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 File comments for:  Utility » Filetool » amidisk.lha


Description: File manager for OS4
Download: amidisk.lha
Version: 2.06
Date: 06 May 10
Category: utility/filetool
FileID: 5528
RSS Feed url: http://se.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/filetool/amidisk.lha

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Comment by: kas1e ( 30 May 2009, 09:58File version: 2.04
Very intersting filemanager !
But as i can see no keyboard mode ? (i mean navigate by cursor by keys up/down/enter) ?
if not, possible to add in upcoming releases ?
Comment by: orginAt: 22 Dec 2008, 09:32File version: 2.02
Please use the [Replace file] link on your files readme page when replacing your
file. The Replaces field was incorrectly entered. The [Replace file] page will
enter this field automatically.
Comment by: Severin ( 13 Jan 2008, 22:32File version: 2.01
Another moan....
I just tried to make a new drawer and got a please insert awnpipe: requester.
Why are you using os3.5+ stuff that's not part of OS4 in and OS4 ONLY program?

Cancelling the requester lets the program continue ok and the drawer is

PLEASE!!! try and turn of that bloody listviow ghosting when ever it's updated,
it's VERY annoying...
Comment by: PEB ( 29 Nov 2007, 03:46File version: 2.00

I just got a chance to download and customize AmiDisk 2.0; and WOW, what a nice
app! I really liked 1.05, but 2.0 is simply fantastic. I love how you have made
it possible to customize it so much. This is the Amiga way.

Thank you so much!
Comment by: SZAMAN ( 18 Oct 2007, 10:26File version: 2.00
AISS for AmiDisk! AISS for AmiDisk! AISS for AmiDisk! ;)
Comment by: Severin ( 14 Oct 2007, 15:14File version: 2.00
When are you going to get rid of that really nasty lister ghosting when it
updates? Until that's gone Amidisk goes in the bin as that triple flash really
annoys me.

I also get the closing a file twice when saving the display prefs which is
followed by 2 recoverable alerts which I can't cancel as I don't have a ps2
mouse :(
Comment by: Petrol ( 14 Oct 2007, 15:02File version: 2.00
Excellent work Roland!
Comment by: Mufa ( 14 Oct 2007, 11:23File version: 2.00

Comment by: AlexC ( 13 Oct 2007, 12:52File version: 2.00
Really nice!

There's a few issues like it's trying to Close() an already closed fh and I get
a GR on quit but it can be continued.
I'll email a proper bug report when I have a minute
Comment by: Efher ( 13 Oct 2007, 06:30File version: 2.00
To solve the Select all and Select none problems, you have two solutions :
- either you edit the buttons and replace in the command cell the "*"
string by "#?",
- or you edit the DOS prefs and validate using the asterisk (*), this can be
better, as it make it possible to enter filters as *.png for exampLe.
Comment by: Mufa ( 12 Oct 2007, 11:50File version: 2.00
Thank You, for gtreat program.
One problem "select all" not work.
If is possible more path left & right side?
Comment by: anonymous ( 07 Feb 2007, 16:31File version: 1.05
(Sorry for my bad english)
- with my screen mode 1024x768 amidisk is too big
- Avec mon mode d'écran 1024x768 amidisk et trop grand
ça serrait bien de pouvoir définir une taille
Comment by: hunoppc ( 30 Jan 2007, 12:24File version: 1.05
You can change it to the hand but don't forget to put ENTER after every
modifications otherwise " crash "
On bug on the GU
check a full path of icon please (no long path)
Exemple: Images/Copy.png "ENTER"
Images/CopyPush.png "ENTER"
or edit the prefs with Notepad ;o)
Thank You
Comment by: nubechecorre ( 30 Jan 2007, 10:15File version: 1.05
HI ! Very nice program, but i found a bug ( ? ).. If you try to change the
program for the buttons in the prefs windows, the program crashes.. :-(

That' s because i have the registered version of DVPlayer and IBrowse :-)
Comment by: STRICQ ( 30 Jan 2007, 02:07File version: 1.05
Hint, when posting a screenshot, make it big enough to actually see what the
screenshot is being taken of.
Comment by: Samwel ( 20 Jan 2006, 10:21File version: 1.03
Hi Roland! Can you do anything about the flickering screen while updating? Also
maybe add graphical buttons for the most used functions
like parent, copy, move, volume, assings and so on.. Maybe also not have
all functions "up"?
Comment by: AmigaClyde ( 18 Jan 2006, 23:39File version: 1.03
An excellent software. I use it often and thanks for the update.
Comment by: Rob ( 18 Jan 2006, 23:29File version: 1.03
Not yet sure whether or not this will tempt me away from Dopus 4. I'll give it
a try though.
Comment by: spotUP ( 18 Jan 2006, 23:29File version: 1.03
yea, me too I am afraid... I've been using Dopus since way back, and this one
just didn't do it for me, as I am used to the Dopus way.
Comment by: Severin ( 18 Jan 2006, 21:58File version: 1.03
Tried it, Deleted it, I can't stand all the hints popping up and the os4
standard 'showhints=no' tooltype doesn't work. all the ghosting flicker during
file list update is very annoying too...

Comment by: Trezzer ( 13 Dec 2005, 02:46File version: 1.02
I like this app a lot. Hope to see a new version soon :)
Comment by: salass00 ( 01 Jul 2005, 12:02File version: 1.01
Very nice program. IMO it would be better though if the directory in the
listbrowser would be changed by doubleclicking on the drawer in question rather
than clicking in a checkbox as it is done now. Drawers could be differentiated
from files by either being a different colour or by having "(DIR)"
prepended to their names like with "C:Dir" (or both).
Comment by: anonymous ( 24 Jun 2005, 18:03File version: 1.01
Thanks very much Roland. I've never bothered with file managers before,
preferrring to use Workbench and CLI, but AmiDisk has found permanent a place in
my AmiDock :-D

How about asking Ken Lester for a 'Ken's Icon'?
Comment by: Lio ( 19 May 2005, 18:40File version: 1.00
excellent but a readme (and an icon) is a must !
besides that, if you press f, the prog does not go to the f letter (for
the double clic does not produce anything, you have to select the file than go
to action which is a little bit disturbing after many years with Dopus.
How do you add other paths as drawer besides the startup ones ?
Is it possible to replace the name drawer1 by RAM (for instance) ?
Comment by: Menthos ( 19 May 2005, 12:15File version: 1.00
Now I don't have to write one myself (I was designing a reaction file manager
myself)! =)
Excellent work!
Comment by: anonymous ( 17 May 2005, 21:14File version: 1.00
Excellent!, et avec des images en png, en menu (ou bar d'outils) pour certaines
fonctions et c'est parfait.

> Excellent! and with png picture as menu (or toolbar) for few functions and
it's perfect.


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