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 File comments for:  Audio » Tracker » protracker23.lha


Description: Protracker 2.3d rewritten (beta 2)
Download: protracker23.lha
Version: 0.20
Date: 06 Dec 05
Category: audio/tracker
FileID: 1386
RSS Feed url: http://se.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=audio/tracker/protracker23.lha

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Comment by: Hypex ( 12 Oct 2013, 14:42File version: 0.20
I downloaded this years ago and tried it out but now I load it agai n it is so flawed. I am hoping the new PT is better. First is has no OS4 icon. It always asks for a screenmode and you need a custom loow res mode for it to work. I don't remember it but now is keeps flashing the screen. Then it can't load PT packed songs. I have a lot! You can't configure it. And the sample/file loading is bugged. I have samples in ST-99. But it prepends the sample dir to that and breaks. Finally it inherits the terrible PT interface for disk management. Or lack of. It's a pain to go through all the drives and nbot be able to edit the path or bring up a file reqister. Yes it was fun when first loaded but the novelty wears off. Without fixing these issues all the hard work put into this early release just seems pointless. I can run an old version of PT on my A4000! C'mon! ;-)
Comment by: fingus ( 27 Feb 2012, 16:45File version: 0.20
Comment by: fingus ( 16 Dec 2010, 00:02File version: 0.20
a real fullscreen-function would be very cool (e.g. stretch to fullscreen)
Comment by: ollemann ( 07 Dec 2005, 22:57File version: 0.20
Sorry, Yes 32bit only support.
Comment by: SZAMAN ( 07 Dec 2005, 22:44File version: 0.20
Workbench 16bit -> purple fullscreen!
Workbench 32bit -> fullscreen mode OK
Comment by: afxgroup ( 07 Dec 2005, 19:04File version: 0.20
Comment by: Capehill ( 07 Dec 2005, 13:04File version: 0.20
I am speechless. This is just awesome :) Makes me feel very nostalgic,
ProTracker being one of the first Amiga software I ever had...

Comment by: spot / up rough massive! ( 07 Dec 2005, 02:41File version: 0.20
this is definitely one of the coolest AOS4 (for now) projects so far!
_G_R_E_A_T_ work! Any news on the sample function? Will we be able to sample
from PT2.3d soon?

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