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File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
flashmandelng.lhagra/mis3.16Mb19 Jan 214.0¤ FlashMandelNG - Mandelbrot & Julia fractals for OS4 Amiga
thumbnailmaker.lhavid/mis0.75kb18 Jan 214.1¤ Thumbnail Maker - Arexx script for ArtEffect, generates thumbnails
amiupdate_dan.lhauti/wor2.1120kb18 Jan 214.0¤ AmiUpdate danish - Danish catalog files for AmiUpdate
libwprintf.lhadev/lib/mis31kb18 Jan 214.0¤ libwprintf - Wide char printf functions
aiostreams.lhavid/mis1.7251kb17 Jan 214.1¤ aiostreams - Stream video from major online platforms
redeht_ita.lhanet/sam1.545kb17 Jan 214.0¤ RedEth ItaCat - Italian catalog for RedEth
pythonssl.lhalib/mis2.2102kb17 Jan 214.1¤ Pythonssl - AmiSSL 4 based Python SSL Module
mce.lhagam/uti12.33Mb16 Jan 214.01¤ MCE - Multi-game Character Editor
x5000-mcu-watcher.lhauti/wor1.02Mb15 Jan 214.01¤ X5000-MCU-Watcher - Workbench Tool To Show X5000 MCU Values
libpsem.lhadev/lib/mis83kb15 Jan 214.0¤ libpsem - POSIX semaphore implementation

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 Recent comments

Filename Category Date Comments Comment by
snoopy.lha uti/fil 19 Jan 21 39 broadblues 
f1spirit.lha gam/dri 17 Jan 21 10 Raziel 
x5000-mcu-watcher.lha uti/wor 16 Jan 21 1 Mufa 
earmark.lha uti/tex 15 Jan 21 3 billyfish 
flashmandelng.lha gra/mis 11 Jan 21 18 Bennymee 
fuppes.lha net/ser/mis 01 Jan 21 1 prowler 
a1222-mcu-watcher.lha uti/wor 29 Dec 20 1 Jacknife 
cputemp.lha uti/wor 27 Dec 20 4 SMF 
mazeofgalious.lha gam/pla 27 Dec 20 3 thematic 
roadfighter.lha gam/dri 27 Dec 20 1 thematic 

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07 Sep 2016, The mapparium.lha archive has been removed after a request to do so by the original author.

30 Jun 2015, James Jacobs has added support for creating OS4Depot readme files to the Report+ application.

Download it here: reportplus.lha

Thank you James!

19 May 2015, In case you haven't noticed yet. It's possible to upload files to OS4Depot using anonymous FTP.

You can read up on how to upload and create the required readme file on this page .

02 Apr 2015, To everyone downloading the Diablo 3 archive, April Fools on you! :)

There's no mobile version of it, and I doubt Blizzard will GPL it any time soon :)

A special thanks goes to those of you who sent warning emails about copyright issues ;-)

24 Oct 2014, It's now possible to vote for your favourite files. Just head over to a file's readme page and click the "+1" vote button. The stats page has a new sub page called "Top Voted" where you can see the most voted files.

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