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 Readme for:  Network » Misc » tumblr.lha


Description: download large _1280 tumblr images and videos
Download: tumblr.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 2kb
Version: 0.2
Date: 06 Aug 14
Author: Nick Clover
Submitter: Nick Clover
Category: network/misc
Replaces: network/misc/tumblr.lha
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 8887
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 12  (Current version)
12  (Accumulated)

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tumblr.py Version 0.4

For those of you that visit tumblr sites here is a little script that
downloads the large _1280.jpg images that no longer show up in IBrowse.

Read the history at the end for new options


 Copy the script to Python:scripts

 In IBrowse open the prefs and go to the GUI, FAB Menus section.
 Expand imagelink and drag custom to where you want it in the menu.

 Set name to "Tumblr Save", Command to "python" and the arguments in
 the second box to "Python:Scripts/tumblr.py %l <destination>"

 For V0.2:

 Add the same as above under the link and image menus but use %i for
 For V0.4:
 Add the quiet and root options at the end if required. The download path
 MUST END with either : or /  

 For example:

 link      [command] [python] [Python:Scripts/tumblr.py %l Downloads: quiet]
 imagelink [command] [python] [Python:Scripts/tumblr.py %l Downloads: quiet]
 image     [command] [python] [Python:Scripts/tumblr.py %i Downloads: quiet]

 Save IBrowse prefs


 Visit any tumblr page, when there's an image link for a picture just
 right click and choose Temblr Save from the menu.

 The image will be silently downloaded. If it already exists it will
 not be overwritten and the script aborts. This should only occur
 if you already have the file so no need for annoying requesters
 asking what to do.

 Some pages have a text link "Video" or "permalink", right click and
 Tumblr Save to download the video.


 V0.1 - Initial release, had a typo in the docs (%i instead of %l) so never
        worked and wasn't accepted for OS4Depot.

 V0.2 - Added support for direct url links ending in jpg, jpeg, png & gif
      - Added support for MP4. This is a little slow scanning the html
        because there is a lot of it. I didn't want to jump to anywhere
        specific to make it more future proof and hopefully work with as
        many different tumblr themes as possible.

 V0.3 - Unreleased.
      - Added Filenote support to put the url without the filename in the
      - Added a quiet option, add it to the end of your ibrowse commands
        to suppress any output to popup console windows.
      - Optimized download code into a def function.

 v0.4 - Found out a few more python techniques and optimised lots of code
      - Added support for more file extensions, 29 in total.
      - Added default destination of "Downloads:tumblr/"
      - Added root argument, files with known extensions are downloaded
        into the root of the destination except for urls containing "tumblr".
      - Added more information output for url, destination path+filename,
        filenote and download start and finish.
      - Added more error checking.
      - Added destination path checking and drawer creation if required.
      - Improved argument parsing so all arguments can be in any order.

      - Add more bloat to make it a 'modern style' program.

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