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 File comments for:  Game » Puzzle » soko4mui.lha


Description: Thinking game with MUI Interface
Download: soko4mui.lha
Version: 1.2
Date: 20 Oct 14
Category: game/puzzle
FileID: 9012
RSS Feed url: http://se.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=game/puzzle/soko4mui.lha

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Comment by: samo79 ( 21 Oct 2014, 09:29File version: 1.2
The iconification seems almost broken, it will works only if you open the game (atleast) twice, but the first session of the game still remaining opened !
Comment by: zzd10h ( 20 Oct 2014, 08:46File version: 1.2
Yes, this version works nicely.
Bravo !
Comment by: Marko Drag ( 19 Oct 2014, 15:11File version: 1.1
I have now uploaded V1.2 which fixes the sound/startup problem. It should appear here within the next days.
Comment by: McFly ( 15 Oct 2014, 13:27File version: 1.1
set NOSOUND in Tooltypes then the Game starts :)
Comment by: Marko Drag ( 14 Oct 2014, 22:05File version: 1.1
@zzdh10, @Danica:
I currently can't reproduce this error message (yet). I tried it on a OS4.0 and a OS4.1 installation. On both the game started as soon as hwp_avcodec and hwp_muiroyale were installed.
But I will continue to try finding out why it doesn't seem to work on some installations.
Comment by: zzd10h ( 13 Oct 2014, 23:03File version: 1.0
Yes, for me too, still the same error with hwp_avcodec installed.
Comment by: Danica ( 13 Oct 2014, 21:49File version: 1.0
Error message "Hollywood error at startup : "Sample file kiste_scheiben.wav is an unknown/unsupported format ! File :Soko4MUI.hws (current line: 54 - In function: LoadSample)"! hwp_avcodec is installed. :(
Comment by: Marko Drag ( 13 Oct 2014, 20:25File version: 1.0
Thanks for your feedback.

1) The .info file of version 1.0 has a bug. This will be fixed in version 1.1. Until then, you can start the game from shell or delete the .info file.

2) Please also install the following library:
Afterwards you shouldn't get that error message anymore.
Comment by: zzd10h ( 07 Oct 2014, 07:57File version: 1.0
I don't succeed to try it on my system.
1) I have to remove the .info file to start it (start with MultiView otherwise)
2) Hollywood error at startup : "Sample file kiste_scheiben.wav is an unknown/unsupported format ! File :Soko4MUI.hws (current line: 54 - In function: LoadSample)

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