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 Readme for:  Network » Browser » simplehtml.lha


Description: A simple HTML offline browser
Download: simplehtml.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 83kb
Version: 0.18
Date: 14 Feb 05
Author: Sebastian Bauer
Submitter: Sebastian Bauer
Email: mail/sebastianbauer info
Homepage: http://www.sebastianbauer.info
Category: network/browser
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 498
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 11  (Current version)
11  (Accumulated)

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Short:     V0.18 of the simple HTML Offline Browser
Uploader:  mail()sebastianbauer.info (Sebastian Bauer)
Author:    mail()sebastianbauer.info (Sebastian Bauer)
Type:      comm/www
Kurz:      V0.18 des einfachen HTML Offline Browser
Requires:  OS 3.0
Version:   0.18

SimpleHTML allows you to view HTML Files offline. It supports
a little subset of the HTML Tags.

Copyright, Distribtion and Disclamer
SimpleHTML is (c) 1998-2005 by Sebastian Bauer.
SimpleHTML is freeware. Feel free to spreat it, as long as
all files are included and in an unchanged form. You are not
allowed to make profit from its distribution!
In no way the author can be made responible for any damage created
by the program. Use it at your own risk!

How to use SimpleHTML
SimpleHTML can be started from Shell and from Workbench.
The Shell template looks like this:
FILE specifies the file, which will be viewed after start.
PUBSCREEN specifies the public screen, where the window is opened.
WINDOWX specifies the left edge of the window
WINDOWY specifies the top edge of the window
WINDOWWIDTH specifies the width of the window
WINDOWHEIGHT specifies the height of the window

When starting from WB the file can be specified via a shift double click.
When no filename is given a asl filerequester appears.
Simliar to common Webbrowsers you can specify the file also in
   the file:///<path> and file://localhost/<path>

SimpleHTML looks for a file called SimpleHTML.config in "ENV:" and in
"PROGDIR:" upon startup. Currently this file specified the fonts which
should be used to display certain elements. Every line defines a single
font. The format of a line is as follow:


where <type> can be
 - H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6 (header font)

<fontname> defines the AmigaOS name of the font without .font extension.
<fontsize> speciefes the AmigaOS font size (pixel size) of the font.

Example SimpleHTML.config:

 - fix all bugs
 - some buttons in the main window
 - more HTML commands

Version 0.18 (14.02.05)
 - OS4 port
 - strings are unicode internaly now (no benefits yet)
 - uses Bitstream fonts if available
 - double buffering

Version 0.17 (14.07.01)
 - added possibility to change the fonts in ascii prefs file

Version 0.16 (13.05.01)
 - fixed Enforcer Hits and other problems
 - supports CSS1 very very limited (only what is needed for SimpleMail,
   probably not noticable at all)

Version 0.15 (31.03.01)
 - fixed some bugs introduced in last version
 - now background is correctly restored after text is demarked
 - no longer adds spaces between different text styles
 - no longer needs the http handler for internet connections
   (not for the datatype)

Version 0.14 (05.02.01)
 - search works now not only from the beginning
 - Font names which have spaces are now tried also without spaces
 - keyword values can now also be surrounded by ' signs

Version 0.13 (09.12.00)
 - fixed a type in the menu
 - smaller bug fixes

Version 0.12 (27.08.00)
 - fonts are loaded now only when needed.
 - FACE attribute of <FONT> tag is supported now

Version 0.11 (22.08.00)
 - some more compatibility with bad html
 - loading and resizing speed has been improved a little bit
 - images are also loaded now even for http: URIs

Version 0.10 (19.06.00)
 - you can save the displayed html file now
 - HSPACE support in images
 - BODY tag no longer required in html files
 - horizontal scroller

Version 0.9 (12.06.00)
 - new Shortcuts for Forward and Backward (< and >)
 - compatible to the http handler
 - displays the link when mouse is over a link
 - fixed more layout problems (but tables still makes problems)

Version 0.8 (21.05.00)
 - Shell and ARexxSuport for file:/// and file://localhost/ URIs
 - supports now the <DIV> tag
 - supports headers <TH> in tables
 - <TITLE> is supported (displayed in window Title)
 - bug fixes
Version 0.7 (14.05.00)
 - added some shell arguments
 - some smaller bugfixes
 - first version of the html.datatype available on my homepage

Version 0.6 (06.05.00)
 - correct offsets now when displaing backgrounds
 - in some cases ALIGN was missed when there was also VALIGN
 - fixed some Enforcer Hits
 - now really ignores comments
 - more entities (hopfully all)
 - slightly more compatible with bad html

Version 0.5 (24.02.00)
 - interprets relative URIs correctly
 - compiled with SAS C
 - search possibility
 - supports ALIGN attributes in IMG and TABLE
   (but probably not perfect)

Version 0.4 (23.07.99)
 - added PUBSCREEN/K argument to the shell template
 - now supports URIs which refer to a location within a resource
 - image links
 - implented <OL> and <DL> lists
 - text links react now visually when clicking on them
 - text can be marked and copied to the clipboard
 - a little bit faster when resizing or scrolling big html files
 - prepared for the html.datatype
 - other smaller changes

Version 0.3 (24.06.99)
 - again bug fixes
 - now longer looks for http:
 - borders around tables
 - enhanced keyboard function (SHIFT or CTRL + Cursor Keys)

Version 0.2 (23.03.99)
 - some bugs fixed
 - uploaded into the wrong directory ;-)

Version 0.1 (24.12.98)
 - initial release

How can you reach me?
SimpleHTML probably has many bugs, so send bug reports to

If SimpleHTML crash on a specified HTML file, please send this
file to me.

  Sebastian Bauer
  Neustädter Str. 50
  07768 Kahla

Visit my homepage at

Here you can find the latest version of SimpleHTML but also
other things for Amiga, for example SimpleFind and SimplePac.

Great thanks go to my beta testers Nils Görs and Benjamin Hussong.

        / /
   __  / /   Only Amiga makes it possible...
    / /

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