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Files in this category and sub categories  [View normal]

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
50games.lhagam/uti109kb31 Aug 104.017¤ 50games - 50 Great games launcher
aquest.lhagam/uti2.44Mb20 Mar 094.08¤ Aquest - Quest 2.4 - Quake / 3D games editor
bfmapviewer.lhagam/uti1.0450kb19 Dec 074.06¤ Bfmapviewer - BattleForce map viewer
citygenerator.lhagam/uti2.088kb31 Mar 214.12¤ City Generator - Fantasy city population generator
deutex.lhagam/uti4.4.0456kb02 Oct 064.07¤ Deutex - A wad composer for Doom, Heretic, Hexen and Strife
fzeropw.lhagam/uti33kb18 Mar 094.08¤ Fzeropw - F-Zero Maximum Velocity Password Generator
igame_deu.lhagam/uti1.0133kb07 Jun 224.0¤ igame_german_cat - german catalog & Logo for igame 2.1
igame_fr.lhagam/uti1.07kb14 Dec 224.0¤ igame_fr - French catalog for iGame v2.2.0
install_h2.lhagam/uti0.623kb18 Aug 124.06¤ Install_h2 - Heretic_II install
mce.lhagam/uti14.14Mb02 Jan 234.01¤ MCE - Multi-game Character Editor
miniville.lhagam/uti901kb08 Jan 094.04¤ Miniville - A cheat program for the online game Miniville
puzzlerinstall.lhagam/utiV1.23Mb21 Apr 104.04¤ Puzzlerinstall - Puzzlers Companion
scummer.lhagam/utiBeta5148kb03 Jun 074.09¤ Scummer - Reads and display images from LucasArts games.
sudokusolver.lhagam/uti5kb08 Apr 084.017¤ Sudokusolver - Sudoku solver with source
tiled.lhagam/uti0.9.1a8Mb05 Oct 134.15¤ Tiled - A general purpose tile map editor.
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