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 File comments for:  Utility » Workbench » excalibur.lha


Description: A workbench start menu
Download: excalibur.lha
Version: 1.4,2
Date: 10 Aug 13
Category: utility/workbench
FileID: 8175
RSS Feed url: http://se.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/workbench/excalibur.lha

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Comment by: Petrol ( 06 Jun 2013, 19:38File version: 1.3.1
Comment by: Kjetil Hvalstrand ( 09 Jun 2012, 13:44File version: 1.1.0
Yes, that's on the TODO list, as well as installer.
Comment by: Unimon ( 22 May 2012, 21:04File version: 1.1.0
Thanks for the update. But I have a problem with the prefs window. In fact, my screen resolution is 1024x768 and the menu is bigger than the height... could you maybe create a prefs window with submenu or tabs ? thanks.
Comment by: NutsAboutAmiga ( 10 Oct 2005, 00:22File version: 0.9.6
"Quick install", is some thing i put to getter quite quickly

it copys the configuration files to env: and envarc:
and copys excalibur to sys:wbstartup, and then it runs the config program so you
can setup the right paths,
then it restarts your Amiga so Excalibur is loaded on startup.

(so it ask for the my paths!)

if you read the user.guide it's explained how to install it.
Comment by: STRICQ ( 09 Oct 2005, 23:19File version: 0.9.6
The "Quick Install"? What does it do? It didn't work.

Why does it ask for volume "Workbench:" to be inserted?
Comment by: spotUP ( 05 Oct 2005, 13:38File version: 0.9.5
looking good!
Comment by: NutsAboutAmiga ( 09 Sep 2005, 17:39File version: 0.8
lol, launch, I go and correct the spelling
Comment by: anonymous ( 09 Sep 2005, 17:10File version: 0.8
Lunch icon must be a unique feature, I would like to hear more!
Comment by: NutsAboutAmiga ( 09 Sep 2005, 10:30File version: 0.8
Sorry I'm at work, did not have time to upload any yet.
Comment by: Samwel ( 09 Sep 2005, 09:25File version: 0.8
Screenshot please!

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