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 File comments for:  Office » Misc » cyflogau.lha


Description: Financial Management for Self Employed Individuals
Download: cyflogau.lha
Version: 0.95
Date: 21 Sep 10
Category: office/misc
FileID: 5954
RSS Feed url: http://se.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=office/misc/cyflogau.lha

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Comment by: Matthew Doman ( 06 Jul 2010, 21:21File version: 0.9
Thanks for the congrats on the Dr WHO gigs dude!!

To add a job, you simply click the "Add Work" button. This is situated beneath the box on the left which displays this month's work. It then takes you to the "Add Fees Page". You can then fill in all the boxes and a bit of the data you were asking for can be inputted here (not all of it though! ha ha). Then you click the third button UP from the bottom of the screen which I believe says something like "Add Data" or something along those lines. This will then take you to the summary page which will give a summary of all the data you have inputted on the previous page. You can select "Yes" in which case the data will be added to the log files or "No" in which case you will be returned to the "add data" page to add data again.

This should solve any problems with adding data to the files.

As far as searching for work done and calculating it is concerned. If you go onto the "Paid Fees" page (Button beaneath the box on the right) and type in a substring search and press return the programme will show all work which contains the entered substring and also will total up the value of all this work and the mileage travelled to do it.

I hope this answers your problems dude!

Let me know if you're still having problems.

Comment by: AlexC ( 06 Jul 2010, 12:08File version: 0.9
I like the idea of having some job tracking/invoiving tool, I'm having a bit of a hard time with the interface though, tried adding a job but it wasn't very intuitive, took several tries!

I guess I was expecting having the ability to do this:
A) Click "Add a Job"
B) Enter description, location, client, notes
C) Enter a start/end date, start/end time
D) Get the resulting number of hours and minutes
E) Enter an hourly fee
F) Optionally enter additional goods and fees (e.g. replacement part)
G) Get the invoiceable amount owed for that one job
H) Optionally enter non-invoiceable costs (e.g. gas, food, ads, etc)
J) In some "Reports" (filters?) it could then show the total of all the jobs earnings owed, or just from one client, or the paid earnings from that client, or the ratio of costs vs earning.

That should keep you busy until fall ;-)

BTW, congrats on your Dr Who gigs!
I love that show, can't get enough of it, the Big Bang was one of the best episode I've seen. Having cravings.. need new episodes.. now.. arghh! =<]:^|
Comment by: Matthew Doman ( 05 Jul 2010, 23:18File version: 0.9
Schwmae pawb?? / Hello how are you everyone??

Thanks for the info on the compression programme dude! That works a BONE-IFIED treat I tells ya!!!! ha ha ha Done the compression on me Amiga, now uploading the correct version! lol
Comment by: SalternaOS ( 05 Jul 2010, 21:40File version: 0.9
Hallo, haven't download yet the program but as packing zip, lha and other, I recommend you Cranu. It is the one I use.
Comment by: orginAt: 05 Jul 2010, 14:00File version: 0.9
Note to uploader: Please explore the [Replace file] link on your files readme page
Comment by: Matthew Doman ( 05 Jul 2010, 12:56File version: 0.9
Howdy Everyone!!!

I have just uploaded the Amiga Versions, sorry I was uploading from a PC as I don't have a programme to zip or lha files up on my Amiga, but at least you can use it on a PC now too hey!! ha ha ha Sorry about that!!! D'OH!!!
Comment by: Matthew Doman ( 05 Jul 2010, 12:47File version: 0.9
Ok I've made a bit of a boo boo here and uploaded the PC versions!! ha ha ha ha

I'll upload the Os4 versions now!! ha ha ha Hang on. . . .
Comment by: Gdansk ( 05 Jul 2010, 07:30File version: 0.9
I Amiga beginner .How run this .exe?
Comment by: samo79 ( 05 Jul 2010, 05:42File version: 0.9
What is this ?
The two exe doesn't start on OS4

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