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 Readme for:  Game » Action » vor.lha


Description: A great Rock Dodger variant.
Download: vor.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 782kb
Version: 0.5.3
Date: 03 Jun 07
Author: Jason Woofenden and Josh Grams, AmigaOS 4.0 compile by Spot / Up Rough
Submitter: Spot / Up Rough
Email: spot/triad se
Homepage: http://jasonwoof.org/vor
Category: game/action
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 2836
Comments: 8
Snapshots: 1
Videos: 0
Downloads: 14  (Current version)
14  (Accumulated)

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Variations on Rockdodger 0.5.3

VoR is a quick action game where you drive a space ship and try to avoid
crashing into rocks. Current information about vor can be found on the
homepage: http://jasonwoof.org/vor

See INSTALL for instructions on building, running and installing.

VoR is released under the GNU GPL -- see file COPYING for details.

Jason Woofenden and Josh Grams like Rock Dodgers
(http://spacerocks.sourceforge.net/) very much: both playing it and hacking on
it. VoR is the result. It is currently based on the rockdodger 0.4.2 codebase,
with quite a few modifications, both user-visible changes and internal
technical improvements.

Available for download from http://qualdan.com/vor/

Note: This is a fairly hard game, intended to be a quickie game for when you
want to kill a few spare minutes. For reference, my best time [Josh Grams] is
about 2 minutes in version 0.3. I'm not generally very good at video games, but
I have been playing this one for quite a while now.

Changes from Rock Dodgers

User-Visible Changes:

  * another attempt at fixing the x86 crashes.
  * made valgrind happy.

  * another attempt at fixing the x86 crashes.

  * another attempt at fixing the x86 crashes.

  * lots of bug fixes
  * tweaks to engine and explosion graphics and new font

  * Rocks now bounce off each other, and are pushed by particles.
  * Now with two difficulties: normal and easy.
  * Better new ship placement after you die.

  * Scrolls to the right so you can zoom ahead.
  * Fully random rock generation; rocks no longer wrap vertically.
  * Rocks' relative speeds are now uniform in all directions (i.e. much more
    up/down speed variation).  Noticeably hard...err...more "interesting".
  * Command-line option --game-speed.

  * New graphics, generated by POV-Ray. Yeah, okay, the ship is really cheezy.
    At least the rocks are cool.
  * Real collision detection; no more "ship is 1 pixel bigger all around
    than it looks."

  * Moves like a real spacecraft; no more friction!
  * No more silly shields or lasers; just pure rockdodgin' fun!
  * Up/down scrolling; gives you more escape options.
  * Proper time display for score, not just raw milliseconds (bleh).
  * Ship explodes, blowing rocks away, rather than automagically vanishing

Internal Technical Changes:

  * Replaced SFont with Jason's font.c
  * Started factoring a lot of stuff out of main into their own .c files.
  * Removed a bunch of unused code.
  * Function definitions: name at beginning of line (line following the return
    type) for easy grepping as per GNU coding standards.
  * Real collision detection (bbox/bitmask).

     |                                                           |
     |       A M I G A   O S   4 . 0   C O M P I L E   B Y       |
    ._______                                        .______.     |
    |  ____/________________________________________|      |__   .
  ._|____._         |      ._       |      ._       |       _/______.
  |      |/         |      |/       |      |/       |      |/       |
  |                 |      _________|               |               |
  |_________________|______|spt/up  |_______________|_______________| 
     .                                                           .
     |                                                           | 
     |   I am in a shitty economical situation, so if you feel   | 
     |  that what I do is  worth anything, use paypal to donate  |  
     |         to my email addy, spotATtriadDOTse, thanx!        | 
     |                                                           | 
     |                    Spot / Up Rough 2006                   | 

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