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 File comments for:  Utility » Workbench » depthmenu.lha


Description: Popup menu for depth gadgets.
Download: depthmenu.lha
Version: 2.43
Date: 30 Jan 06
Category: utility/workbench
FileID: 1550
RSS Feed url: http://se.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/workbench/depthmenu.lha

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Comment by: Jonas ( 31 Jan 2006, 19:21File version: 2.43
I see, having the list sorted by depth should not be a problem.
Comment by: haymigga ( 31 Jan 2006, 17:53File version: 2.43
jonas: thx for the tip, but i have some apps doing that, what would be cool if
depth menu somehow was "intelligent" and knew what last two windows
were active. So if you swap between the same two windows, you don't need to go
through the entire list. Given depthmenu has hotkey like alt + tab.
Comment by: Jonas ( 31 Jan 2006, 11:54File version: 2.43
@ haymigga (Off topic)
Run FKey (SYS:Tools/Commodities/), press "New Key", press
"Learn", press LALT TAB, check that "Command" is "Move
Window to Front". Press RAmiga s, then RAmiga h. Move FKey to SYS:WBStartup
and set the Tooltype "CX_POPUP=NO".
Comment by: Stephen ( 30 Jan 2006, 22:46File version: 2.43
This is great! A fast + new (to me anyway) to sort out my draws, It's been
working fine okey for me, Excellent!
Comment by: haymigga ( 30 Jan 2006, 22:11File version: 2.43
open dwawers/applications is what i meant
Comment by: haymigga ( 30 Jan 2006, 22:11File version: 2.43
though very much "windows" feeling, perhaps a hotkey to switch between
screens like alt+tab on windows....
Comment by: haymigga ( 30 Jan 2006, 22:10File version: 2.43
not bad, i used this on os3x and now on os4
Comment by: PEB ( 26 Jan 2006, 01:46File version: 2.43
I'm glad that it was not just me that was having problems.
Comment by: zerohero ( 26 Jan 2006, 00:59File version: 2.43
Sorry for the mess! Unfortunately I linked it with something that it shouldn't
be linked with, hence it doesn't work. Fix will appear real soon (tm).

Joachim Birging

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