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File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
rvncd.lhanet/ser1.29115kb03 Mar 244.1¤ RVNCd - Amiga VNC Server
synergy_mm.lhanet/ser1.0642b24 Oct 234.1¤ Synergy Mouse Move - Force Synergy to send mouse movement if clamped
kmailtombox.lhanet/ser/ema1.01kb26 Apr 214.01¤ KmailtoMbox - Creates a MBox file from Kmail (for YAM)
a-ftp_server.lhanet/ser/ftp1.962Mb15 May 214.02¤ A-ftp_server - FTP Server for AmigaOS4
ftpd.lhanet/ser/ftp2.3844kb13 Nov 174.13¤ Ftpd - FTPdaemon v2.2 for AmigaOS 4
pftp_nor.lhanet/ser/ftp1.04kb09 Dec 104.06¤ Pftp_no - Norwegian catalog for Pete's FTP
qftpserv.lhanet/ser/ftp1.01Mb02 Jan 204.12¤ QFtpServer - Ftp/ftps server for Qt4
tftpserver.lhanet/ser/ftp1.353kb11 Oct 054.011¤ Tftpserver - AmigaOS 4.x TFTP server
zitaftpserver.lhanet/ser/ftp1.3614Mb23 Dec 224.1¤ ZitaFTP Server - A fast and secure FTP(S) server.
apache-src.tgznet/ser/htt1.3.3412Mb22 Oct 064.03¤ Apache-src - Apache 1.3.34 PHP 5.1.1 (sources)
apache.lhanet/ser/htt1.3.3420Mb18 Jan 064.05¤ Apache - Apache 1.3.34 PHP 5.1.1 - AmigaOS4 binaries
blackwidow.lhanet/ser/htt0.578kb19 Apr 054.05¤ Blackwidow - BlackWidow. An OS4 native webserver
bup_apache.lhanet/ser/htt1.614kb04 Aug 054.09¤ Bup_apache - Backup your Apache most importen files
dsm.lhanet/ser/htt0.6.82Mb26 Mar 164.14¤ DSM - Synology Download Station Tool
goahead.lhanet/ser/htt2.12Mb12 Feb 094.04¤ Goahead - GoAhead WebServer
shid_httpd.tar.gznet/ser/htt0.6.2a252kb03 May 054.03¤ Shid_httpd - A significantly improved alpha quality webserver.
aamp-src.lhanet/ser/mis2.116Mb20 Dec 234.1¤ Aamp-src - Sources of AAMP (Amiga Apache MySQL PHP) and related libs
aamp.lhanet/ser/mis2.1149Mb20 Dec 234.1¤ Aamp - Amiga Apache MySQL PHP. A developer environment for webpages (and more).
audioremoteserver.lhanet/ser/mis18123kb15 Sep 134.07¤ Audio Remote Server - Internet remote control for AmigaAmp & Mixer
easywake.lhanet/ser/mis3.1206kb16 Aug 134.15¤ Easywake - Wake up LAN computers
fuppes.lhanet/ser/mis0.677.4b15Mb08 Jan 244.1¤ FUPPES - Free UPnP Entertainment Service
lpd.lhanet/ser/mis1.026kb16 Jul 064.011¤ Lpd - Simple line printer daemon
mountsmbfs.lhanet/ser/mis1.60355kb24 Apr 204.13¤ MountSMBFS - GUI for SMBFS
roadshow_catalog_deu.lhanet/ser/mis8kb29 Nov 194.04¤ Roadshow.catalog - Fixed german roadshow.catalog
simpletransfer.lhanet/ser/mis1.09Mb19 May 204.01¤ SimpleTransfer - Quick and Easy Transfers on a Network
winnet.lhanet/ser/mis0.32Mb08 Jul 124.16¤ Winnet - Connect AmigaOne500 to ASPIREHOMESERVER
amivnc4.lhanet/ser/rem2.2.1160kb09 Feb 164.05¤ Amivnc4 - VNC server for AmigaOS4
qtelnetserver.lhanet/ser/rem1.0103kb02 Jan 204.12¤ QTelnetServer - Simple telnet server for Qt4
simplesmbfsgui.lhanet/ser/rem0.942kb18 Jan 194.13¤ Simple SMBFS GUI - A simple Reaction GUI for smbfs
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