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 Readme for:  Game » Action » miffonoid.lha


Description: two bat 'n' ball games in one.
Download: miffonoid.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 400kb
Date: 13 Jun 09
Author: Anders Andersson, AmigaOS 4.x compile by Spot / PFP
Submitter: Spot / Up Rough
Email: spotup/gmail com
Requirements: allegro.lha
Category: game/action
License: Other
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 4866
Comments: 0
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads: 10  (Current version)
10  (Accumulated)

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                       O    O                        O     O
                   o           o                  o            o
                  o             .               .               o
                    .                  .____.        _______   .
 ._______________________.___________  |    |__   .__\__.   \  ____.___________.
 |     __     /   ___    |    __    /__|___ __/___|__ _ |  \ \|    |     __    |
 |    |_/    /    \_|    |    |/   /   ___/ |     __//  |___\      |    |_/    |
 |    ______/|___________|____|\_______|__________|_____|    \_____|_____      |
 |____|                                                              /_________|
                                      F O R                 .____.
       .________________________ _____________._____________|    |__
       |     __     /   __     /_\     __     |    ____/____)    __/______
       |    |_/    /    |/    /   \    \_|    |    __/ |    |    |_/     /
   .   |    ______/_____|\_________\__________|    |   |____|___________/    .
       |____|                                 |____|
  o                       .                              .                    o
   o                    o         P R E S E N T S          o                 o
         O        O               MIFFONOID [OS4]                 O       O

                         PORTED BY .................... SPOT
                         SUPPLIED BY .................. SPOT
                         TYPE ......................... GAME
                         REQUIRES ..... ALLEGRO 1.1 OR LATER

-  -- -------------------------------------------------------------------- -  -

Miffonoid - therd (The Real Deal) by Anders Andersson

The fun factor
This game is currently at zero fun factor. It's just a skeleton that needs to be
fleshed out.
Here's a list of things to do to give it muscles. After this it needs to be
skinned(the final touch).
Texturize all graphics
Add backgrounds
 first level quick but still give a minor challenge.
 Introduce one new block feature in each of the first levels.
 Introduce more and more interesting block patterns.
Level editor
Multiplayer, network
 In hot seat you could share the screen and the playfields overlap.
 Player one upleft, player two downright. And stats in the other two corners.

Unused ideas
A name suggestion: Ganjanoid

You have aquired a small fertile planet on which you farm Ganja.
The problem is that you have an enemy that want's you eliminated.
Your enemy has put up a blockade around your planet (the blocks) and sends in
attack droids to destroy your Ganja.
Your only weapon is a pad that can send out and reflect balls to destroy those
Unfortunately, the balls also destroys your Ganja if you miss them on the way
And as if that weren't enough, your enemy puts up new blockades when one is
All you can do is to fight the blockades until your enemy runs out of resources,
only then can you live happily ever after.

Game view
Views system original code from Shawn Hargreaves.
A bit modified to fit Miffonoid.
The player can choose one of the four available views, I thought it'd be to
messy to blend them.

Plain polygons <- As in old game, low graphics setting
Textured polygons. <-Medium graphics setting
 The droids need some neat texture.
 Different textures for every type of block.
 High grass texture for the ganja. (Default skin)
  Always have a ground texture at the base, draw the weed on top. <- highest
graphic setting
 Nice pad texture.
 The items really needs texture.

The balls could use some cool effects and particle trails. <- Maybe to a
different extent in medium and high graphics
Background may be experimented with, make sure they don't "hide" important info.
<-Not in low graphics
 ie balls, items etc get hard to see.

Level editor
Load a custom texture collection.
The block textures will be shown so the player can drag them out on the
Use flat view.

The old plans (edited)
The player controls a pad that reflect and fire balls. Arkanoid style. Unlimited
nr of balls.
The goal is to empty the playfield of blocks by hitting them with the balls, and
protect the ganja.
You lose a life, or maybe the game if all ganja is destroyed. Or you catch a pad
Maybe It should also contain those alien things that come from above in Arkanoid
and disturb you.
 The balls kill them, and bounce unless they are unstoppable.
 The pad kills them.
 The aliens kill a ganja seg if they are not stopped.

When a block is destroyed it might drop an item that affects gameplay in some
 Ganja seed - replants one lost ganja seg
  The seeds may be caught by pad and later released to plant where the player

 Ganja killer - kills one ganja seg

 //Pad affecters //Must be cought by pad to have effect
 Stretch - make pad wider, max width can be discussed.
 Shrink - shortens pad, minimum one seg I think
  I could make these work like in another game I played, they grow/shrink to
max/min size then slowly reverts to   normal size. This needs some extra work
since I only have algo for seg by seg resize.

 Catch - The pad holds on to the balls til you release them. I never liked this
   Maybe I shoul do my own version. The balls are taken out of game when they
hit the pad.
   If so, it should be toggleable by some control.
   As of now you need to hold a control to catch, and then press another to

 Gun mounting - gives pad a straight shooting weapon so you can kill blocks

 Pad resetter - zero pad flags and reset width
  Maybe I should take tis out and let powerups have time limits.

 //Ball affecters //Also must be cought by pad to have effect
 Slow - Slows down balls
 Unstoppable - Make the ball go right through blocks

 //Block affecters //Catch with pad or they are lost
 Block softener - makes all blocks have minimum strength

More ideas are welcome, you may even implement them yourself :)

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