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 Readme for:  Graphics » Viewer » qlview.lha


Description: Sinclair QL Screen viewer and iff saver.
Download: qlview.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 239kb
Version: 25.09
Date: 11 Feb 05
Author: Ventzislav Tzvetkov
Submitter: Ventzislav Tzvetkov
Homepage: http://drhirudo.hit.bg
Category: graphics/viewer
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 487
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 1
Videos: 0
Downloads: 10  (Current version)
10  (Accumulated)

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 This little utility allows you to view raw Sinclair QL screen files on
Amiga window, and save them as  ILBM  images. Both  MODE 4  and  MODE 8
screens  are  supported. Only  QL  standart  32768 bytes long files are
recognized and shown.  On the  test  files  included  in  the  archive,
comments are set for each picture,  suggesting  the  mode  for accurate
viewing. The color palette is taken  from  Sinclair QL  screenshot, and
believed to be as  much  accurate  as  possible.   QLView   saves   the
shown picture in ILBM non compressed format,  24668  bytes  for  MODE 8 
pictures and 49244 bytes for MODE 4 pictures,both with Depth 3 (8 Color
Pallete).  Currently the program omits the flash  bits,  so some images
doesn't look exactly the same as on real or emulated QL.
Gwendoline_screen for example have some flashing snowflakes,  which are
standing still on the QLView window.

From CLI> QLView [QLScreen] [MODE=4/8]  , where QLScreen is the file to
be shown and MODE is the preffered mode (Default is 8).  Both arguments
are not obligatory. Examples:
 > QLView Renault5_screen 4      , will show Renault5_screen in MODE 4.
 > QLView Girl_screen MODE=4     , will show   Girl_screen   in MODE 4.
 > QLView GChrome_screen         , will show GChrome_screen  in MODE 8.
 > QLView           - Launches the program. Some help text will appear.
 > QLView ?         - Shows Usage info.
 > QLView MODE=4    - Launches the program in MODE 4.Help text appears.

From Workbench -> DoubleClick on the program icon.

On the program execution ->

  There is a menu accessable on right mouse click,  which  is  normally
hidden for viewing purposes.

  "Open File" menu item or RightAmiga+O or O key - Opens  FileRequester
which can select QL screen for load. QLView will render it immediately,
if it is really a QL MODE 4 or MODE 8 picture.

  "Save as IFF" menu item or RightAmiga+S or S key -Opens FileRequester
for choosing filename of the ILBM format image,  and  saves the current
display with this name. If the filename already exist a  requester will 
appear, giving the chance to overwrite the file.

   "Colors" menu item or RightAmiga+W or W key - Switches  the  palette
between the original Colors and different sets. Total  eight  colorsets
are available,simulating different monitor shades - Black&White (Grey),
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan and Color (default palette).The
selected palette is taken into account during saving.

   "Mode" menu item or RightAmiga+C or C key - Switches between MODE 4
and MODE 8.

   "Quit" menu item or RightAmiga+Q or Esc key - Quits the program.

The full source code of the utility is available in the source drawer.
Entirely coded in C, compiles with the freeware VBCC compiler and with
SAS_C and GCC as well.


Legal Issues

  This software can be freely copied, as long as it remains in its
original form, and the archive is intact.

  `QLView' is provided  "AS-IS"  without any warranties. Although I did
my best for it being bug free,  there  still might be some hidden ones,
of which I am not yet aware. That's  why I am  NOT  responsible for any
damages caused by this software. 

PeaceFestival_Mode8 is a picture of the Sambassadors of Groove, a local
Samba band taken on Kodak DC200+, read from the camera with  SuperBASIC
DIGICAM_BAS program and rendered and dithered from  JPEG  to  MODE 8 by
Dave's PHOTON program - all on Qdos (and mostly Amiga Qdos).

goodie2_screen is an example image from QL Quick Mandelbrot, written by
Kenneth Murray, published by CGH Services in 1991.


  PeaceFestival_Mode8, EandI_MODE4, ArcEd_Russian_screen and
goodie2_screen provided by Simon N Goodwin.
  SAS_C and GCC updated and bugfixes by Stefan A. Haubenthal.

About the Sinclair QL:

  The Sinclair QL - stands for Quantum Leap is  believed to be the first
computer available with preemptive multitasking operation system. It was
originally released in  1984  as successor of the legendary Sinclair  ZX
Spectrum series,  but it failed to gain popularity. For more information
check the QDOS emulator, available on Aminet. 

New in version 25.09:
 Rewritten for AmigaOS4.
 Opens window on the Workbench screen.
 Changed the menu layout to GadTools.

New in version 25.08:

 Added automatic mode selection.
 Speed enhancements in the render code. 

New in version 25.07:

 Added MorphOS native port.
 Updated to compile under GCC.
 Removed the need of -lauto switch for VBCC.
 Replaced the menuvalues with #define constants.
 Minor changes in the source code for better read. 

Copyright (c) 2004-2024 by Björn Hagström All Rights Reserved
Amiga OS and its logos are registered trademarks of Hyperion Entertainment