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 File comments for:  Network » Server » Ftp » a-ftp_server.lha


Description: FTP Server for AmigaOS4
Download: a-ftp_server.lha
Version: 1.96
Date: 15 May 21
Category: network/server/ftp
FileID: 11701
RSS Feed url: http://se.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=network/server/ftp/a-ftp_server.lha

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Comment by: xenic ( 13 Aug 2021, 19:11File version: 1.96
According to the version command, version 1.96 has arrived from the future :-) (03/05/2022)
Comment by: Lord ( 19 May 2021, 16:33File version: 1.96
Hi is it possible to make a port vor 3.x? I search a FTP-Server for 3.x with Gui.
Comment by: PEB ( 16 May 2021, 00:54File version: 1.96
Fixed now.
(Thanks for reporting.)
Comment by: ktadd ( 15 May 2021, 07:07File version: 1.95
version 1.95 throws an error: 1 *-* FAULT;
on startup on my system. It seems to start Ok though.
I run both AmiDoc and X-Doc but I don't know if that's related.
Comment by: TSK ( 15 Dec 2015, 17:26File version: 1.7
My bad. I was doing FTP commands in wrong order. So SIZE cmd works just fine.
Comment by: PEB ( 13 Dec 2015, 01:28File version: 1.7
It should already understand the SIZE command. If you are having trouble, send me an e-mail (revbloedel/gmail com), and I'll try to figure out what's going on.
Comment by: TSK ( 08 Dec 2015, 16:34File version: 1.7
Could you implement SIZE ftp command ? If the server doesn't understand the command then could you send an error code so the client would know something went wrong ?!
Comment by: sundown ( 23 Jun 2013, 07:28File version: 1.6
Any chance of getting resume to work?

Nice app :-D
Comment by: Lio ( 04 May 2013, 15:25File version: 1.6
Nice work ! I was able to transfer files between my A1200 and my AOne after just a few clicks.
Thanks for this must-have application !
Comment by: samo79 ( 16 Feb 2013, 19:32File version: 1.5
Ops sorry, the MUI class not loaded in MUI/Prefs is "NewString" not NetString ;-)
Comment by: samo79 ( 16 Feb 2013, 19:30File version: 1.5
Some minor issues with latest A-FTP-Server 1.5

- Under MUI settings (called by the program) i don't have anymore the old crash, but under "NetString" class setting i have this message: "Failed to create edit class."

- If you start the program from RAM Disk you can't open the "About MUI Royale" about window, also i noted that quite randomly the icon disappear after an iconification, about it i need to investigate a little more ..

- Can you add a VERSION string or atleast (easy one) add a version number on the current about window ? :-)

Comment by: jabirulo ( 29 Jan 2013, 22:49File version: 1.3
If no 'Prefs' file exists, maybe create one empty/default.
Comment by: samo79 ( 26 Jan 2013, 15:26File version: 1.3

Try to open the MUI prefs from the A-FTP menu instead, and then once the MUI prefs is open --> select "External"

I report the entire crashlog here:

Comment by: kas1e ( 25 Jan 2013, 10:09File version: 1.3
Indeed, a tooltype for port can be pretty handy ! Just by default 21, but if anyone want anything else, then PORT=xxx
Comment by: walkero ( 25 Jan 2013, 10:06File version: 1.3
Tried the version 1.3 and looks very nice. I saw a problem in case you give Ram Disk: as the save path, on trasfering files from other computer. It transfered the first file and then stopped without doing anything, and the client didn't know that the file was fully transfered.

What I would like to see is a way to set a different port on the ftp, and the current IP of the system.
Comment by: PEB ( 25 Jan 2013, 00:02File version: 1.3

Does anyone else have this problem?
I can't reproduce it.
Comment by: PEB ( 25 Jan 2013, 00:01File version: 1.3

Does anyone else have this problem?
I can't reproduce it.
Comment by: samo79 ( 24 Jan 2013, 04:28File version: 1.2
Version 1.3 crash if you open the MUI preferences --> external class (from the A-FTP menu)

Crash log for task "A-FTP_Server"
Generated by GrimReaper 53.5
Crash occured in module kernel at address 0x0181273C
Type of crash: DSI (Data Storage Interrupt) exception

Register dump:
GPR (General Purpose Registers):
0: 0181276C 45B09490 00000000 00000014 00000014 0180F99C 5532F170 5532F1B0
8: 00000000 00000100 A00840AE 021BDC56 28444084 00000000 55290000 550C7AD0
16: 8042A8F5 7FBD620E 8042D0CD 80422B31 00000001 45B09DAC 55DC5C14 45B097A8
24: 020A9824 45B097A8 5FF9A000 0000000B 00000000 020A9824 0000000B 45B09510
Comment by: Achim Kern ( 20 Jan 2013, 20:10File version: 1.0
One idea from my site.
It would be great to see in the log file date and time.
Comment by: salass00 ( 20 Jan 2013, 16:33File version: 1.0
"add sftp-server and youre my man!"

Not sure if you're confusing sftp with ftps but sftp is not just ssl encrypted ftp (that's what ftps is).

What sftp stands for is SSH File Transfer Protocol. I.e. file transfer using SSH protocol, so if someone were to complete our OpenSSH port by porting the OpenSSH server part (sshd) then we would get an sftp server as well as the ability to connect to the amiga using ssh and run shell commands on it remotely.
Comment by: samo79 ( 19 Jan 2013, 23:32File version: 1.0
Version 1.1 is perfect, i tested it with TotalCommander and also with Pftp under AmigaOS, both seems fine :-)

Just for the future release would be good to have:

1 - A locale support, so we can translate the entire program
2 - A version command support :-)
Comment by: daveyw ( 19 Jan 2013, 20:02File version: 1.0
Nice! Might I suggest a way of adding read only access (presuming ftp allows that)?
Comment by: Achim Kern ( 19 Jan 2013, 17:46File version: 1.0
Works fine - no problems.
Another good example to show what Hollywood 5.2 with MUI-Royale can do. My opinion - at the moment the fastest and best tool to develop software. You can realize nearly everthing now.
Thanx to Andreas for his great work.
Comment by: Stanglnator ( 18 Jan 2013, 23:30File version: 1.0
add sftp-server and youre my man!
But anyway nice ftp-server!
Comment by: cha05e90 ( 18 Jan 2013, 19:56File version: 1.0
Nice and useful - worked out of the box here! Thanks.
Comment by: Petrol ( 18 Jan 2013, 18:41File version: 1.0
It works now, thanks to zzd10h. Like him, I first start it from Ram:.

Nice soft! Well done PEB!
Comment by: zzd10h ( 18 Jan 2013, 11:01File version: 1.0
Yes I did it, of course.
I find the problem, during my first attempt, I started it from RAM:.
Starting a-ftp from another location opens well the port 21.
I can access my Amiga from my iPad.
Well done !
Comment by: CONsTrUCTION ( 18 Jan 2013, 11:00File version: 1.0
Yes I did it, of course.
I find the problem, during my first attempt, I started it from RAM:.
Starting a-ftp from another location opens well the port 21.
I can access my Amiga from my iPad.
Well done !
Comment by: PEB ( 18 Jan 2013, 10:22File version: 1.0
What client software are you using?

Yes, the server is using the standard port 21.
Make sure that the server is on (not just the GUI).
Comment by: zzd10h ( 18 Jan 2013, 09:02File version: 1.0
Yes, it looks very nice.
But "connection refused".
Is the port 21 really listening for incoming connections ?.
Because I don't see a port 21 listening in SysMon Netstat.
Nevertheless, MUI-Royale give a very nice design for Hollywood programs.
Comment by: Petrol ( 18 Jan 2013, 08:31File version: 1.0
Can you describe how it works for dummies like me?
How to access to the FTP via an other machine? I tried with the ip address and port 21, without success.

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