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 File comments for:  Utility » Filetool » diskmaster2.lha


Description: DiskMaster2 for OS4
Download: diskmaster2.lha
Version: 2.7beta11
Date: 04 Mar 07
Category: utility/filetool
FileID: 2607
RSS Feed url: http://se.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/filetool/diskmaster2.lha

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Comment by: Nuno ( 03 Mar 2007, 21:46File version: 2.7beta10
Ok, that's great to know! Thanks.
Comment by: Shadowolf ( 03 Mar 2007, 21:23File version: 2.7beta10
The rename-bug is already fixed and only happens when you use volume-names like
sys: instead of dh0:, I introduced it with 2.7b9.

I should be able to upload a new version here sometime tomorrow.

Have fun - Rudolph
Comment by: Nuno ( 02 Mar 2007, 23:53File version: 2.7beta10
If I rename a file, it disappears from the list window. Only reappears if I go
to the parent and return. Is anyone else experiencing this?
Other than that, top notch program!
Comment by: ToAks ( 05 Feb 2007, 15:35File version: 2.7beta10
Very nice update this one, keep up the wonderfull work.
Comment by: spot ( 21 Jan 2007, 23:25File version: 2.7beta9
wow! nice to see a reaction gui! great work!
diskmaster2 was the first dir util i ever used, and i loved it back in the early
nineties. i have since got addicted to dopus though.
Comment by: Rudolph Riedel ( 03 Jan 2007, 12:28File version: 2.7beta7
Two things I forgot when I rushed the upload yesterday.

At first - happy new year to all of you!

Then, the select-a-dir-and-click-in-other-window-to-open-it-there
works again as well.

Have fun - Rudolph
Comment by: Rudolph Riedel ( 25 Dec 2006, 20:40File version: 2.7beta6
This was my first upload to OS4-Depot.
No excuse, just an explanation.
I see to make it better with the following uploads!
Comment by: STRICQ ( 25 Dec 2006, 20:13File version: 2.7beta6
OS4Depot does have a screenshot viewing capability, please use it. Putting it
in the archive is useless.
Comment by: Rudolph ( 25 Dec 2006, 18:51File version: 2.7beta6
Thank you for your interest!

I uploaded this intentionally with the filename
"DiskMaster2_beta.lha" to make it clear that this
is a preliminary release.

Well, I couldn't make it crash in a while now and the basic
functionality that you expect from a file-manager like
copy/move/rename/delete files works fine.

Oh, and one thing I probably broke a little is the text-reader.
It's not playing well with proportional-fonts and never
was meant to be, especially not in hex-mode.
Not thinking about the reader I removed the limitation to
fixed-width fonts for some settings completely.
So one of the things the next version gets is a dedicated
text-reader font.

Have fun - Rudolph

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