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Tunenet and tunenet plugins.

Tunenet is a multiformat Music Player and Internet Radio Streamer.

Some features:

* Plays MP3's and MP3 Shoutcast streams.
* Integrates with IBrowse and AWeb.
* Playlist.
* Built in Internet Stream Searching facility.
* Drag and Drop with recursive loading.
* Sound Level display.
* Station and current tune display.
* Reaction GUI and OS4 native
* Plugin Support (Players).
* HD Save for Streams.
* IDV3.2 tag support.
* Docky Skinable Interface
* Search / Sorting and Editing facilities.
* Different Playing Facilities (XFade, Gapless Play etc..)
* Sub Song Support
* On the fly resampling / multi-mixing.
* Encoder support and Shoutcast compatible Broadcasting.
* Extended M3U playlist support + Station saving within playlists.

Files in this category  [View flat]

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
<-  /----parent category
acm_tnplug.lha1.336kb09 Sep 124.07¤ Acm_tnplug - Interplay ACM plugin for TuneNet
adplug_tnplug.lha1.8416kb16 Sep 124.05¤ Adplug_tnplug - AdPlug based plugin for TuneNet
amuse.lha0.68.61Mb21 Feb 104.05¤ Amuse - Last.FM client and collection browser for TuneNet
anr_skins.lhaV137kb20 Jun 094.06¤ Anr_skins - AmiNetRadio Skin Examples for TuneNet
cha05e90_skin.lha1.225kb02 Apr 104.08¤ Cha05e90_skin - cha05e90 DockSkins for TuneNet
ipodnanotunenetskin.lha1.08kb12 Oct 064.010¤ Ipodnanotunenetskin - iPod Nano TuneNet skin
klystrack_tnplug.lha1.2102kb03 Aug 124.06¤ Klystrack_tnplug - Klystrack plugin for TuneNet
organya_tnplug.lha1.187kb27 Apr 114.05¤ Organya_tnplug - Organya plugin for TuneNet
playlists.lha1.2176kb01 Jan 124.17¤ Playlists - Playlist for Tunenet
pls2m3u.lha1.04kb01 Jan 114.08¤ Pls2m3u - Convert pls lists to m3u
pmd_tnplug.lha1.1127kb28 Aug 124.06¤ Pmd_tnplug - P/ECE PMD (.pmd) plugin for TuneNet
ptplay_tnplug.lha1.435kb05 Aug 124.06¤ Ptplay_tnplug - ptplay.library based TuneNet plugin
radio_fg.lha64kb06 Feb 104.08¤ Radio_fg - Radio FG Pack Direct playing with tunenet :-)
resid_tnplug.lha1.22Mb24 Sep 124.05¤ Resid_tnplug - TuneNet SID plugin with ReSID support
saa_tnplug.lha1.1215kb26 Apr 114.06¤ Saa_tnplug - Sam Coupe plugin for TuneNet
tune2sf_plug.lha1.1398kb11 Mar 084.06¤ Tune2sf_plug - 2SF (Nintendo DS) TuneNet plugin
tuneaac_plug.lha51.356kb13 Dec 064.013¤ Tuneaac_plug - AAC m4a plugin for TuneNet (Plays IPod files)
tunealac_plug.lha1.242kb26 May 084.06¤ Tunealac_plug - ALAC plugin for TuneNet
tuneamr_plug.lha1.2196kb06 Nov 084.07¤ Tuneamr_plug - 3GPP AMR TuneNet plugin
tuneape_plug.lha1.163kb16 Aug 084.06¤ Tuneape_plug - APE plugin for TuneNet
tuneau_plug.lha1.123kb21 Nov 074.06¤ Tuneau_plug - Sun AU plugin for TuneNet
tunebonk_plug.lha1.273kb16 Oct 084.07¤ Tunebonk_plug - Bonk plugin for TuneNet
tunebor_plug.lha1.133kb18 Mar 094.07¤ Tunebor_plug - Beats Of Rage (.bor) TuneNet plugin
tunebs_plug.lha1.2144kb03 Dec 074.05¤ Tunebs_plug - Soundmon plugin for TuneNet
tunecube_plug.lha1.4349kb29 Nov 074.05¤ Tunecube_plug - GameCube plugin for TuneNet
tunedsf_plug.lha1.1277kb11 Mar 084.08¤ Tunedsf_plug - DSF (Sega Dreamcast) TuneNet plugin
tuneenc_lame.lha1.4544kb15 Mar 094.05¤ Tuneenc_lame - A liblame based encoder for TuneNet (Source)
tuneflac_plug.lha51.3128kb13 Dec 064.011¤ Tuneflac_plug - FLAC plugin for TuneNet
tunegme_plug.lha51.3277kb30 Jun 074.013¤ Tunegme_plug - GME plugin for TuneNet
tunegsf_plug.lha1.1619kb26 Nov 074.08¤ Tunegsf_plug - GSF (Gameboy Advance) plugin for TuneNet
tunehvl_plug.lha51.665kb24 Aug 084.05¤ Tunehvl_plug - HivelyTracker (HVL) / AHX plugin for TuneNet
tunemdx_plug.lha1.2102kb13 Apr 084.04¤ Tunemdx_plug - MDX plugin for TuneNet
tunemidi_plug.lha51.1121kb31 Dec 064.012¤ Tunemidi_plug - Midi Plugin for TuneNet
tunemikmod_plug.lha1.4219kb29 Apr 084.05¤ Tunemikmod_plug - LibMikMod based plugin for TuneNet
tunemod-plug.lhaV1.2355kb17 Apr 064.012¤ Tunemod-plug - ~25 Mod style Plugins for TuneNet (S3M, FC..)
tunemp-src.lha170kb15 Mar 094.06¤ Tunemp-src - TuneNet ModPlug Plugin (Source)
tunemp3_encode.lhaV1.4283kb13 Dec 064.09¤ Tunemp3_encode - Lame (MP3 like) Encoder for TuneNet
tunempc_plug.lha51.175kb10 Feb 074.014¤ Tunempc_plug - MusePack (.mpc) plugin for TuneNet
tunemsx_plug.lha1.5205kb26 Mar 084.04¤ Tunemsx_plug - MSXPlug based plugin for TuneNet
tunemtp_plug.lha1.473kb06 Nov 084.07¤ Tunemtp_plug - MegaTracker plugin for TuneNet
tunenet-calculator.lha1.03kb26 May 064.010¤ Tunenet-calculator - tiny (but comprehensive) skin for TuneNet
tunenet-docky.lha1.08kb27 Dec 054.08¤ Tunenet-docky - amipal's TuneNet Docky
tunenet-expensive.lha1.1149kb29 Dec 054.012¤ Tunenet-expensive - Another Skin for TuneNet v0.7+
tunenet.lhaV0.92.562Mb13 Mar 104.16¤ Tunenet - Music Player (Multiformat)
tunenet_dt.lha1.318kb30 Dec 064.09¤ Tunenet_dt - Datatypes plug-in for TuneNet
tunenet_xmp.lha3.2881kb19 Sep 104.05¤ Tunenet_xmp - XMP multi-module plug-in for TuneNet
tuneogg-plug.lhaV1.2190kb13 Dec 064.09¤ Tuneogg-plug - Ogg Vorbis Plugin for TuneNet
tunepac_plug.lha1.131kb17 Mar 094.05¤ Tunepac_plug - SBStudio PAC plugin for TuneNet
tunepsf2_plug.lha1.6449kb15 Jan 084.09¤ Tunepsf2_plug - PSF2/SPU (PlayStation) TuneNet plugin
tunepsf_plug.lha1.3187kb22 Nov 074.06¤ Tunepsf_plug - PSF (Playstation) plugin for TuneNet
tuneptk_plug.lha1.3152kb30 Mar 094.05¤ Tuneptk_plug - ProTrekkr (.ptk) TuneNet plugin
tuneqsf_plug.lha1.1335kb12 Dec 074.06¤ Tuneqsf_plug - Capcom QSound (QSF) plugin for TuneNet
tunera_plug.lha1.1.1164kb21 Nov 074.07¤ Tunera_plug - RealAudio plugin for TuneNet
tunes98_plug.lha1.2205kb26 Nov 084.011¤ Tunes98_plug - S98 plugin for TuneNet
tunesc68_plug.lha1.3633kb27 Nov 074.05¤ Tunesc68_plug - SC68 plugin for TuneNet
tunesid_plug.lha51.2300kb13 Dec 064.09¤ Tunesid_plug - SID plugin for TuneNet
tunesndfile_plug.lha1.1459kb17 Mar 084.04¤ Tunesndfile_plug - libsndfile based plugin for TuneNet
tunessf_plug.lha1.3483kb12 Dec 074.04¤ Tunessf_plug - Sega Saturn (SSF) plugin for TuneNet
tunetfm_plug.lha1.146kb18 Mar 084.06¤ Tunetfm_plug - TFC/TFD plugin for TuneNet
tunetfmx-src.lha40kb15 Mar 094.05¤ Tunetfmx-src - TuneNet TFMX Plugin (Source)
tunetta_plug.lha51.147kb11 Sep 074.010¤ Tunetta_plug - TTA Plugin for TuneNet
tunevtx_plug.lha51.149kb13 Dec 064.012¤ Tunevtx_plug - VTX plugin for TuneNet
tunewave_plug.lha1.234kb07 Apr 094.06¤ Tunewave_plug - RIFF-WAVE plugin for TuneNet
tunewma_plug.lha51.1108kb11 Sep 074.011¤ Tunewma_plug - WMA Plugin for TuneNet.
tunewv_plug.lha1.1436kb27 May 084.07¤ Tunewv_plug - WavPack (.wv) plugin for TuneNet
tunexmp_plug.lha1.4302kb14 Jul 094.05¤ Tunexmp_plug - Extended Module Player TuneNet plugin
tuneym_plug.lha51.198kb13 Dec 064.015¤ Tuneym_plug - YM plugin for TuneNet
tuneymamp_plug.lha1.2112kb17 Mar 084.05¤ Tuneymamp_plug - Callus/Genesis YM plugin for TuneNet
vgmstream_tnplug.lha1.1481kb02 Oct 124.05¤ Vgmstream_tnplug - VGMStream plugin for TuneNet
wsr_tnplug.lha1.1106kb01 Oct 124.05¤ Wsr_tnplug - Wonderswan (.wsr) plugin for TuneNet
zxssk_tnplug.lha1.1112kb08 Sep 124.06¤ Zxssk_tnplug - ZX-SSK (PT2, PT3, VTX) TuneNet plugin
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