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 File comments for:  Utility » Filetool » diskdaisy.lha


Description: Tool for checking data distribution on a disk
Download: diskdaisy.lha
Version: 1.3
Date: 18 Mar 13
Category: utility/filetool
FileID: 7807
RSS Feed url: http://se.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/filetool/diskdaisy.lha

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Comment by: AlexC ( 28 Mar 2013, 09:39File version: 1.3
It's reporting my 4GB partition as having only 3GB used but it's 99% full so it's should be showing 3.96GB. Maybe it's using %d instead of %f to format the string?
Comment by: Unimon ( 22 Mar 2013, 12:15File version: 1.3
Yes, the piechart.gadget is installed on my Amiga. Does it use the SDL library ? Because it is known that on the SAM460ex not all graphic cards support the sdl.
Comment by: Lio ( 21 Mar 2013, 23:19File version: 1.3
stupid question but do you have the piechart.gadget installed ?
Comment by: Unimon ( 21 Mar 2013, 20:20File version: 1.3
Thank you for that tool. The problem is that even installed on my SAM460, the piechart.gadget won't open... The message is "Can't open piechart.gadget". Do you know from were came the problem ? Could you fix it?
Comment by: racs ( 24 Mar 2007, 17:07File version: 1.2
Sorry, I thought replace file is only for replacing file with a different
Comment by: orginAt: 24 Mar 2007, 15:31File version: 1.2
Please use the [Replace file] link when replacing your file. The replaces field
was incorrectly entered, the replace file link will prefill fields for you
Comment by: racs ( 23 Mar 2007, 17:52File version: 1.1
What is wrong with readme? (Besides it has no icon.)
I don't want to use any external library for the gadget. Once hopefully OS4 will
have capabilities for anti-aliased curve drawing... :P
Comment by: gregthecanuck ( 22 Mar 2007, 11:37File version: 1.1
Readme?? :P Any chance of using ssolie's Anti-Grain port on that pie chart
gadget? It would make it look a _lot_ better. That's about my only suggestion. I
still do not own any OS4.0 hardware so take my input for what it's worth... not
much. :)
Comment by: racs ( 18 Mar 2007, 19:50File version: 1.1
Very kind, but not my idea, so I don't want to take the credit for it. See
readme text acknowledgements chapter.

Sorry, I don't see any chance for an OS3.x port. There are far too many things
binding this application and the used piechart.gadget to OS4.
Comment by: Easterbunny ( 18 Mar 2007, 13:15File version: 1.1
I really need this one for OS3. Any chance for a port? Can we have a screenshot
Comment by: gregthecanuck ( 18 Mar 2007, 10:26File version: 1.1

What a great idea. Sometimes I am really surprised by some of the truly cool
ideas people come up with in the Amiga community. This is one of them. Congrats.

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