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 File comments for:  Emulation » Gamesystem » xmamegui.lha


Description: GUI for the OS4 xMAME port v0.14
Download: xmamegui.lha
Version: 0.14
Date: 03 Nov 07
Category: emulation/gamesystem
FileID: 3125
RSS Feed url: http://se.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=emulation/gamesystem/xmamegui.lha

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Comment by: AlexW ( 06 Nov 2007, 19:06File version: 0.14
Thanks! I will see that I add an option to use AISS. I will still include the
old icons though, at least until (if at all) AISS becomes a part of the OS. :-)

Comment by: Anonymous2 ( 04 Nov 2007, 13:31File version: 0.14
I thought I might save you some work..:-)
so (after asking mason ;-) you could look in TBImages:

- "favourites" for the heart (Preferred ROMs)
- "use" or "ok" or "emoticon_happy" for the green
tick (working ROMs)
- "exclamation" or "error" or "lightningbolt" or
"emoticon_sad" for the red bolt (not working ROMs)
- "anchor" or "diamond_g" or "firewall_g" for hide
(hidden ROMs)
- "cancel" or "delete" or "del" for..yep! :-)

There are even some flags (yellow, green and red ones) you can use for the

Comment by: JavAmiga ( 04 Nov 2007, 12:59File version: 0.14
Very nice GUI!
Works well,now it shows the icons and the games snapshots too!
MAME forever!!
Comment by: AlexW ( 03 Nov 2007, 20:32File version: 0.14
Don't know if AISS has all the icons I need.
But you can replace at least the button icons by replacing the .iff files in the
images directory (the non-"_small" ones).
If you replace the "_small" ones (for the list view) by bigger ones,
they will not be displayed anymore. I will have to implement a fuctionality to
check the image sizes to adjust the listview width to the image files for this.

Comment by: Anonymous2 ( 03 Nov 2007, 15:15File version: 0.14
thanx for this nice GUI AlexWE! How about asking Mason if you can use AISS. :-)
(The ticks and graphics in the list are a bit small IMHO). Keep up the nice
Comment by: anonymous ( 03 Nov 2007, 11:40File version: 0.14
Thank you Alex for this nice gui. :)

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