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 Readme for:  Network » Browser » owb_gui.lha


Description: A simple GUI for OWB
Download: owb_gui.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 307kb
Version: 0.7
Date: 25 Mar 08
Author: George Sokianos
Submitter: George Sokianos
Email: walkero/yahoo com
Requirements: OWB Browser, AISS
Category: network/browser
Replaces: network/browser/owb_gui.lha
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 3562
Comments: 3
Snapshots: 4
Videos: 0
Downloads:  (Current version)

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Progname: OWB_GUI
Version: 0.7
Author: George Sokianos
email: walkero()yahoo.com

This is just a simple GUI for starting the new OWB Browser which must be in the
same folder as the OWB_GUI. The program lacks many features and has a lot of
problems. The reason that I created this is the nedd for something to run OWB
with an easy way. This is version 0.7 and it is an alternative GUI of the OWB's

Feel free to fix errors and/or put new features if you like! If you do, please
inform me and send me the source code! If you release a newer version the source
code must be included.

It was created with the help of EMPEROR for OS4. Thanks guys for this great

*** In this version it uses AISS Images. So you must have this installed. ****

It doesn't write anything on hard disk unless you make changes at the
preferences and save them, or edit your bookmarks. 
You may contact me at: walkero()yahoo.com

Version log:
* New window with bookmarks implemented where you can add/edit/delete your
bookmarks. They are saved automatically at any change and are loaded at program
* Fixed a bug with the arexx call of the google search field. Now if the OWB
window is open you can send a new search from this field.
* A few more little bugs

* Now supports the OWB 1.7 Rexx commands
* Fixed bugs from the preferences, when the user was saving empty strings
(thanks pvanni)
* Checks if the OWB is started. If it is not, then it starts it.

* You can set the home url through the preferences window.
* The extra window that the OWB opens now it doesn't appear.
* http://utilitybase.com/ added at the bookmarks menu

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
owb.lha3.329Mb25 Apr 114.05¤ Owb - Origyn Web Browser
owb_blastoise.lha1.219Mb07 May 084.06¤ Owb_blastoise - Origyn Web Browser (Blastoise)
owb_doduo.lha2.2011Mb21 Dec 084.05¤ Owb_doduo - Origyn Web Browser (Doduo)
owb_ell.lha1.166kb04 Feb 144.110¤ Odyssey Web Browser - Greek catalog file for OWB
owb_ff2_theme.lha1.0174kb23 Nov 094.06¤ Owb_ff2_theme - A Mozilla Firefox 2.x like theme for OWB
owb_static.lha52.311Mb16 Jan 084.05¤ Owb_static - OWB - The first (in)complete modern Web Browser
owbaddressbook.lha5.51Mb29 Aug 104.07¤ Owbaddressbook - An Address Book for the OWB Web Browser for OS4
owbpatchurl.lha1.026kb27 Dec 074.017¤ Owbpatchurl - URL toolbar patch for OWB
owbutilities.lha1.7168kb16 Mar 124.09¤ Owbutilities - Bookmarks+fastlinks+converter tool for OWB
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