbmp_dt.lha1.368kb23 Nov 104.08¤ Nsbmp_dt - BMP DataType+library based on libnsbmp
pcx_dt.lha0.421kb07 Dec 064.06¤ Pcx_dt - PCX picture datatype
photocd_datatype.lha52.049kb05 Jun 104.06¤ Photocd_datatype - Kodak Photo CD DataType
pnm_dt.lha1.252kb31 Aug 104.05¤ Pnm_dt - PNM PBM/PGM/PPM portable anymap datatype
rgfx_dt.lha43.1655kb05 Aug 074.07¤ Rgfx_dt - IFF-RGFX picture datatype
scr_dt.lha1.383kb18 May 084.08¤ Scr_dt - Spectrum/Timex SCR/SCREEN$ datatype
sprite_dt.lha2.488kb27 May 124.04¤ Sprite_dt - Datatype for RISC OS (Acorn) Sprites
svg_dt.lha52.11Mb24 Nov 084.06¤ Svg_dt - Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) datatype
targa_dt.lha0.418kb06 Jan 074.08¤ Targa_dt - Targa (.tga) picture datatype
vtx_dt.lha1.665kb29 Jun 204.02¤ Vtx_dt - Dtype for CEPT-3/videotex/teletext frames
warpbmpdt.lha45.872kb10 May 204.01¤ Warpbmpdt - Windows BMP datatype V45.8
warpdtprefs.lha45.11198kb25 May 204.01¤ WarpDT - WarpDT preferences program
warpjpegdt.lha45.15331kb01 Apr 214.02¤ WarpJPEG DT - JFIF-JPEG datatype V45.15
warppcxdt.lha45.666kb10 May 204.01¤ Warppcxdt - ZSoft PCX datatype V45.6
warppngdt.lha45.23160kb01 Apr 214.02¤ WarpPNG DT - PNG image datatype V45.23
warppsddt.lha45.670kb10 May 204.02¤ Warppsddt - Adobe Photoshop datatype V45.5
warptiffdt.lha45.11546kb01 Apr 214.02¤ WarpTIFF DT - TIFF and BigTIFF image datatype V45.11
warpwebpdt.lha45.2288kb29 Mar 214.02¤ WarpWebP DT - WebP image datatype V45.2
wbmp_dt.lha1.138kb11 Nov 074.06¤ Wbmp_dt - WBMP (wireless/WAP bitmap) datatype
webp_dt.lha1.6214kb27 Sep 124.07¤ Webp_dt - WebP image datatype
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