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 File comments for:  Emulation » Misc » ciagent.lha


Description: Minimal CIA resources and hardware simulator
Download: ciagent.lha
Version: 0.5
Date: 09 Sep 22
Category: emulation/misc
FileID: 12218
RSS Feed url: http://se.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=emulation/misc/ciagent.lha

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Comment by: Hypex ( 11 Sep 2022, 18:04File version: 0.5
@kas1e. Has it been that long? Didn't know I spent that much time on the update. :-P Well, MegaBall works nicely with it. It emulates the music interrupt fine since 0.4 four years ago. But don't expect to hear any music. ;-) All else I can say is Foundation kinda sucks. All it does is crash. I can't work with that. :-?
Comment by: kas1e ( 10 Sep 2022, 16:34File version: 0.5
So, is games start working with new version ?:) For example original Foundation game which we discuss year ago ?
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 10 Sep 2022, 16:14File version: 0.5
Thanks for the explanation. Well, the GR message only happens now and then a few time. It's easily ignored and OMSS runs as supposed to. I think it has something to do with the old OMSS can't close Workbench under OS4. I don't think CIAgent or any other tool can help with that. You're absolutely right. I downloaded the tool anyway, in case it would be in handy for other stuffs. Keep up the excellent work ;)
Comment by: Hypex ( 10 Sep 2022, 09:13File version: 0.5
Not sure what you mean, HKvalhe, as there's only been an OS4 version of this tool. :-) I'm not aware of the GR in OMSS. Since Update 2 my OMSS has been stable. :-? Unless OMSS crashes because it can't allocate a timer, I would say no, this won't prevent the GR in OMSS. But, OMSS is fine without CIAgent, since it can run fine without any emulation and play sounds with The Maestrix. ;-)
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 10 Sep 2022, 02:50File version: 0.5
Great to see an OS4 version of this tool. Thanks for the update! Will this help prevent the GR in OS4 when running OctaMED SoundStudio?
Comment by: LiveForIt / Kjetil ( 31 Aug 2018, 08:34File version: 0.4
Is there list of software that we know works with ciagent?
Comment by: Hypex ( 20 Aug 2018, 09:53File version: 0.3
I see what you mean Unimon. This is actually intended behaviour. On the CLI it enters the interactive monitor mode. But on the Workbench it hides in the background. In the "secret agent" mode. It works as a commodity so doesn't open a console. I suppose in future it could show a popup or notification. there will be an update soon. :-)
Comment by: Unimon ( 05 Jul 2018, 23:09File version: 0.3
Hi Hypex,

Yes, that was the problem. The fact is that when I launch CIAgent from a command line, a window opens and show the text "CIAgent Spy Monitor". But when I start it with double clicking on the new icon, nothing was displayed and I didn't know if it was launched or not and then I tried a second time...
Comment by: Hypex ( 01 Jul 2018, 07:42File version: 0.3
Hi Unimon. Good to see there is interest and I plan to work more on this. I think I know what this is. I got it recently and need to deal with it better. This will happen if there is another instance running. From CLI or Workbench. Easiest way to check is to run commodities Exchange and see if CIAgent is in the list. Then quit it. :-)
Comment by: Unimon ( 28 Jun 2018, 23:32File version: 0.3
Hi. Thank you for the update. I used to use it some years ago and when I saw it in the list, I was happy :) However, I have a problem : when I lauch it an error message appear "Can't create CX Broker"... Quid? <= A word used in Asterix and Obelix Albums ;).

Thanx for your help.
Comment by: Hypex ( 20 Jun 2013, 16:14File version: 0.25
I gave up on NallePUH early on because it would eventually crash on me. With Payback PPC. Both would install a DSI in the one vector one would have to give control over to the other next until it was given to the system last. This could cause a clash.

I've always wanted to write a trap handler library so the DSI could be shared as friendly as possible. And also take on a suggestion to include code like Blitzen. So CIAgent could be used as a
central emulator for these things.

But I Can;t believe it's beensix years since my last comment yet alone the simple update I had planed!!! :-OOOOOO
Comment by: Thematic ( 26 Sep 2012, 23:51File version: 0.25
Just saying NallePUH clashes with this no matter if you run CIAgent first or afterwards. But at least I got Simcity 2000 to work silently.
Comment by: CIAgent ( 03 Jun 2007, 09:16File version: 0.25
Hi Guys. Just a note, if anyone is watching. I'm till working on it. I had hoped
to have another release last month. Sorry you will have to wait a while,
overloaded with work, as always. :-) The next one will just be a simple update
with a few features to keep you going.

Then there will be the BIG ONE. I don't need to tell you what features that will
have, long time coming. I can't wait!
Comment by: anonymous ( 08 Apr 2007, 22:58File version: 0.25
AWESOME! , keep up the fantastic work.

please please please work further on this one.
Comment by: NutsAboutAmiga/LiveForIt ( 26 Mar 2007, 18:42File version: 0.2

Yes: HippoPlayer works better ;-)
Comment by: haymigga ( 26 Mar 2007, 08:53File version: 0.2
good to see progress on this, i hope one day i can play colonization too ;)
Comment by: unimon ( 25 Mar 2007, 23:29File version: 0.2
Works with Colonization (no sound) on startup.
Comment by: Hypex ( 30 Jan 2007, 13:17File version: 0.1
Hey! I found a comments page. OS4Deopt is great. :-)


Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments, that makes it all worthwhile.

@ anonymous&Acirc;&nbsp;

I work with my dad as a decorator by day, and programming at night, so I have an
income. Still, I'd be happy if you thought it was worth it.

@ Mufa
I also had Gloom on fullsreen, IIRC, I was testing using GLoom3 demo. I coded in
the &quot;joystick&quot; button and keyboard for Gloom to test, so I could fire,
but never got it to respond to the keyboard last time I tested.

Notice the nasty interrupt name!?


Flyin High? I have that! I didn't think to try that one.


Probably not unless you run NallePUH. Except for an AHI noteplayer. But you will
need to do the timing &quot;by hand&quot; ATM.
Comment by: Xeron ( 29 Jan 2007, 12:43File version: 0.1
Great work :)
Comment by: anonymous ( 28 Jan 2007, 23:18File version: 0.1
nice one, it actually works too!.

can't wait to see this one evolve and btw do you take donations?

Comment by: Mufa ( 27 Jan 2007, 13:50File version: 0.1
Shapeshifter run preferences program :)
Gloom run on window, and playable (middle mouse button emulated fire).

Very Thanks :-)
Comment by: frak ( 27 Jan 2007, 12:45File version: 0.1
bloodnet is playable too ..to some extent :)

simcity 2000 starts up fine until you &quot;start new game&quot; .

this is awesome shit man :)
Comment by: doMiNO ( 27 Jan 2007, 06:08File version: 0.1
'Flyin High' works with ciagent :)
Comment by: AlexC ( 27 Jan 2007, 05:44File version: 0.1
Nice :-)
Comment by: spot ( 27 Jan 2007, 05:13File version: 0.1
Yeah!! Does any audioplayer work better now than before?
Comment by: Curty ( 26 Jan 2007, 23:38File version: 0.1

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