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 Readme for:  Graphics » Viewer » comicami_free.lha


Description: A comic book viewer
Download: comicami_free.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 212kb
Version: 0.54free
Date: 29 Oct 16
Author: George Sokianos
Submitter: George Sokianos
Email: walkero/gmail com
Homepage: https://bitbucket.org/walkero/comicami
Requirements: AmigaOS 4.1, xadUnFile, JPG and PNG datatypes, xad_rar v.2.5
Category: graphics/viewer
Replaces: graphics/viewer/comicami_free.lha
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 10050
Comments: 2
Snapshots: 2
Videos: 0
Downloads:  (Current version)

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Comicami is a light comic reader for the Amiga OS 4. It is able to read the .cbr
and .cbz comic book formats. It is designed to be simple in usage and as fast as
possible, without consuming too much memory from your system.

This is the free version of Comicami, which will not get new features, but only
bug fixes. I am working on the advanced version which will be available to buy.
That version will have a lot more features than the free one.


* Resizeable page image, depending the window size
* Sorted file list by filename
* Buttons to jump to the next, previous, first, last pages
* Shortcuts to jump to the next, previous, first, last pages
* You can install it wherever you like
* You can use it from CLI as from Workbench

** Keyboard shortcuts **
Next Page: RAmiga + .
Previous Page: RAmiga + ,
First Page: RAmiga + [
Last Page: RAmiga + ]
Open File: RAmiga + O
About: RAmiga + ?
Iconify: RAmiga + I
Quit: RAmiga + Q

Also, you can use the following shortcuts
Next Page: PageDown
Previous Page: PageUp
First Page: Home
Last Page: End

### Comicami requirements ###
* AmigaOS 4.1
* xadUnFile in the path (comes with AmigaOS 4)
* JPG and PNG datatypes (comes with AmigaOS 4)
* xad_rar v.2.5 

### How to use Comicami ###
* Copy the Comicami folder wherever you want and run it. Don't use it from CLI
yet, as it still doesn't work as it should.
* Comicami unarchives the comic books under Comicami:tmpcomic folder. You can
delete the unrchived files whenever you want.

### Setup default icons ###
In the Comicami archive, inside the folder "Icons" there are the default icons
for .cbr and .cbz files. To make all your comics have these icons and start
Comicami on double click you have to set them at the "DefIcons" prefs. Follow
the following steps to set them up.

1. Copy the def_cbz and def_cbr icon file at envarc:sys/
2. Open the Sys:Prefs/DefIcons
3. Scroll the left list down to the category "archive". 
4. Select it and click "Add"
5. In the new item replace the Name with cbz and hit Enter
6. At the right list click the select box "Add ..." and choose "Pattern". In the
"Pattern" text field  write "#?.cbz" and hit enter
7. Repeat the last four steps for cbr
8. Click on "Save" button and you are ready. A soft reboot might be necessary
for these to become active.

### Contact me ###
* My name is George Sokianos and you can contact me at (walkero gmail com). I
would be glad to hear that you use Comicami and your opinion on that.
* If you find any issues or you want to propose a feature, please use the
bugtracker (https://bitbucket.org/walkero/comicami/issues) and report them

### Changelog ###
**v0.54 - free version : 2016-10-29**

* Added an icon when iconified
* Fixed a bug when Comicami moved to an other screen, if the user closed it in
that screen, the screen didn't close.
* Now it works in older versions of AmigaOS 4.1 and not only on Final Edition
* If the tooltype 'AUTODELETE' is set, Comicami deletes the previous opened
comic temporary folder, to save hard disk space.

**v0.53 - First free version release : 2016-10-08**

* Now the user can start Comicami from CLI with a comic filename as parameter
* Added a smaller logo image for the About window
* If a comic's file icon has comicami set as deafult tool, with a double click
opens in comicami and loads

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