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 File comments for:  Game » Platform » supermariowar.lha

Super Mario War

Description: Super Mario War a VERY good multiplaye game!
Download: supermariowar.lha
Version: 1.8
Date: 23 Aug 14
Category: game/platform
FileID: 8918
RSS Feed url: http://se.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=game/platform/supermariowar.lha

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Comment by: Akiko ( 10 Aug 2008, 19:06File version: 1.7
Awsome game! :-)
Comment by: spot ( 02 Jan 2007, 04:48File version: 1.7
can't reproduce any of the probs here.
Comment by: spot ( 01 Jan 2007, 18:33File version: 1.7
jv, it seems your monitor doesn't like the screenmode.
severin, could you try to run snoopy and see if it fails to find anything?
Comment by: Severin ( 30 Dec 2006, 02:29File version: 1.7
Trashes my system totally on startup here, the SDL window opens, closes and
everything is frozen a hard reset is the only way out
Comment by: jv ( 30 Dec 2006, 01:40File version: 1.7
I run the game on my 19" LG monitor and I don't see anything,nothing
but analog out of range.
Can I play in window mode ?
What can I do ?
This succeded with other games too.ç
Help me please !
Comment by: toaks ( 14 Apr 2006, 08:44File version: 1.7
funny thread :-)

great to see the author poppin up here too :-)

ah yes, wonderfull game...but i need more friends :-D
Comment by: Two52 ( 13 Apr 2006, 07:56File version: 1.7
What was the problem with the menus? Also another thing to watch out for is the
maps that are currently checked into CVS will not work with the 1.6 source.
You'll have to make sure you either check out the 1.6 maps or use the ones in
the windows zip found on our site (http://smw.72dpiarmy.com).
Comment by: afxgroup ( 12 Apr 2006, 16:03File version: 1.7
i've tried to port the 1.6 version but i had problems with menus..
Comment by: Varthall ( 12 Apr 2006, 11:17File version: 1.7
I've played it a bit yesterday night, great game. The archive haven't got any
corrupted file, but I have the moving platforms bug too.

What about porting the 1.6 version too?
Comment by: spotUP ( 12 Apr 2006, 01:35File version: 1.7
comment number 768 from spot;

well, the platform are there still, on some levels. but, atm i don't care, me
and my gf are having way to fun playing!
Comment by: spotUP ( 11 Apr 2006, 23:55File version: 1.7
i never noticed any strange collision stuff with the platform.
nice to hear that network support is being considered, i'd love to smash my
friends over the net.. :)
that platform is gone in my version after i switched datafiles, so, i can't test
it further.
Comment by: Two52 ( 11 Apr 2006, 19:34File version: 1.7
I found you guys from a post in our forums at http://forum.72dpiarmy.com.
Sorry, no network support in 1.7. Too many other features that people wanted.
We're still considering it for the future, though.
Comment by: Two52 ( 11 Apr 2006, 19:33File version: 1.7
Actually, maybe some good can come out of this situation. Everyone that has
that floating platform, start checking the collision detection of your player
against it. Jump off of it, bounce against the bottom and sides. Get squeezed
into areas and make sure you die. Please report any strange collision behavior
if you see any to mtschaffer@gmail.com. Thanks!
Comment by: spotUP ( 11 Apr 2006, 19:32File version: 1.7
aha, nice to see one of the devs here, how did you find us? :)
will there be network support in 1.7?
Comment by: Two52 ( 11 Apr 2006, 19:14File version: 1.7
Looks like you guys grabbed our work in progress. You probably checked out the
HEAD revision from cvs? That build hasn't been fully tested and as you can see,
we're in the middle of adding platforms to the game. Please check out the
tagged version smw_1_6_1_0 to get the official 1.6 release code. Although,
there is a lot of cool stuff in this 1.7 build that won't be in 1.6 like
throwable blue blocks, updated menus, and maybe a throwable shell or two :)
Comment by: spotUP ( 11 Apr 2006, 18:14File version: 1.7
Ok, i replaced all datafiles with ones downloaded from the SMW CVS, and now it
worked as it should, so I guess there was something wrong with my datafiles.
Comment by: spotUP ( 11 Apr 2006, 18:10File version: 1.7
Hmmm... or rather... after testing more levels, i get a weird moving platform on
every level, that looks wrong, and it's on all levels at the same place, where
it shouldn't be. Maybe there's some datafile that is acting up.
Comment by: spotUP ( 11 Apr 2006, 18:05File version: 1.7
that last comment was made by me btw :) you have my email, so if you are
intrested in squashing the bug, write a line.
Comment by: anonymous ( 11 Apr 2006, 18:04File version: 1.7

I got it working after replaceing the two files that was corrupted.
I had some matches with a friend, it's extremely funny and well made.

However, we noticed a small bug, the moving platforms looks wrong, they are made
of the wrong blocks it seems. Does this happen for you too, or do you want me to
take a screenshot and explain what i mean?

Thanks a LOT this is a true gem among the SDL games.
Comment by: afxgroup ( 11 Apr 2006, 08:52File version: 1.7
uhm.. i'll check it.. however if you need the data file you can us those present
at original game site and then use smw and leveleditor from this one.
Comment by: K-L ( 11 Apr 2006, 08:39File version: 1.7
Yes, lots of cheksum errors.
Comment by: nubechecorre ( 11 Apr 2006, 07:23File version: 1.7
Hi! :-)

I cannot unpack it :-( i have checksum error on several files.. :-(

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