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 Readme for:  Development » Misc » adtools.lha


Description: GCC-based development toolchain for AmigaOS 4.x
Download: adtools.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 84Mb
Version: 20191228
Date: 27 Jan 20
Author: GNU and ADTools authors, Sebastian Bauer
Submitter: Matthias Münch
Homepage: https://github.com/sba1/adtools/
Requirements: AmigaOS 4.1
Category: development/misc
Replaces: development/misc/adtools.lha
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 11157
Comments: 10
Snapshots: 0
Videos: 0
Downloads:  (Current version)

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This archive includes native AmigaOS 4.1 compiles of
 * binutils 2.23.2,
 * gcc 8.3.0, and
 * coreutils 5.2.1
based on https://github.com/sba/sba1/adtools version 20191228-701
commit 2cd020661700bdf6276e0d824c30b53fac6e55b9.

In order to install it on your Amiga, extract the archive to a destination of
choice. Then establish a GCC: assignment to the extracted folder and add the
bin folder to the command search path
  1> ASSIGN GCC: <extracted folder>
  1> PATH GCC:bin add

If you want that various short cuts for the binaries are represented by soft
links on
you local harddisk, try the RestoreLinks script:
  1> cd <extracted folder>
  1> EXECUTE RestoreLinks

Furthermore, you need to have an SDK: assign as in the original SDK.

Note that if you use the APPDIR: feature you should flush its contents.
Otherwise, you
may observe unexpected behaviour. Most easily this can be achieved by entering
  1> delete APPDIR:#?

This is a preliminary version and as such it will contain still many bugs.
Please use
the issue tracker at https://github.com/sba1/adtools/issues for reporting bugs.

Note that the plan is to split the project and move the parts to separate
at https://github.com/adtools/. One other goal is to include the projects or
ones as part of one of the next AmigaOS SDK.

About the C++ support

C++-support using clib2 clib (enabled via -mcrt=clib2) is much better than with
the newlib clib at the moment. If you encounter any errors when compiling C++
projects using newlib, also try clib2. To be successful, you should use the
accompanying clib2 release archive adtools-os4-clib2-20191228-701.lha and
install its
contents into the SDK: folder. You can find this (unofficial) archive at

Also for C++, it is recommended not to use the shared objects feature (aka
dynload) for now. The reason is that the C++-ABI may change in the future.
Lastly, you should link the final executable using the --athread=native
option if you use anything from libstdc++.

Changes of the AmigaOS version

In the doc folder, there is some usual gcc documentation provided. This is
a diff to the original documentation, so AmigaOS-relevant changes are easily

Most notable changes are:
 * --athread, -mbaserel, --mcrt, -mno-baserel, and --use-dyn-lib driver options
 * baserel_restore, checktags, libcall, libcall2, linearvarargs function
 * force_no_baserel variable attribute
 * tagtype enum attribute

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
adtools-clib2.lha201912281Mb27 Jan 204.11¤ ADTools clib2 - GCC-based development toolchain for AmigaOS 4.x
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