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 File comments for:  Video » Misc » avcodec_lib.lha


Description: Audio and Video codec library for OS4
Download: avcodec_lib.lha
Version: 51.52
Date: 09 Feb 08
Category: video/misc
FileID: 3417
RSS Feed url: http://se.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=video/misc/avcodec_lib.lha

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Comment by: curty ( 14 Feb 2008, 17:42File version: 51.52
Gotta agree a change log would help.
Comment by: RWO ( 10 Feb 2008, 02:29File version: 51.52
I change log would have been nice.

Any keep up the good work.
Comment by: abalaban ( 09 Feb 2008, 11:19File version: 51.52
Too bad you did not include the SDK in this version either :-/
This library is really a must have and no program can make use of it without the
Comment by: Chip ( 24 Dec 2006, 00:50File version: 51.45
Sorry, the last post was made by me. ;)
Comment by: anonymous ( 24 Dec 2006, 00:50File version: 51.45
Well, moovid used avcodec.library too, but the author didn't updated moovid to
the latest API.
I don't know how IBrowse could use it, but more chance for mplayer. We started
to do it with Andrea but we stuck at certain point. For him it's easier to use
the static version.
In the next release I'll add the SDK for it, and maybe more application will
make use of it.
Comment by: gwyche@io.com ( 23 Dec 2006, 17:54File version: 51.45
I have been using IBrowse, MPlayer, and TuneNet. Is it true that none of those
make use of avcodec.library if it is present?

I looked up avcodec.library and the only program I found that mentioned it was
dvplayer. Is it currently the only one for the Amiga?
Comment by: anonymous ( 22 Dec 2006, 13:37File version: 51.45
nice one!.

Comment by: acefnq ( 22 Dec 2006, 08:32File version: 51.45
Thanks cobber. Appreciate your work.

Comment by: DJRJ ( 18 Sep 2005, 02:51File version: 51.36
Thanks! Worked a treat.
Comment by: MichaelMerkel ( 17 Sep 2005, 18:43File version: 51.36
use UNARC from os4 - that works!
Comment by: DJRJ ( 17 Sep 2005, 11:51File version: 51.36
I'm currently unable to extract the archive. I' using the OS4 native version of
LHA2.8 and it keeps saying that -lha7- archiving is in use whenever I throw this
archive at it. Where can I get a more up to date version of lha for OS4 (or
which is compatable with it at least)?
Comment by: Jay Miner ( 16 Sep 2005, 15:54File version: 51.36
Dear Helgis,

Note from Heaven: Use the force, er.. the Shell. (And RTFM)
Comment by: Chip ( 16 Sep 2005, 13:59File version: 51.36
Yes, that's the way it works.
If you don't want to reboot and you already have an avcodec.library in your
memory (because you executed an application what used it before) do an
"avail flush" command to remove the old lib from memory. After that it
should work fine.
Comment by: anonymous ( 16 Sep 2005, 09:59File version: 51.36
Yes, it means you should copy all codecs. Currently I'm working on 3 other
codecs. Sooner or later I'll upload them here. Keep on trackin'!
Comment by: Samwel ( 16 Sep 2005, 09:26File version: 51.36
Btw great work! Keep it coming.. :-D
Comment by: Samwel ( 16 Sep 2005, 09:26File version: 51.36
Hey Chip!

Does this mean we should copy a52.library to LIBS:avcodecs/???
Where do we find more codecs?

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