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 Readme for:  Game » Roleplaying » uhexen2.lha


Description: Hammer of Thyrion
Download: uhexen2.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 6Mb
Version: 1.4.4
Date: 05 Aug 10
Author: Dan Olson, Clement Bourdarias, Steven Atkinson, O. Sezer, Levent Yavas, AOS4 by HunoPPC
Submitter: Lio
Email: ls3/mageos com
Homepage: http://uhexen2.sourceforge.net/
Requirements: Datas files from Hexen II
Category: game/roleplaying
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 5751
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 3
Videos: 1
Downloads:  (Current version)

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WARNING : this is a beta release !

What is UHexen II : Hammer of Thyrion
Hammer of Thyrion is a cross-platform port of Raven Software's Hexen II source
to support Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, QNX, other unices, Mac OS X and Windows. It
is based on the initial linux port Anvil of Thyrion by Dan Olson and Clément
Bourdarias, and is hacked by Steven Atkinson, O. Sezer and Levent Yavas.

The AmigaOS4 port is done by HunoPPC.

- AmigaOS 4.1 update 2 (with OpenGL compatible graphic card for harware
- Datas files from Hexen II (pak0.pak and pak1.pak to put in PROGDIR:data1/)

RELEASE NOTES for Hexen 2 v1.4.4 pre 9 (AmigaOS4 version)
- Four versions included :
-> two software rendering versions (one with MIDI music and one with Sound
-> two OpenGL rendering versions (one with MIDI music and one with Sound
- New static SDL lib for fixing the fullscreen/window mode => And for fullscreen
now use ALT+F12.
- Fix LAN and multiplayer code for OS4 (not intensively tested)
- Fix endianess problems
- Fix keymap for os4
- addon "Portal of Praevus" supported (not intensively tested) 

- tested on AOS4.1 update 2 (untested on AOS4.0 and AOS4.1) - tested on SAM
ep440 667 Mhz with 64Mo, SAM Flex 800 Mhz  (with ATI Radeon 9250 128Mo) and
AmigaOne XEG4 800 Mhz (with ATI Radeon 9000 pro 128Mo) - report bugs to HunoPPC
at http://www.clubevolution4.com/HunoPortSDL/

Recommended version to play : either software or harware rendering versions with
sound effects (MIDI is really just a hack, you have been warned !)

- not really a bug but a limitation : it is not possible to have MIDI music and
Sound effects at the same time (mixing sdl_audio with sdl_mixer does not work;
one solution could be to use openal for sfx and sdl_mixer for midi)
- Joystick support not implemented (yet)
- in HW rendering mode, the screen gets very dark


Bugreports for AmigaOS4 at NOUVEL (HunoPPC) Hugues nouvel.hugues()orange.fr

My Wife and children to allow me time to develop 
Hyperion Entertainment  -  For the development of Amiga OS 4.0 and 4.1
ACube and Faranheit for my SAM EP440 / SAM FLEX
Kas1e for providing support for SDL
All my betatesters at http://www.clubevolution4.com/HunoPortSDL/
and the AMIGA community

Copyright (c) 2004-2020 by Björn Hagström All Rights Reserved
Amiga OS and its logos are registered trademarks of Hyperion Entertainment