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 Readme for:  Network » Browser » owb.lha


Description: Origyn Web Browser
Download: owb.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 9Mb
Version: 3.32
Date: 25 Apr 11
Author: Sand-Labs, Jörg Strohmayer
Submitter: Jörg Strohmayer
Homepage: http://strohmayer.org/owb/
Requirements: expat.library
Category: network/browser
Replaces: network/browser/owb.lha
License: Other
Distribute: no
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 6356
Comments: 23
Snapshots: 3
Videos: 0
Downloads:  (Current version)

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AmigaOS 4.x port of OWB Pukapuka.

AmigaOS 4.x port of OWB Pukapuka ( http://www.sand-labs.org/owb/ ) with
AmigaOS GUI inc. tool bar, scroll bars, progress bar, status bar and
menus, AmigaOS fonts implementation, support for multiple windows or
tabs, clipboard support, an ARexx port, AmigaOS mouse pointers, internal
bookmark, an option for using an external bookmark tool, context menus,
javascript requesters, uploads, downloads and http authentication added.

- AmigaOS 4.0 or newer, for some features (progress bar, tabs, ...)
  AmigaOS 4.1 is required.
- expat.library from

Optional addons:
- An unicode fallback font like Bitstream Cyberbit (Cyberbit.ZIP, unpack
  it and install it with TypeManager, doesn't seem to be available any
  more, the old netscape FTP server is down) or Droid Sans Fallback
  (to use it add "UNICODEFONT=Droid Sans Fallback", without the quotes,
  to the OWB tooltypes after installing it with TypeManager), if you
  don't have another (nearly) complete font installed already.
  DroidSansFallback.ttf: You have to use the context menu on the "raw"
  link for downloading it on
- AISS from http://masonicons.info/aiss/ for different toolbar images.
- Extended default mouse pointer types, only required if you don't have
  AmigaOS 4.1 Update 2 or newer:

3.32 (25.4.2011)
- Updated libcurl to 7.21.4 with threaded resolver.
- FAST_MOBILE_SCROLLING can be enabled by setting the tooltype
- Added NETRC tooltype for using a libcurl .netrc file for HTTP
  authentication instead of requesters.
- Updated curl-ca-bundle.crt.
- Added COOKIENAME and COOKIEDOMAIN tooltypes. The example
  "COOKIENAME=~(__(utm([avxz]|xx)|gads|qca))" tooltype disables storing
  Google Analytics cookies (__utma, __utmv and __utmz), Google Website
  Optimizer (__utmx and __utmxx), DoubleClick (__gads) and Quantserve
  (__qca) cookies.
- Now forwards right mouse button clicks to the page even if the
  CONTEXTMENURMB tooltype is enabled.
- Disabled displaying the page source for now since it's currently
  crashing sometimes.

3.31 (10.2.2011)
- Fixed a crash when there is no free memory.
- Speed up loading urlhistory.xml.

3.30 (5.9.2010)
- Disabled support for resizing the window from javascript again if TABS
  is enabled (bugs.os4depot.net issues #540 and #560).
- Added support for external tab close image ("closetab(|_s|_g)", #504).
- Fixed #545 "DSI on Google site".
- Fixed #555 "Mapmyrun.com crashed on map".
- Fixed #546 "JavaScript: Alt- / Ctrl-Key combinations not fully
- Fixed #549 "JavaScript: Change of cursor using .cur not immediatley".
- Fixed #547 "CSS attribute "overflow: hidden" not supported".
- Fixed #538 "Local files dont work on my jfx partitions (bug #474)".
- Fixed #561 "Date format is not local".
- Fixed #422 "OWB crashing on resizing window (for a while)".
- Fixed #564 "OS4 repeatably locks-up with Reload/Home button".
- Fixed #542, #559, #565 "OWB window disappears on certain sites".
- Fixed #331 "Complete system freez on closing(tabs) while menu is
- Fixed #340 "GrimReaper when posting on forum.wiibrew.org".
- Fixed #370 "Crashing closing OWB".
- Fixed #442 "Surfing this site in 'Liste'-mode crashes OWB".
- Fixed #541 "Forum complains about posting twice everytime".

3.29 (19.6.2010)
- Fixed bugs.os4depot.net issue #380 "Downloads end before completed".
- Fixed #474?"Local file dont work anymore".
- Fixed #518 "DSI crash opening MAILTO:".
- Fixed #519 "W3Schools: Resize window".
- Fixed #522?"Local files with umlauts not useable".
- Fixed #523?"2) Cannot paste anything in the message body field".
- Fixed #524?"Greater-than symbol on failed to resolve page".
- Removed some Chinese, Japanese and Korean charsets from icudata.owb,
  if you need them keep using version 1.4 or 1.1.

3.28 (2.6.2010)
- Fixed icudata.owb, greek didn't work with version 1.2.
- Fixed bugs.os4depot.net issues #453, #461, #478, #480, #483, #484,
  #485, #486, #493, #494, #498, #499, #509 and #510.
- Fixed another cookie bug.
- Updated to SVN revision 1466.

3.27 (7.5.2010)
- Updated to SVN revision 1446.
- Updated libcurl (7.20.1), libcairo (1.8.10), libpixman (0.18.0),
  libxslt (1.1.26) and libxml2 (2.7.7).
- Disabled SVG support in OWB and rarely used charsets in ICU, that way
  OWB needs about 8 MB less RAM which should help a little on systems
  with very few RAM like classic Amigas.
- Fixed some of the memory leaks in the new OWB revision.
- Fixed bugs.os4depot.net issues #87, #167, #168, #171, #293, #306,
  #323, #324, #361, #399, #420, #430, #443, #445, #447, #454, #455,
  #459, #460, #463, #464 and #467.
- Added undo and redo edit menu items.

3.26 (28.4.2010)
- Fixed another libpthread.a problem on AmigaOS 4.0.

3.25 (26.4.2010)
- Version 3.24 required pthreads.library V53, fixed.

3.24 (25.4.2010)
- Fixed bugs.os4depot.net issues #68, #298, #358, #362, #367, #374,
  #376, #382, #384, #400, #412, #421, #432 and #441.
- Added forwarding of right mouse button presses to the pages, to access
  the AmigaOS menus you have to move the mouse outside of links, etc.
- Clicking links with <ctrl> pressed, or with the middle mouse button if
  CONTEXTMENURMB is enabled, opens them in a new window or tab now.
- Fixed some cookie bugs.

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
owb_blastoise.lha1.219Mb07 May 084.06¤ Owb_blastoise - Origyn Web Browser (Blastoise)
owb_doduo.lha2.2011Mb21 Dec 084.05¤ Owb_doduo - Origyn Web Browser (Doduo)
owb_ell.lha1.166kb04 Feb 144.19¤ Odyssey Web Browser - Greek catalog file for OWB
owb_ff2_theme.lha1.0174kb23 Nov 094.05¤ Owb_ff2_theme - A Mozilla Firefox 2.x like theme for OWB
owb_gui.lha0.7307kb25 Mar 084.05¤ Owb_gui - A simple GUI for OWB
owb_static.lha52.311Mb16 Jan 084.04¤ Owb_static - OWB - The first (in)complete modern Web Browser
owbaddressbook.lha5.51Mb29 Aug 104.06¤ Owbaddressbook - An Address Book for the OWB Web Browser for OS4
owbpatchurl.lha1.026kb27 Dec 074.016¤ Owbpatchurl - URL toolbar patch for OWB
owbutilities.lha1.7168kb16 Mar 124.08¤ Owbutilities - Bookmarks+fastlinks+converter tool for OWB
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