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File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
aedgui.lhadev/lib/gui0.1.8a5Mb18 Oct 064.03¤ Aedgui - A cross platform GUI C++ GUI library
drawergad.lhadev/lib/gui1.5285kb28 Apr 174.04¤ Drawer gadget - A gadget to display directories as icons or lists
fltk.lhadev/lib/gui1.1.6rc1b4Mb10 Mar 134.03¤ Fltk - FLTK 1.1.6 for AmigaOS 4.0 (libs, includes, docs)
guichan_amiga.tgzdev/lib/gui0.3.04Mb06 May 054.02¤ Guichan_amiga - GuiChan SDL-based GUI-Library
guilib.lhadev/lib/gui1.1.21Mb19 Oct 064.02¤ Guilib - A very simple GUI framework for SDL
kuroiui.lhadev/lib/gui0.247kb17 Oct 074.07¤ Kuroiui - Kuroiui GUI Library, early version.
libguichan.lhadev/lib/gui0.4.03Mb13 Mar 064.02¤ Libguichan - A portable C++ GUI library
picflowgad.lhadev/lib/gui1.780kb07 Apr 174.04¤ Picture flow gadget - Display picture strips in a GUI
radiobuttonxgad.lhadev/lib/gui1.383kb22 Feb 174.04¤ RadiobuttonX gadget - Radiobutton gadget expanded
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